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Ritu Bhasin

Award-winning speaker, author and the founder and CEO of bhasin consulting inc. (bci), a leading global diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm.

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  • Author of The Authenticity Principle and We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging
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  • Internationally recognized expert in leadership, workplace culture, inclusion and belonging

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Ritu Bhasin, LL.B. MBA, is the CEO of bhasin consulting inc., a preeminent leadership and inclusion consulting firm. She is an award-winning speaker, author, consultant, and internationally recognized expert in leadership, workplace culture, inclusion and belonging. She has presented to hundreds of thousands of people globally and is known for being a passionate advocate for authentic leadership, belonging, allyship, psychological safety, and empowerment. Ritu’s fierce commitment to teaching others to live, work, and lead more authentically comes from her journey with racist childhood bullying, cultural confusion, and the constant pressure to conform. Her mission is to help create a world where everyone experiences belonging.

Ritu’s has written two bestselling, The Authenticity Principle (2017) and We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging (2023). Prior to founding her consulting firm over twelve years ago, Ritu spent ten years in the legal profession, first as a litigator and then as a human resources leader.

Ritu, who is also a yoga and mindfulness teacher and practitioner, lives in Toronto, Canada, but travels all over the world to eat, swim, hike, dance, and work.

Leaders, We’ve Got This! Unlocking Belonging in Organizations

Many team members feel constant pressure to mask and curate who they are at work — to perform as someone they’re not rather than be who we are. And it strikes at their ability to belong. This said, by cultivating psychological safety, trust, inclusion, and agency in how we work, we can unlock belonging in our organizations for everyone.

In this inspiring, practical, and research-driven session, we will cover:

• The key pillars for unlocking belonging in your organization as a leader

• How to leverage the Three Selves Framework™ in how you lead and manage teams and stakeholders

• How to create cultures that are rooted in belonging, psychological safety, trust, inclusion, innovation, and empowerment

• Leadership strategies for fostering empathy, authenticity, and trust

We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging

Many of us struggle to experience belonging because of the negative messages that come our way about our identities. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are concrete practices and strategies we can use to embrace who we are, stand in our power, use our voice, and experience belonging.

This empowering and practical keynote uncovers how to make this happen. Main takeaways include:

• Understanding how difficult life experiences impact our self-identity

• The power of choosing to be your Authentic Self and how to make this happen

• What “core wisdom” is and why it’s essential for healing from difficult experiences, unlocking belonging, feeling fulfilled, and soaring in your personal and professional life

• How to deal with difficult experiences in a way that feels safe and empowering

Authentic Leadership: Creating Cultures of Engagement

Organizational cultures that cultivate authenticity help to unlock experiences of engagement, belonging, innovation, trust, and psychological safety for all team members. In fact, it’s in environments where leaders embrace authentic leadership that team members feel like they can bring their whole selves to work and contribute to their fullest.

This empowering keynote delves into how leaders can grow and leverage authentic leadership. Main takeaways include:

• What authentic leadership is and how it is connected to fostering cultures of engagement, trust, psychological safety, innovation, and inclusion

• How leaders can cultivate authentic leadership to ensure team members experience belonging and psychological safety at work

• A deep dive into how to leverage the Three Selves Framework™, a cutting-edge approach to leadership

• Strategies for empowering team members to embrace differences and navigate an ever-changing work environment

Staying Grounded While Leading Through Challenging Times

In today’s ever-changing world, you may be finding it very challenging to inspire, manage, and lead your teams in ways that result in high morale, empowerment, and performance. And this is happening at a time when leaders are being called upon to be more adaptive, empathetic, authentic, and inclusive than every before. As a leader, how can you be your best by staying grounded while leading through challenging times?

In this motivational keynote, we’ll explore:

• Key forces of change that are impacting workplace dynamics and what to do about them

• 3 essential leadership “must dos” for managing in difficult times

• Strategies for building and maintaining positive team morale, connection, productivity, and belonging

• How to be authentic in how you lead and maintain wellness so that you and your team can thrive

Rise Through The Authenticity Principle: Live, Work & Lead More Authentically

We know from research that experiencing bias and judgment causes professionals to conform and mask aspects of their identities, striking at psychological safety, trust, belonging, and inclusion. But how can we address this?

This motivational and practical keynote highlights how we can live, work, and lead in a more authentic, empowered, and inclusive way. Main takeaways include:

• Why it’s critical to reveal more of your cultural differences in how you live, work, and lead

• An exploration of the Three Selves Framework™, including a methodology for choosing to be your Authentic Self or Adapted Self

• Practical strategies for overcoming the barriers to authenticity, including how to interrupt self-limiting beliefs and behaviors

The “How” of Inclusive Leadership: Transforming Organizational Cultures

More than ever, we’re hearing about the critical importance of creating inclusive workplaces, where everyone can experience belonging and contribute to their fullest. But how do we make this happen?

This practical and inspiring keynote digs deep into the key pillars of inclusive leadership and focuses on equipping attendees with concrete tools for unlocking inclusion.

Main takeaways include:

• Understanding the differences between diversity, equity, and inclusion

• Neuroscience, leadership, and mindfulness research related to unconscious bias

• Strategies for interrupting bias to create more inclusive and innovative organizations where teams are more engaged, authentic, and successful

• Skills and language team members can leverage in how they work and lead

I Hear You, I See You, I’m Here for You: Holding Psychologically Safe Conversations

In our efforts to be more empathetic, mindful, and inclusive as leaders and team members, we want to build relationships that enable us to hold meaningful conversations — experiences that can often feel intimidating, uncomfortable, and difficult because of a lack of psychological safety.

This inspiring session is targeted at equipping attendees with the tools to make this happen. Topics covered in this session include:

• Key principles for relationship-building that are rooted in emotional intelligence (EQ), empathy, empowerment, and inclusion

• How to build meaningful relationships by holding constructive conversations that reflect psychological safety, trust, belonging, and authenticity

• The Three Selves Framework™ – an innovative approach for cultivating empowerment, engagement, and belonging in the workplace

• How to interrupt the tendency to push conformity

A Spotlight On How To Deliver Meaningful Feedback

Meaningful feedback is essential for unlocking career advancement and creating high-performing organizational cultures – because it helps team members to feel valued, empowered, engaged, and included. But it can be challenging to deliver! And this is why it’s critical that we dig deep into equipping leaders with concrete tools to offer impactful and inclusive feedback.

In this highly practical session, we will explore:

• Key leadership and cultural competence principles for effective performance management

• Biases and challenges that manifest in formal and informal feedback delivery processes

• bci’s OIRE model for delivering effective and impactful feedback

• The Three Selves™: an innovative framework for cultivating empowerment, engagement, and belonging in the workplace

• A coaching methodology for holding culturally competent coaching conversations and offering inclusive behavioral adaptations rather than pushing conformity

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