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Creating Wow Factor: Three Ways To Make Your Event Surprising

Creating Wow Factor: Three Ways to Make Your Event Surprising

Who doesn’t love a surprise?  Event planners, that’s who!  The truth is when event planners think “surprises”, they’re remembering horror stories when missed details or unplanned mistakes have caused convention disasters. Planners make their money in precision; it’s their job to think of everything and plan every meeting down to…

An Event Planning Checklist That Works

An Event Planning Checklist That Works!

Okay, you’ve landed that contract for your next event, and it’s going to be bigger and better than anything you’ve put together before. You’re excited, nervous, terrified, daunted, and you don’t know where to start. You need an event planning checklist! Planning an event can be extremely overwhelming, there are just…

Large Audience Symbolizing Event Industry Growth

Event Industry Trends in 2020

Get ready for event industry growth! Our colleagues at CWT Meetings & Events released the results of their 2020 Future Trends Report, and the news is great! The report found that the event industry will enjoy an eight percent increase in 2020. That’s amazing! Sluggish economies and an uncertain economic…

Hands Stacked Together Symbolizing A Winning Event Team Culture

5 Steps to a Winning Event Team Culture

“Everyone knows you are a superstar. You’ve proven that event after event and year after year. But, how often do you share all that hard-won knowledge with your team?” The venue is booked, speakers are booked, hotel is ready, marketing is underway...what about the event team culture? Huh? The event…

Using Amazing Stories To Promote Your Next Event

How to create viral stories at your next event

You’ve sent out the final email. The venue is booked, speakers are confirmed, catering is perfect and you’re ready for your best event ever. Right? Not quite… Now it’s time to plan to get those amazing stories to promote your next event. Here’s why. In marketing there are obviously tons…

Woman With Head On Desk After Making Event Planning Mistakes

7 Unnecessary Event Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your event is still six months away. Everything is planned, booked and signed off on. Or is it? Every event - big or small - will have hiccups and mistakes. Just like a family vacation or planning a renovation: budgets get missed, disappointments happen and then there are… missed opportunities.…

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