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Steve Fredlund

Build a Team for an Epic Adventure

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Fee Range: 5000-9999
  • Award-winning actuarial leader in product development, investments and Human Resources
  • Founder of Small Small Business to grow local micro businesses
  • Founder of Our Response to bring self-sustainability to Kivuruga, Rwanda
  • Founder of RecPoker, a podcast and training site for recreational poker players; 34-time poker champion
  • Former Employee of the Year and Team of the Year member at different Fortune 500 companies
  • Two-time TEDx speaker
  • Host of more than 500 podcast episodes

Steve Fredlund is an award-winning actuary, sought-after leadership coach and an organizational catalyst with over thirty years of diverse leadership experience. Steve has started, led and grown three nonprofits, four small businesses, and two Fortune 500 business units, including human resources analytics where he uncovered the surprising drivers of employee motivation and organizational success. His insights and methodology fundamentally transform how leaders build powerful teams. Steve earned his Masters in Business Administration and fellowship in the Society of Actuaries.

Steve has led six African safaris and uses those stories to engage and inspire audiences around the world; those experiences have earned him the nickname “The Safari Dude.” He is a two-time TEDx speaker and Founder of Epic Life Revolution, a movement empowering people to lean into the great adventure of their life.

Steve continues to coach select clients, but his primary focus is on three keynote talks, each of which stems from his personal mission to help people live their most epic lives. His current talks are called, “Build a Team for an Epic Adventure: The Powerful Secret Great Leaders Know about Hiring”, “Make Your Life Epic: Discover and Pursue Your Authentic Adventure” and “Play Your Hand: Lessons from Poker to Optimize Life”

When not speaking or coaching, Steve can be found playing disc golf, trying to win a poker tournament, and doing the best he can to stay a loyal Minnesota sports fan.

Build a Team for an Epic Adventure: The Powerful Secret Great Leaders Know about Hiring

Steve Fredlund (The Safari Dude) unveils the secret to building powerful, productive and engaged teams: Get the “Right Peeps in Your Jeeps”! Hear compelling personal stories from African safaris and learn how to find, attract, and onboard the right team members to become part of your epic team. Unlock the power of employee behavior and discover the surprising root drivers of productivity, engagement, and retention. Create an epic adventure for your team and get ready for success and happiness!

Ordinary to Epic: Discover and Pursue Your Path to Happiness

Happiness can seem as elusive as the black rhino in Rwanda, but it can be found – when you have the right peeps in your jeep. Steve Fredlund (The Safari Dude) is a fun, interactive keynote presenter with a game-changing message and methodology. He brings to the stage three decades of experience in corporate, nonprofit and entrepreneurial environments. His safari experiences in East Africa provide an entertaining backdrop for insights that lead audiences into greater levels of happiness – by getting “The Right Peeps in the Jeep.”

Play Your Hand: Lessons from Poker to Optimize Life

Join Steve Fredlund as he explores the valuable life lessons that can be learned from Texas Hold ’em. Through entertaining stories and observations, Steve will share how the game has taught him the importance of reading people, managing risk, mindset, critical problem-solving and getting comfortable with variance; and how these insights are applied to improve our work and relationships. Whether you’re a poker enthusiast or curious to learn more, this talk will provide insights on how to improve your skills in poker and be a catalyst for a more epic life safari.

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