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Paul Long

Maximize fulfillment, change perspective and manifest more of “What’s GOOD!

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Engage in transformation and connect to life through F.U.N. An acronym used to drive individual and organizational improvement
  • Paul challenges audiences to move beyond the traditional avenues of achieving happiness — money, title, status — and develop their own core values that create fulfillment
  • The Fundamism concept has been proven to reduce attrition, attract great talent, improve customer experience and drive employee engagement
  • Keynote speaker, author and emcee
  • Author of Fundamism: Connecting to Life Through F.U.N.
  • Creating meaningful interactions by helping audiences maximize fulfillment, change perspective and manifest more of “What’s GOOD!”

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The new currency in company culture is FULFILLMENT. But how can you help your people create more of this capital, which is so subjective and elusive? The answer is FUNDAMISM. Created by Author and Transformative Speaker on Employee Engagement & Fulfillment, Paul Long shares how FUNDAMISM is a roadmap to helping leaders and teams define fulfillment, change perspective and manifest more of What’s Good as opposed to what isn’t.

Paul spent over a decade successfully leading teams of 300+, improving service organizations of 2,000+ and being responsible for $30M in annual revenue while serving as a strategist for employee engagement and customer relations nationwide. As more people asked Paul about his secret sauce to creating joyful workplaces that led to extreme growth, he slowly started amassing his strategies which he turned into his first book FUNDAMISM: Connecting to Life Through F.U.N.

Paul’s practical, yet rich FUNdamentals provide business audiences with tactical solutions for growth by helping individuals and teams change their perspective and create more fulfillment in business and life.

When implemented, Paul’s strategies have been proven to reduce attrition, attract great talent, improve customer experience and drive employee engagement.

Leveraging the success of the FUNDAMISM concept, Paul is now the CEO of an innovative consultancy company that harnesses his energy through his podcast, keynote speaking, corporate training and curated content developed for his popular FUNDAMISM University. These all serve as guides and reminders on how to live your whole life – at work and at home – with a focus on joy and fulfillment.

As a world traveler, Paul delivers keynotes and training to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and trade associations. He challenges his audiences by engaging them with his inspirational and unbridled energetic style.

In 2014, his adventures led him to Noah Wilson, a seven year-old boy diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Motivated by Noah’s presence and love for life, Paul began his lifelong commitment to help find a cure for pediatric cancer through Noah’s Bandage Project.

Connecting The Workplace and Life Through FUN
Organizations around the globe are challenged right now to create engaging experiences with a workforce and customer base that feel as disconnected as ever. Speaker, author, podcaster and master of shenanigans, Paul Long leverages his concept of “Fundamism” to deliver a live keynote unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Paul’s message will lead you through a wealth of emotions as you laugh, think, reflect, and have FUN while learning tactical tips to create more meaningful interactions with others. Through his FUNdamentals, Paul will empower you to make strides in improving your quality of life at home and work. When applied, these practical behaviors are proven to create more joy, FUN and fulfillment while improving business results.
Looking to improve employee engagement, customer experience, company culture, leadership skills or overall job satisfaction? Connecting The Workplace And Life Through FUN will provide a roadmap to next steps. At a time where society appears to be more focused on what’s not working as opposed to what is, embrace the opportunity to experience “what’s GOOD!”
The FUNdamentals of Meaningful Leadership
What if everyone in your organization could manifest true fulfillment while creating more opportunities of success personally and professionally? Organizations around the globe are challenged right now in their quest to attract and retain great talent. As our work environment, workforce and traditional market strategies are evolving, one thing remains consistent, an overwhelming human desire to feel fulfilled.
In The FUNdamentals of Meaningful Leadership, Transformative Speaker on Employee Engagement & Fulfillment Paul Long leverages his concept of FUNDAMISM to deliver a more deliberate approach in the creation of professional and personal fulfillment. With these strategies, leaders and their teams will consistently find a way to manifest the experience and goals they desire.
The FUNdamentals of Awe-Inspiring Service
When was the last time you felt inspired by the service you received?
World-class service experiences can help create customer loyalty, overcome price disparity from competitors and most importantly, positively impact the course of someone’s day.
In this keynote experience, Paul Long leverages his concept of “Fundamism” to deliver a more deliberate approach in the creation of awe-inspiring service. Customers are longing for understanding, empathy and connection to others genuinely interested in helping. Organizations that facilitate these interactions with consumers will positively differentiate themselves in the market.
Whether you are customer-facing, work in a back office, or regularly interact with internal members of your organization, Paul’s FUNdamentals Of Awe-Inspiring Service will arm you with tactical ideas to enhance the experience you provide. 
The FUNdamentals of Connected Selling
Why would potential customers want to buy from you?
Contrary to popular belief, the most successful salespeople spend more time listening to their prospects or customers than they do talking to them. Being deliberate in creating an environment of self-discovery can eliminate the need for sales at all.
In The FUNdamentals of Connected Selling, Paul Long leverages his concept of “Fundamism” to deliver a more deliberate approach in the creation of a buying environment. Customers hate to be sold but they LOVE to buy. This experience will arm you with tactical ideas to connect the things your prospects or customers value with the benefits your product or service provides. Dare to be different. Apply a new spin on traditional sales methodology and experience the benefits of connected selling!
Virtual presentations available

My virtual offering is one that builds an infectious energy. Participants will feel comfortable engaging while being provided tactical behaviors for growth at both work and home. Our time together offers a brain pattern interrupt that allows attendees to stop thinking about what’s not working and gives them ideas on what will.

TADI (Traffic Analysis & Design, Inc.)
I have worked with several trainers and motivational speakers over the years. Paul Long is top notch. He is energetic, friendly, and truly connects with the attendees at several levels, which really impacts his effectiveness. I highly recommend Paul to anyone in the corporate world that desires to improve their staff's attitude and productivity.
Senior Professional Traffic Engineer at City of Minneapolis
Paul recently spoke at a technical conference I attended. I was extremely impressed! He wears a smile and has wonderful positive energy. As others have said, he is friendly and genuinely cares about people he connects with. I highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a motivational speaker!
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