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Michael Burger

Michael Burger

Gives his conference attendees takeaway tools to become better communicators, remain relevant, and succeed in a constantly changing world.

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Michael has hosted television for every network, from primetime to late night. His 4000 hours of broadcasting include two successful morning talk shows: ABC’s Mike & Maty and Home & Family with Cristina Ferrare. The classic Match Game made up one of the four game shows Michael’s had the honor of hosting. Reality television served up Iron Chef USA where he sat behind the mic as the play-by-play announcer. Michael spent 6 years and his Friday nights with Betty White and the cast of Hot in Cleveland as their warm-up comedian. CBS Sunday Morning profiled his tenure as the most in demand warm up comedian in television. Charles Osgood’s story with Michael is in the video gallery. Speaking of CBS, they put Michael to work in late night with the dating show Personals. Straight to the Heart for MGM/UA and Man O’Man produced by Fremantle Media marked his hosting duties back into primetime. Michael is the go-to host for the latest resurgence in live game show stage events. The Price is Right, Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune have put Michael in charge of the podium. These live shows rely on his ability to ad-lib, improvise, and control a format where audiences are picked at random with no rehearsal or audition. The classroom aside, Burger’s professional showbiz career began at sea. An agent caught his act at a local comedy club and booked him on a Royal Caribbean three-day cruise to Mexico. Michael realized he was ready to disembark “when I got to the point, I could keep 1500 people from going to the buffet”. Michael currently has a comedy game show in development with Todd Milliner and Sean Hayes at HazyMills.

Uncertainty Plagues You...and Everyone You Know

Uncertainty causes smart people to become indecisive…to procrastinate…to question their ability to be successful. But rather than letting uncertainty paralyze us from taking action, why not learn to expect it? Better yet, why not leverage uncertainty to our advantage? In this keynote you’ll learn why embracing uncertainty will keep you sane – make you more productive – and take your career to the next level.


  • How to Handle Hearing, “NO!” Michael will show how rejection doesn’t have to trigger your insecurities. Instead, you can use rejection to fuel innovation. “No” is simply a signal for you to find more creative solutions. Michael has had success in a variety of careers and he will describe how he fought off competition and unforeseen roadblocks to rise to the top 1/2% of show business (a field that has an 85% failure rate).
  • Missing Your Goals is NOT failure. Successful people do not give up when they miss a goal. Rather, they are encouraged by incremental achievements. Think about world-class athletes who come in 3rd…yet improve their ‘best time’ by 3/10th of a second. They are gratified by getting closer to the top with every new effort. Michael will give you the tools to refine this skill.
  • Doubts! Successful People Have Them, and So Should You. Success creates the illusion that everything is fine. It’s not. You are completely normal if you suffer from occasional doubt. It is acceptable to question your next move. Michael will show you how to temper your insecurities with proper risk assessments – so that you can feel good about your decisions…and your outcomes.
  • Overconfidence Can be a Curse. Being too sure of yourself is the absence of doubt; which can ofttimes derail your career. The moment we believe we have it “all figured out” we lose our humility. Ignoring other opinions can easily sabotage your own success. Michael will give you a blueprint for avoiding complacency and conceit.
Rehearsing for Excellence How to Grow From Capable to Expert

“Perfection is unattainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”Packers coach Vince Lombardi

I speak on the topic of excellence. How to achieve excellence and equally important how to sustain excellence. I coach people how to be disciplined enough to Rehearse Excellent Outcomes. The journey to excellence for me started out at sea. I began my career as a standup comic on cruise ships. Off the ship I set a course for show business. Getting seven television shows on the air is like hitting the lotto. It happened. Times seven. I’ve hosted a television for every network, wrote three books on business, picked up my real estate license and flipped waterfront homes in Southern California.

I’ve interviewed thousands of successful individuals about their journey. Their wins, their losses, their challenges, their triumphs. Here’s what I’ve learned: they succeeded because their excellence was rehearsed. They were prepared for the outcome. Win or lose.

Excellence is not luck. Excellence is not an accident nor is it random. Excellence Oriented People advance faster and earn on average 38% more than serviceable competent people. Nobody fires the best. And if your company folds there is always a competitor who will hire the best. Excellence Oriented People are happier because they are accountable. They don’t rely on others for their happiness. They don’t believe the world owes them a title. Excellence Oriented People get more respect from the boss and their peers for all the same reasons. Excellence Oriented People are disciplined, methodical and always improving.

The Relevant Report®

Michael is on the front-line of the most relevant and innovative business practices in a great variety of industries, hosting 60-second video blogs full of innovative ideas for the time-starved businessperson. With 4,000 hours of hosting television and a career that started in stand-up comedy, Michael brings the unique background of media savvy and the ability to communicate information in an entertaining way.

Keynotes can be personalized...Here's how!

For every client Michael starts from scratch. Each keynote is created and customized based on your company, your needs and the information shared in your calls with Michael. No two keynotes are ever the same.

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