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Cyber Security And The Event Industry: Keep Your Meetings Safe!

Cyber Security and the Event Industry: Keep Your Meetings Safe!

Cyber security is not a priority for most meeting planners, but experts warn that it’s just a matter of time before the industry is hit with a major breach. Both attendees and event professionals can take steps to protect themselves.

Cyber security is a hot topic these days, with major companies such as Equifax suffering data breaches.  Meetings, conferences, and other events are a potential target for hackers.  Just think about it: you have a large number of professionals in one space with all sorts of valuable data on their devices.  But, there are a number of simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of a hack and increase your event’s security.
  1.  Secure your devices.  Always keep anti-virus and anti-malware software running and up to date on your laptops and mobile devices.   Use a password manager, which will generate complex, secure, and unique passwords for every site and service you use.
  2.  Secure your network.  Open wi-fi networks allow anyone to see and access your data- be careful about using your device in public locations such as coffee shops.  For your event, consider setting up a hidden wi-fi network and providing your attendees with the name and password to connect.  While not foolproof, This will help prevent them from accidentally joining the wrong network, and will help keep unwanted intruders from connecting.
  3. Don’t forget the physical element.  Never leave devices unattended!  Even with strong network security, if a phone or laptop is left unattended during a break, anyone can tamper with it.

For more a more in-depth look at cyber security and the meeting industry, we love this article by Jaimie Seaton.

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