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Marc Koehler

With over 35 years of battle-tested experience in Elite Leadership as both a U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer and turnaround around CEO, he’s a proven Elite Leadership Expert with deep understand and knowledge to impart

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Real World Experience – With over 35 years of battle-tested experience in Elite Leadership as both a U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer and turnaround around CEO, he’s a proven Elite Leadership Expert with deep understand and knowledge to impart
  • Enthralling Story-Telling – Declassified stories from 400 feet under the surface of the ocean combined with relatable case-studies from Marc’s years of corporate turnarounds keep audiences captivated
  • Easy-Going Relatability – Marc’s genuine and authentic approach to delivering a message draws audiences in and leaves them feeling as though they have gained a wise, caring mentor and friend
  • Research-Backed – Case studies and cutting-edge research from LWP Leadership Development and Research Firm

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Marc Koehler, a former U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer and turnaround CEO, is a rare blend of expertise, engagement, and 35 years of battle-tested, proven experience in Elite Leadership, evangelizing that what the world needs is not more management systems – it needs more leadership.

After leaving the Navy, Marc worked for Honeywell where he learned how to read a profit and loss statement, put together comprehensive strategic plans, and became a master black belt in Lean Six Sigma. When his daughters were 6, 4, and 2, he could either climb the corporate ladder or be at every back-to-school night, choir performance, and soccer practice. He chose the latter and started a turnaround consulting firm. He developed a reputation as someone who could tackle the worst business situations after leading many companies back to profitability from being on the precipice of going under.

During this time, Marc witnessed the power of the human spirit and realized that a new approach to leadership is needed – not more management systems. He founded Lead With Purpose, a leadership development and research firm, where he took the over $1M in leadership training the Navy poured into him, in combination with his civilian turnaround experience, and distilled it into simple concepts and skills to create leaders at every level of an organization. Over 51,000 leaders have been developed through Lead With Purpose’s SHRM-accredited organizational leadership consulting, coaching, courses, and simple systems.

Marc’s experience in both the nuclear submariner service, including receiving two Battle E’s over the course of his career, as well as the business world has led him to become one of the foremost experts on Elite Leadership – a needed, relevant, and achievable approach to leadership for this new, disruptive world.

Marc is a keynote speaker addressing audiences of up to 50,000, the best-selling author of Leading With Purpose, and the host of the Surfacing Leaders podcast where he tells the stories of leaders in unlikely places and the human spirit that drives us all.

Residing in Oceanside, California, Marc is married to his wife Heidi of 28 years and Dad to their three grown daughters, Anja, Liesel, and Sophie.

Fast Attack Leadership: The 5 Step Framework Nuclear Submarine Officers Use to Develop Elite Teams

Drive results and adapt with a high-performance culture and a world-class employee experience to attract and retain the best people. Lean in confidently to the tremendous opportunities and challenges ahead, no matter a team member’s official title.

The Elite Leader: The Principles to Develop You and Your Team to the Highest Level of Leadership

Transform your mindset to view every team member as a leader.

Lead With Purpose: The 3-Step Process to Communicating and Connecting Your Employees to Your Company’s Inspiring Story and Mission

Implement a brand purpose for today’s disruptive environment to boost your team’s productivity and performance.

Bravo Zulu: Harnessing the Power of Recognitions, Celebrations, and Gratefulness

Become a workplace of choice with highly engaged employees and decreased turnover.

Battle E: The Art of Personal and Collective Readiness at your Organization

Switch from a hierarchical organization to a matrix’d organization where employees are empowered and meet high expectations.

Course Correct to Success: Cultivating Agility within your Leadership Team

Infuse the leadership and decision-making skills for your team members at every level to make the most smart decision the fastest.

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