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Jennifer Buck

Jennifer Buck

Authority in the areas of leadership, building functional relationships, communication, customer service, motivation, and change management

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The Speaker

Powerhouse… Star… World Class… all words used to describe Jennifer Curtet. If you’re looking for high-energy, a quick wit and cutting edge information, you’ve found your Speaker. Her strength and conviction on the platform have earned her standing ovations and rave reviews from around the world. Jennifer’s spunk and energy have consistently made her a crowd favorite at countless conferences and events that draw tens of thousands of people. She is an authority in the areas of leadership, building functional relationships, communication, customer service, motivation, and change management. Jennifer’s passion and persistence have inspired the hearts and minds of millions around the world to rise up and live their best lives.

The Host

Jennifer has spent the last decade as a television and radio host in Los Angeles. Whether it’s interviewing celebrities on the red carper or hosting a panel of executives in front of a live audience, Jennifer has the ability to create trust and comfort with her guests, while guiding them seamlessly though her interviews. Understanding that most people never get the opportunity to work in Hollywood, Jennifer capitalizes on that unique skill and teaches the tricks of the trade in her keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops.

The Author

Jennifer Curtet has had the pleasure of being published four times, in the last decade. Each of the four books has been written with her distinct high-energy and humorous voice, throughout. If you’ve ever seen her speaking in person, you can easily catch the quick-wit and passion on each page. From blogs, to articles, to books, Jennifer takes every chance she gets to pass on her upbeat and positive message.

The Leader

Today, Jennifer coaches and trains business executives on issues such as superior leadership and management skills, exceptional customer service, understanding the dynamics of implementing change, effective communication skills, and cultivating winning attitudes. As a devoted mentor, Jennifer has dedicated her life to developing excellence in others, around the world. She has been a volunteer speaker for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, works with refugees at Refugee Focus, and has done pro bono work for The Florence Crittenton Foundation to help young girls in crisis. Regardless of the industry and purpose, Jennifer is committed to making a difference wherever she can.

Flex Your CX: Understanding the Power of the Customer Experience

Welcome to The Age Of The Customer. If you’re not obsessed with transforming the Customer Experience (CX), you may be putting your organization’s growth at risk. CX is about more than understanding process flow, scheduling, product, and profitability. It’s about truly understanding who your customer is and knowing what makes them tick. Are you paying attention to your customer’s needs AND wants? Are you aware of the customer’s Pain Points? Are you using Behavioral Psychology to speak the customer’s language and understand their journey? In this upbeat and fast-paced keynote, you will learn how to flex your CX muscle to ensure that your business is relevant, progressive and sustainable in The Age Of The Customer.

As a result of the keynote presentation you will be able to:

  • Understand the Power of CX
  • Identify your customer’s expectations
  • Pin-point your Pain Points in the CX
  • Recognize the sure-fire ways to ruin your CX
  • See the value of utilizing Behavioral Psychology in the CX
  • Identify a strategy for maximize your CX

Customers want ease, quickness, and efficiency in the CX… and, then, they want to move on with their day. Provide them with a better way to get what they want, in a short amount of time, with as little pain, as possible. Simple changes will, in turn, create more success, sustainability, and financial stability for your organization. By digging in and improving the process, you can begin delivering better solutions to the most important players in your business—the customer.

Reflective Leadership: Manifesting and Casting Greatness

The face of the workplace is changing… from the way we work, to where we work, and even who we are working with. The authoritarian, dominant leadership style of the past isn’t working with our new generation workers. What is needed today is far different than what has worked in the past. What is needed is Reflective Leadership.

As a Founder of a non-profit, I have realized that the for-profit sector has gotten management and leadership all wrong. Don’t misunderstand– I’m a product of the for-profit world. But, I can promise you that the true leader in me emerged when I realized that all of my “staff” were volunteers and could walk out the door at any moment. It was then that I learned what truly walking the walk meant. It was then that I learned what it truly meant to have a team reflect my values. It was then that I learned that my success as an organization was a direct reflection of my team. It was then that Reflective Leadership was truly understood.

Reflective Leaders have a high degree of Professional Intelligence. They are socially-aware and understand the values of their team and what drives them. These are leaders who know there must be harmony between both the mind and body, as well as in relationships, culture, community, and spiritual balance. Reflective Leaders are also Holistic Leaders because they have developed their Professional Intelligence by doing the work on their Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

As a result of the keynote presentation you will be able to:

· Recognize the changing face of the workforce and the need to evolve your skills

· Understand the value of Professional Intelligence

· Develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

· Expand your Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

· Progress your Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

· Embrace Reflective Leadership

Breaking Down Privilege and Fragility In Order to Be a Better Ally

For real change and growth to occur, sometimes we need to get uncomfortable. This sessions asks that everyone arrive with an open mind and heart to learn and explore where they might help dismantle and interrupt institutional racism and racist policies to move toward a more equitable and just society for all. Personal awareness and growth are the only way. Finding your voice to speak up for yourself and others is power – power that you have to be the change you want to see in the world.

For change to occur, we must be challenged to examine our White privilege and fragility and be willing to look within to become more aware and inspired to help interrupt racism. In order to be a part of the change, we must be courageous enough to examine our own habits of implicit bias and recognize how our country is built to favor certain demographics, while others are left behind. How can influence large-scale change? By being open enough to see our participation in the system- be it active or inactive- and have a willingness to push on systems to bring true liberty and justice for all

Course Benefits

  • Take a deep and authentic dive into our own privilege and implicit bias.
  • Take a wide-eyed look at how the very systems and policies on which our societies and communities are built allow racism to thrive.
  • Learn why it’s important to move from bystander to ally to co-conspirator.
  • Identify action steps we can take in our own lives, and beyond, to be part of the change.

