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Create Audience Loyalty: 7 Ways To Pamper Your Attendees

Create Audience Loyalty: 7 Ways to Pamper Your Attendees

The landscape has changed for event planners, and it’s harder than it’s ever been to gain loyalty from attendees and participants. It used to be a signal of an event’s success if you achieved a certain target number of “butts-in-seats.”  But that doesn’t cut it anymore. Our current, hyper-competitive atmosphere…

Why Work With A Speaker Bureau

Why work with a speaker bureau?

Hi there, Brittanny Kreutzer here! I was talking to one of my clients the other day, and he mentioned how much he values our relationship and why he will always use a speaker bureau.  Being that I am usually the one expounding the value of a speaker bureau to our…

Creating Wow Factor: Three Ways To Make Your Event Surprising

Creating Wow Factor: Three Ways to Make Your Event Surprising

Who doesn’t love a surprise?  Event planners, that’s who!  The truth is when event planners think “surprises”, they’re remembering horror stories when missed details or unplanned mistakes have caused convention disasters. Planners make their money in precision; it’s their job to think of everything and plan every meeting down to…

An Event Planning Checklist That Works

An Event Planning Checklist That Works!

Okay, you’ve landed that contract for your next event, and it’s going to be bigger and better than anything you’ve put together before. You’re excited, nervous, terrified, daunted, and you don’t know where to start. You need an event planning checklist! Planning an event can be extremely overwhelming, there are just…

Large Audience Symbolizing Event Industry Growth

Event Industry Trends in 2020

Get ready for event industry growth! Our colleagues at CWT Meetings & Events released the results of their 2020 Future Trends Report, and the news is great! The report found that the event industry will enjoy an eight percent increase in 2020. That’s amazing! Sluggish economies and an uncertain economic…

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