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Michael Burger

Michael Burger

Gives his conference attendees takeaway tools to become better communicators, remain relevant, and succeed in a constantly changing world.

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Michael Burger began his career performing standup comedy on cruise ships and realized that he was ready to disembark “when I got to the point I could keep 1,500 people from going to the buffet.” Once off the boat, his lightning fast wit attracted television producers. A lot of television producers. Michael hosted 4000 hours of TV; including ABC’s Mike & Maty and the iconic game show, Match Game. Simultaneously, Michael was crafting a career as a successful real estate entrepreneur; buying and selling waterfront properties in Southern California. His passion for business excellence led him to co-found the Relevant Report Blog and write (4) business books: Absolutely NecessaryThe Relevant Leaders GuideColoring Your Way To Success and the soon to be released, Be a Master Sommelier Not a Waiter. As you can imagine, Michael’s dual careers are a springboard for hilarious Keynote speeches. Michael also gives his conference attendees takeaway tools to become better communicators, remain relevant, and succeed in a constantly changing world.

Success Won’t Make You Happy, Being Happy Will Make You More Successful

Research shows happy employees deliver an average of 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales and triple the creativity. How we feel is linked to how we think and thought influences emotion and emotions matter at work. Disengaged employees result in a $300 billion loss in productivity to the economy annually. Unhappy employees add no value in the workplace and furthermore, they infect everyone around them. Michael will explain why leaders must broadcast a message of happiness. As a leader the message you broadcast directly impacts your teams behavior. It’s called the Pygmalion effect. Tell somebody they’re great and they’ll aspire to be great. Tell somebody they’re awful and you’ll get that too. Learn how to create a culture of happiness in the organization. Remember you can’t think your way into acting differently, you need to act your way into thinking differently.

If You Want More Business, Ask For It

How a small manufacturing plant in Goshen California wrote $25 million in new business over a weekend by simply asking for it. You’ll find out how they did it, and specifically what you need to say and do to grab more business.

Be a Master Sommelier Not a Waiter

This is not a topic about wine or drinking. It’s how to grow your business when business is not coming through your door. It’s how to harvest and uncork the knowledge you need to grow your business and have your customers and clients thirsty for more. Did you know, there are only 240 Master Sommelier’s in the world? Imagine the potential of your business if your employees were Masters Sommeliers of their jobs. Can you imagine having employees so skilled they’re able to crush the grapes of competition long before they’re picked? By the end of this segment just like a Master Sommelier you’ll understand how to grow your business and increase your yield. You’ll also refine your knowledge of wine. From Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck” to Napa Valley’s Screaming Eagle Cabernet, you’ll nourish your wine IQ too!

What’s the Secret to Sticking Around?

The Phyllostachys Moso is the fastest growing tree in the world. It does nothing for five years then pops through the soil. To be clear it was developing a root system so strong and so deep it could survive in any weather condition. We need to be so good at the fundamentals of our business, that we remain standing. Our roots need to be so firmly planted that we can’t be toppled. Once we have a certain level of success we tend to eliminate the things that made us successful.

Big mistake. We need to be world-class at the fundamentals. Michael will share with everyone at your conference what they need to do to put down roots and establish a lasting foundation to become absolutely necessary to their clients customers and each other.

What Maybelline Mascara Can Teach You About Your Business

File this under the category of under thinking innovation. L’Oreal Paris simply changed the color of a bottle of shampoo and saw sales spike. Michael has never met a company that has an unlimited budget to innovate. Michael will share what Nordstrom’s, the 65 universities in the State of Texas and the 200 nephrologists he spoke to in Philadelphia have done to grow their business by under thinking innovation.

Create Unpaid Spokespeople for Your Brand

Have you ever heard of the “Just Because fund”?  Unbeknownst to the public, Virgin keeps a budget known internally as the Just Because fund, a pool of money set aside for resolving customer issues. “If we can help someone out—if there’s a reason to do it not just from a marketing perspective, but because it’s a good thing to do—we can dip in there,” Kelly Grindle Virgin America executive explained. This is a perfect example of the person with the best story wins. The above story went viral and earned Virgin a great deal of positive press. Learn how to tell your story and recruit a team of unpaid spokespeople to promote your brand.

Do This or Get Fired

Your customers and clients demand a sense of urgency regardless of the size of your organization. Learn how to make the transaction about them. It’s not about you. Today people think it is. Facebook wants to know what’s on your mind. Guess what?  No one else does. Learn how to shift your focus to the other person. Listen to learn not respond. People may forget what you say but rarely will they forget how you make them feel. What did Michael say to Oprah Winfrey that got him invited to the Oscars? Learn what you need to say and do to become the star of your organization.

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