Core Competencies

  • Be intentional in communication.
  • Become a bridge builder and act in a manner that creates an inclusive and equitable workplace.
  • Appreciate the value of diverse opinions in developing approaches to various situations.
  • Guard against acting impulsively based on assumed intent.
  • Manage conflict in a positive and productive manner.

Everyone within an organization should attend sensitivity training at least once a year to maintain healthy relationships throughout. We create true belonging in a culture when we improve understanding, relationships, and behaviors.

Culture and Socialization: Understanding the Landscape of Inequality

The Culture and Socialization workshop is designed to facilitate respect between every person within an organization regardless of their cultural differences. The course will cover ways to cultivate diversity, inclusion, and belonging between all social groups. It is the responsibility of every person within an organization to promote respect in the workplace by understanding how socialization impacts the landscape of inequality. This workshop will provide participants with the strategies and techniques that will enable them to shape a more equitable and balanced organizational culture where all people are welcome at the table.

Course Benefits

  • Foster cohesive teams
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Positive and equitable work environment
  • Environment of shared values

Core Competencies

  • Be intentional in communication.
  • Become a bridge builder and act in a manner that creates an inclusive and equitable workplace.
  • Appreciate the value of diverse opinions in developing approaches to various situations.
  • Guard against acting impulsively based on assumed intent.
  • Manage conflict in a positive and productive manner.

Everyone within an organization should attend sensitivity training at least once a year to maintain healthy relationships throughout. We create true belonging in a culture when we improve understanding, relationships, and behaviors.

The Future IS Female: Understanding Your Athena Spirit

If you’re like many women in business today you have most likely watched the double-standard of women in leadership roles play out around you. “Don’t be emotional”, “Tone it down”, and warnings of “The Mommy Track” are a very real thing for women, today. As of 2020, women only hold 6% of CEO positions in the Fortune 500. SIX PERCENT. And, if you’re doing the math, that equates to 33 women. And, to make matters worse, women of color only hold one of those positions. Yet, women hold more college degrees, Black women in particular hold more degrees than any demographic, and women are naturally better communicators and connectors due to their instinctual emotional intelligence. And, yet here we are. The good news is current research is showing that innate feminine qualities and behaviors are most attractive for those in leadership positions. Which means that what women have and who they naturally are is more influential than the stagnant and archaic model that we have been following for years.

As a result of this powerful and inspiring keynote you will be able to:

  • Identify the traits, behaviors, and characteristics of ideal leaders in today’s business world
  • Maximize your emotional intelligence to build stronger relationships and gain greater influence
  • Understand the rules of engagement when dealing with old school politics and The Good ‘Ol Boy Network
  • Trailblazing, glass ceiling breaking, and rule busting; Embracing your role for our future female leaders

As female leaders climb the corporate ladder, they often find themselves among a few women in upper-management positions. Crafting, understanding, and using your natural, innate female characteristics effectively provides an opportunity for you to not only strategically plan your ascension in your career development, but also gain support of other female leaders, and bring new female leaders up the ranks with you.

The Humanification Of Change: The Other Side of Creative Disruption

In this powerful and impactful keynote, Jennifer will remind you that putting your focus on the human element during change is imperative, if you want your efforts during change to have buy-in AND staying power.

Mastering The Rules Of Engagement

Success in business requires a healthy amount of change and evolution, but the only way to do this successfully is to have an engaged and stimulated workforce. The key to getting employees engaged requires leadership to understand their motivators; it comes down to the leader’s genuine interest in their working partners. Do you know what kick starts your employees? Do you know WHY they work? Do you know what their endgame looks like? Do you know what they value most? If you don’t know these things, it’s time to work on the rules of engagement. In this energetic keynote, Jennifer will give you the strategies and tricks to re-engage your team… here’s your first tip: It starts with your own engagement, leader!

As a result of the keynote presentation you will be able to:

  • Understand the necessity for higher levels of engagement
  • Recognize some of your own gaps in engagement
  • Utilizing Basic Psychological Needs to tap into personal motivators
  • Implement The Rules of Engagement to maximize your human resource

As leaders, when we get engaged in the discovery process of uncovering our employee’s psychological needs and values, and then make motivation and engagement a cornerstone in our leadership process, everyone wins.

Keep Your Cool! Strategic Conflict Resolution for Managers and Leaders

Everyone dreads conflict, right? Sadly, this statement is NOT completely true. There are those darling few who thrive, on it… bless their hearts. But, for the rest of us, conflict stings and most of us would rather not be faced, with it. As managers, we understand that conflict management is a big part of our jobs, and if we don’t deal with it effectively, it could have a lasting negative impact on how our team performs and how well we do in our role.

In this funny, yet eye-opening keynote, participants will see that conflict occurs when needs are not being met or when one side appears to be obstructing the other’s success. Being prepared, understanding the perspectives of the partners involved, and knowing your own triggers will go a long way toward helping you resolve conflict.

As a result of this keynote presentation participants will be able to:

  • Enter into conflicting situations knowing what they want before they go in, which makes negotiation and compromise easier.
  • See the power of extending good will from the beginning, even if they’re not feeling particularly charitable.
  • Recognize the power of talking less, listening more, and keeping their voice and gestures calm and collected.
  • Acknowledge that an argument has two sides and compromise is probably inevitable.
  • Through practicing emotional intelligence, they will have the ability to see things from their opponent’s point of view and understand that empathy goes a long way toward de-escalating tension.
  • Communicate without accusing or attacking their opponent in order to keep communication channels open.

As managers, we need to be willing to try new methods to achieve better results. As the old saying goes, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”. Encourage yourself to start seeing conflict from a different perspective; it should be embraced and dealt with, not just to resolve a problem, but to also learn about our own management abilities, as we lead others through adverse circumstances.

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