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Use Music to Jazz up Your Next Meeting

“When it’s done right, music is the secret ingredient for a killer presentation”

As a meeting planner, are you on the look-out for ways to make your meeting more enjoyable for attendees?  Why not mix it up a bit and try creating a music playlist that will help set the tone.

We love this article by  Stephanie Vozza, which gives a thorough overview of how music can jazz up your next meeting.

Read the article here

The Art of the Celebrity Meet and Greet

Julie and Brittanny had the opportunity to work with Alec Baldwin in Las Vegas at a client event this month. Meet and Greets are typically an essential part of any event with a celebrity and they can set the tone for the event. This meet and greet was exceptional at this event and there were a few things that the client did to ensure it went as smoothly as possible:

  1. Expectations: Expectations with VIP’s were set up-front. Attendees knew there would be a professional photographer on-site and they were given specific instructions on when and how to obtain their photos. There were no pictures on phones allowed and not one person attempted to take one nor were they questioning where to get their photo afterwards.
  2. Size: VIP’s were brought into the room in groups of 5 which made it less overwhelming and kept the atmosphere relaxed.
  3. The Celebrity: Alec made the Meet and Greet enjoyable by asking VIP’s where they were from and then telling a story about that city or a friend who lived there or a restaurant he loved. Alec made each person feel special to be at the event and although everyone moved through at a quick pace, not one attendee felt rushed out of the room.

Although some factors cannot be controlled at Meet and Greets, if you are able to set expectations with your celebrity and your guests and ensure they are relaxed and are able to enjoy their time at the Meet and Greet you will set yourself up for success!

Have any other great Meet and Greet Tips? We’d love to share them in a future newsletter. Email us: info@speakerexchangeagency.com

A delicious and easy snack for busy event planners!

You are sitting at your desk for the millionth hour planning your next conference…no time for lunch…no time to take a break! Well, we have come to the rescue! Make these delicious and easy protein balls and you will be ready to watch more speaker videos from one of our customized links and pick the perfect Speaker for your next event.

A delicious and easy snack that’s great to have on-hand!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

½ C. Almond Butter or Peanut Butter
½ c. Almond Meal or Almond Flour
¼ c. Maple Syrup or Honey
2 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
¼ C. Chocolate Chips or Carob Chips

Mix all together and roll into balls. Store in the refrigerator for an easy delicious snack!


Technology and Social Media Tips for Event Planners

We loved this article by Vikas Agrawal!  This is an interesting and informative overview of how technology and social media can assist meeting planners in being more innovative in the event planning process.

Take a few minutes to continue reading the article, and then contact us to find the perfect speaker for your event. 



Ready to inspire your participants to show up every day and make a difference? Check out Kevin Brown!

Kevin’s unconventional path to business and personal success has taught him that winning in business and in life requires anything but conventional thinking. He has been learning and earning since he was a teenager growing up on the streets of Muskegon, Michigan. His resume includes working in a funeral home, washing oil drums, selling household appliances door to door and buying a franchise at the age of seventeen.

With a “street-wise aptitude” and a “never quit attitude” he worked his way from the front lines in business to the executive boardroom of a company that is ranked in the top ten of all franchisors and #1 in their industry. For the past sixteen years he has been part of a leadership team that has grown a little known brand into an industry giant with annual revenues exceeding one billion dollars.

Kevin has overcome personal tragedy, self sabotage and a lack of resources to create a life that not only makes him proud, but inspires him to want to help others. He is passionate about helping people expand their vision, develop their

potential and grow their results. And, as the father of an autistic child he knows firsthand how the principles of true success reach beyond the boardroom and into the lives of real people facing the challenges of everyday life.

Kevin is the Assistant Vice President of Marketing for SERVPRO, an international franchise system with nearly 1700 franchise locations specializing in fire and water cleanup and restoration. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, he is a highly sought-after speaker that has entertained and inspired audiences for organizations that include Siemens, State Farm, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Delta Airlines and The Boy Scouts of America to name just a few.

Kevin challenges people to show up every day and make a positive difference at work and in life!

View Kevin’s topics and videos



Be Sure to Tune In to Steve Ford’s Upcoming Television Appearance

Speaker Steve Ford will be interviewed on a segment of ABC’s 20/20 Presidential Inauguration Special on Thursday Night, January 19 at 10 PM Eastern Time / 9 PM Central.

As the son of former President Gerald Ford and First Lady Betty Ford, Steve will share a few of his White House memories along with family photos, many of which he uses in his speaking program.

 Steve is a highly sought-after Keynote speaker.  His programs are inspirational, insightful and entertaining.

 Be sure to watch Thursday night‘s program or set your DVR!

“Ode to Meeting Planners” by Jeff Havens!

Ode to Meeting Planners

This rhyme is for you,
And please let’s be plain.
You’re planning a conference
So you must be insane.
Perhaps you’re a newbie
And if that is so
Allow me to tell you
What the rest of us know.

You’ll visit the venue
And be treated top notch
They’ll ply you with sturgeon
And single malt scotch
But once you’ve a contract
You soon comprehend
The itemized prices
Are without an end.

“Five dollars for coffee?”
You’ll probably shout.
About the A/V fees
You’ll certainly pout.
But then comes the fun part,
The best part of all!
The moment attendees
First enter the hall.

“The rooms are too hot here!”
“The rooms are too cold!”
“There’s not enough chargers!”
“This hotel seems old!”
“A salad for lunchtime? Is that all they’ve got?”
“The Wifi is slow here! Impressive it’s not!”

And once it’s all over
You’ll finally grin
And in two or three weeks
You’ll start it again!
You punish yourself so
But for a good cause
So please take a moment
To hear the applause.

Without you we’d never
Be leaving our homes
Without you we’d always
Be stuck on our phones.
So thank you, O thank you
For all that you do.
You keep us all learning,
That’s certainly true!

      – Jeff Havens

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