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Are You a Speaker?

Thank you for reaching out to The Speaker Exchange Agency.  Although we do not exclusively represent speakers, we’d be happy to share your information with our team so they can keep you in mind as they assist their clients with their speaker needs.  Submitting information does not guarantee that you will be listed on our website, however.

We will need to receive the following information:

  1. Hi-Res Headshot
  2. Speaker and Travel Fees
  3. City you travel from
  4. Tagline
  5. Bullet points that best describe you – see samples below:
    • Served as Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, focusing on communications, political, and digital strategy
    • One of the President’s longest serving advisers, Dan joined the Obama campaign as a traveling press secretary and then eventually became the campaign’s communications director
    • Former Deputy Communications Director and Communications Director
    • Utilized social media like Twitter, Facebook, Medium and Instagram to transition the communication apparatus into the digital age


    -Past Co-Founder of Bob Shoes
    -Top Silicon Valley Entrepreneur
    -Grown 4 businesses to over $1 trillion
    -Communication specialist
  6. Link to videos showing you speak in front of an audience – YouTube and Vimeo Please
  7. Topics (titles and brief descriptions)
  8. Speaker Resources
  9. Speaker Reviews

Lastly, are you looking to take your speaking career to the next level? If so, we highly recommend and encourage the speakers we partner with to check out the speaker development program with ImpactEleven.

Matt Ciccone and his team at ImpactEleven are involved in helping speakers aggressively grow their business. He is someone we trust to help with the professional development process to assure the speakers we partner with meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

They will guide you with your speaking business and through them, we will be assured you will be able to deliver the level of excellence our clients expect, the collateral material we need, as well as increase your visibility for future bookings.

We would encourage you to contact Matt for help in elevating your business to the next level of success. He can be reached at or 248-787-4766. Use code SEA500 to receive $500 off your bootcamp or backstage pass order.

Again, thank you for your interest in Speaker Exchange!

Our Location

The Speaker Exchange Agency, LLC
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Overland Park, KS 66212

Please email with any questions

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