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Chris Rollins

Founder of QueeHR, a global online community of over 700 LGBTQ+ and ally changemakers in the HR, DEI and People space. Develops Ripple Effect Leaders who create more inclusive, high-trust, human-centered workforces that move forward faster

Marc Koehler

With over 35 years of battle-tested experience in Elite Leadership as both a U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer and turnaround around CEO, he’s a proven Elite Leadership Expert with deep understand and knowledge to impart

Ty Bennett

Foster Commitment, Collaboration And Consensus In Your Entire Organization

Ritu Bhasin

Award-winning speaker, author and the founder and CEO of bhasin consulting inc. (bci), a leading global diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm.

Jason O. Harris

Relentlessly dedicated to those he serves to develop a culture of commitment, accountability and trust.

Mimi Brown

Amplify communication, connection and confidence to make an influential impact on the world.

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