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Are You Ready? Here Are Some Post-COVID Predictions

Are You Ready? Here Are Some Post-COVID Predictions

Michael Rogers is a futurist keynote speaker, for audiences ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, from universities and government agencies to the general public. Michael is also an expert in virtual presentations, streaming from New York City in full HD on a fiberoptic network.

Michael provides virtual keynotes as well as virtual interactive group work.  In today’s often-isolated work environment, virtual group work is an important element in maintaining team spirit and enthusiasm as well as developing a plan forward post-crisis.

Check out his predictions for his post COVID predictions..

There’s no denying—COVID-19 has come out of nowhere, and changed everything

But what’s going to happen post-COVID? Do you have a plan? 

To help you with your post-COVID planning, we’ve put together a list of our post-COVID predictions. 

Post-COVID predictions


One post-COVID prediction is a no-brainer. The virtualization of our workspaces has been on the rise for a long time. But COVID-19 has accelerated that process. More activities than ever have been forced online because of COVID. Learning, health, exercise, socializing; it’s all moved online as well as—for many—one hundred percent of our jobs. And it is very likely that most organizations will keep a lot of their operations online. So plan on many jobs and activities that were moved online for COVID remaining online post-COVID.

Decline in tourism. 

Tourism-based businesses will take a big hit. Post-COVID, people will be more cautious about where and how they travel. This will affect entire industries all the way from airlines to tours to restaurants. It will also reduce attendee numbers at destination conventions and conferences

Focus on climate change.

Lessons learned during COVID-19 about the effect of the environment on human health and vice versa, will not be forgotten. With human health in mind, there will be a greater push to combat climate change post-COVID.

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Reduced middle market.

Businesses will focus more on luxury high-end items or services or low cost, discount everyday services.

Renewed interest in science.

Post-COVID, after relying on scientists for vital, potentially life-saving information, the public’s interest and trust in science overall will be renewed. Depending on where one lives, there will be less reliance on politicians for information.

Focus on wellness.

Obviously, one of our main post-COVID predictions is an increase in wellness and health awareness in the general population. As everyone focuses their attention on increasing their personal health and that of their families, there will be an increased interest in digital apps and wearable technology for tracking our fitness.

Utilization of robotics and AI at work.

With widespread layoffs, COVID-19 has taught many companies that their reliance on a human workforce is not as essential as they thought. Therefore, rather than returning to their fully-staffed numbers, post-COVID, many companies will invest in AI or robotics to perform many tasks formerly done by people.

Are You Ready? Our Post-COVID Predictions

Sustainable lifestyles.

Post-COVID, many consumers will want to maintain their sense of independence they gained during the lockdown. There will be a larger interest in sustainable lifestyles, including everything from transportation to health to shopping. Also, consumers will rethink how they use products and where they buy them from, with less reliance on big box stores.

Community organization.

The “sharing economy” and hyper-local community organization through social media networks will continue post-COVID. Relationships and bonds that were formed during COVID-19, which saw us relying on our neighbors in ways most of us had never experienced, will continue to grow. 

Smarter health.

As barriers and red-tape are removed to hurry a vaccine for COVID-19, this will cause new technology for faster vaccine development, and on a global scale, health care will be developed in a more organized, preventative, proactive way, to prevent another pandemic from occurring on this or greater scales.

Are You Ready? Our Post-COVID Predictions

We hope this post finds you healthy and ready to move into the new post-COVID era. 

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