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Mimi Brown

Amplify communication, connection and confidence to make an influential impact on the world.

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  • Business Owner
  • Two-Time Beauty Queen
  • DJ
  • Contestant on NBC’s Biggest Loser

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Motivational Keynote Speaker, Mimi Brown works with individuals and organizations to amplify their communication, connection and confidence so they can make an influential impact on the world.

She mentors with passion, guiding her clients to effectively strengthen and elevate their leadership vision to new heights.

With over ten years of corporate training experience, a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences and an insatiable appetite for helping others maximize their potential, Mimi knows how to rock a platform, connect with a crowd and provide training so that others can effectively do the same.

Mimi’s down-to-earth humor compels audiences to laugh while they learn. She engages groups from the moment she steps in front of them and leaves them with empowering tools and focused mindsets that they will use long after the lights have gone out on the event. Mimi is passionate about people, leadership and successful businesses. She is especially inspired to help people take their careers – and themselves – to unprecedented levels.

Mimi’s honors include being recognized as one of Michigan Oakland County Executive’s Elite 40 Under 40, Ms. Michigan Plus America 2015 and a proud contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

When not speaking or training, Mimi can be found creating delicious meals with chef and hubby Mr. Brown and bribing her snobby cat Kitty Brown with treats in exchange for snuggles.

Coaching for Growth: Empower Women Leaders to Unleash Limitless Potential

Are you ready to harness the transformative power of coaching and take your leadership to new heights? As a woman leader, your ability to coach and develop others is a game-changer, propelling individuals and teams towards extraordinary achievements. In the fast-paced business landscape, coaching is the catalyst for immediate results and long-term growth.

Join us for the immersive Coaching for Growth workshop, tailored exclusively for ambitious women leaders like you, as we unlock the secrets to deep listening, provocative questioning, and building a high-performance coaching culture. Get ready to ignite your coaching prowess, shape the future capabilities of your team, and unleash their limitless potential for unparalleled success.

Learning Objectives:

● Master deep listening and provocative questioning: Develop the skills to deeply listen and ask thought-provoking questions that inspire self-discovery and tap into individuals’ full potential.

● Enhance self-awareness for impactful coaching: Gain a profound understanding of your coaching style and its impact on others, enabling you to adapt your approach for maximum growth opportunities.

● Foster a coaching culture and develop leaders: Expand coaching skills to guide and empower other leaders, differentiate coaching opportunities for significant benefits, and create a coaching culture that embraces continuous improvement and feedback.

Building and Leveraging Professional Networks Workshop: Expand Your Influence and Career Opportunities

Are you a woman leader looking to enhance your influence, access new career opportunities, and strengthen your support systems? In the ever-evolving professional landscape, having a robust network is crucial for success. The Building and Leveraging Professional Networks Workshop provides you with the knowledge and skills to develop and leverage powerful networks that will propel your career forward. This experiential program offers practical strategies, real-world insights, and interactive activities to help you build and activate your network effectively, even in a virtual environments.

Learning Objectives:

● Understand the importance of networking for career success: Gain insights into the significant impact of networking on career advancement, organizational visibility, and personal well-being. Explore research findings that highlight the role of networks in shaping opportunities and learn why women leaders need to be strategic in building their networks.

● Master the art of building strong networks: Discover the six essential types of networks every woman leader needs and learn how to cultivate them strategically. Acquire practical tips and techniques for expanding your network both within and outside your organization. Gain a deep understanding of networking nuances specific to women leaders and how to navigate them effectively

● Leverage virtual networking to maximize your impact: Adapt your networking skills to the virtual realm and learn how to activate your network in remote work environments. Discover innovative strategies for establishing meaningful connections, engaging with senior leaders, and seeking mentorship and sponsorship opportunities virtually. Explore techniques for leveraging technology platforms and virtual communication tools to foster productive networking relationships.

Experience the Difference:

This workshop goes beyond theoretical concepts and engages participants in experiential learning activities to solidify their networking skills. You will participate in interactive exercises and discussions, providing practical insights and actionable strategies to implement immediately. Mimi Brown will guide you through real-world scenarios and offer personalized feedback to enhance your networking effectiveness. You will leave this workshop equipped with the tools, confidence, and network activation strategies needed to unlock new career opportunities and elevate your professional trajectory.

AMP Up Your Leadership: The "E's of Exceptional Emerging Leaders

Are you new to leadership or aspire to step into a leadership role? Do you feel overwhelmed on how to balance it all?

Let’s face it, being an emerging leader is hard work. You have to juggle your work, your team’s performance, organizational goals, and customer centric initiatives, all while still working toward your own career goals.

It can be exhausting and seem nearly impossible to prioritize these daily tasks, even when you are a tenured leader.

Know you are not alone, there is hope, and you can beat this challenge with the help of leadership development expert, Mimi Brown!

She uses a mix of compelling storytelling, practical guidance, insightful anecdotes, and time-tested research to help you accelerate your leadership.

This engaging and energetic keynote will leave you with:

  • How to overcome the common leadership mistakes most emerging leaders make
  • The three essential elements that ALL exceptional emerging leaders need to master
  • Strategies to fast-track your performance, productivity, and potential
AMP Up Your Success: Live Life L.O.U.D.

UP the volume on getting results you want in life. The power to change your life is within your reach. With Mimi Brown, learn how to access that power. There is a secret on how to create your own reality. Access your greatest source for connecting your current reality with your desired dreams.

Tap into the power of intention and focus during Mimi’s jammed pack session.

This dynamic and interactive presentation includes practical exercises that inspire and motivate participants to live the fulfilling the life they want.

By the end of this session, you will be able to…

  • Discover the power of your thoughts, words and intentions, along with the path to taking action.
  • Realign your thoughts and beliefs with your highest intentions.
  • Explore and use the four key steps to accelerating your personal success.
  • Discover your personal path of least resistance to your greatest well-being and success in ANY given moment.
ROCKIN' Your Leadership: The 3 Beats That Will Attract, Retrain, and Inspire Your Team

Music is a universal language that brings people together. What do you think of when asked to recall a time when you felt pumped up and inspired? What song comes to mind?

Our connection to music is undeniably magnetic; it connects, inspires and reminds us of our purpose, power, and potential.

Exceptional leaders strive to do the same: to encourage, empower, and move people just like the melody of your favorite song.

During this engaging, energetic, and impactful program, leaders will discover:

• The practical leadership lessons embedded in music and how to apply them to their personal leadership philosophy.
• How to ignite the song in others to attract, retain, and motivate them to reach their own personal greatness
• How to strike the cord on the single employee engagement factor that will skyrocket engagement
• The two important roles that every rock star leader must embrace to drive productivity and performance

From Mozart To Motown, Hip Hop To Heavy Metal, and Disco To Pop, Mimi uses a vast array of musical genres to illustrate the link between music and leadership.

Combining her 20-year career as a professional DJ along with her in-depth experience as a Fortune 500 leadership development expert. Mimi creates a show stopping experience by integrating a mix of music, humor and practical leadership insights to create an AMPED up experience for the entire audience.

Own Your S.W.A.G. : Elevate Your Personal Brand So Others Take Notice

As a professional, when it comes to advancing your career or business, doing a good job and mastering the craft are just not enough.

You need a plan that helps to highlight your value, contribution, and expertise. Your personal brand and presence have a massive impact on how you are seen and respected by others. The ability to influence and get your ideas heard can make or break your career.

This interactive, high-energy, hands-on, session, pulls back the curtain on how to create an image that speaks to the level of professionalism you need to power up your presence.

After attending this session you will:

  • Create a professional persona that conveys confidence and competence
  • Develop ways to adapt your personality style to successfully engage with others at all levels
  • Develop your own personal presence action plan.
  • Learn how to stand out, gain recognition and enhance your professional credibility
  • Discover how certain actions, words choices and even clothing selections adds or detracts on how others form their perceptions about you
  • Understand your preferred communication style and its impact on others
  • Network with confidence, anywhere and with anyone
  • Negotiate with more, poise, power, and comfort
The amazing Mimi Brown, as she is now known at our organization, spoke at the Friedman Real Estate Summer Leadership Conference and lit our entire team on fire with her dynamic presence and immeasurable energy. Her keynote presentation on the 3 E’s of Exceptional Leadership, and Breakout Session on Communicating with Influence was on-point as it recharged our leaders and encouraged everyone to engage, expand and empower one another. If you are looking for someone who can make an impact, excite your team, and enliven your event, Mimi is the one to call. She exceeded our expectations, and her professionalism was second to none. Thank you Mimi for making our event so memorable!
Your presentation, Own Your S.W.A.G/ was exactly what we were looking for, you knocked it out of the park. Your candid style, endless energy, and sense of humor won our students over. They were singing your praises after the event. Many of them commented that you kept their attention, had them laughing but most importantly gave them actionable steps to improve their college experiences.
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