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Marilyn Sherman

Marilyn Sherman

Motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone and get a front-row seat in life

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Fee Range: 10000-19999, 20000-39999
  • Motivational keynote speaker inspiring people to increase productivity, reduce conflict and to overcome obstacles to improve quality of work culture and overall business growth.
  • Author of three books: Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?; Why Settle for the Balcony? How to get a Front-Row Seat in Life!; and Front-Row Service.
  • Marilyn helps leaders become more effective and empower others to improve bottom-line results.
  • Marilyn delivers dynamic, content-filled programs that inspire and resonate with all audiences (ie: she didn’t climb a mountain or have a tragic moment in life, she’s just a real person who wants to live the best she can be and help others to do the same)
  • Marilyn is an expert on embracing change – delivering techniques on how to manage it as well as how to continue to be productive even while shifting out of your comfort zone.
  • Marilyn’s passion is to inspire people a have a positive ‘no more excuses’ attitude and mindset – how to obtain goals, reduce stress and become better at communication. These skills can be taught to leaders, sales people, hourly employees and everyone else in-between.

*Fee ranges are presented as a guideline only. Speaker fees are subject to change without notice. For an exact quote, please contact your Speaker Exchange Agency representative.

Hall of Fame speaker Marilyn Sherman knows how to engage an audience. She has spent years studying and working with high performing teams and leaders teaching them how to get out of their comfort zone and live and lead from the front-row. Her programs center around personal accountability for success knowing that Front-Row Leaders perform at the top of their game, crushing the competition while illuminating the path for others to succeed. When business leaders are at the top of their game, they:

  • Ignite passion in others
  • Avoid the danger in settling for mediocrity
  • Obliterate their sales goals
  • Empower their staff to perform at a higher level
  • Communicate with clarity and purpose
  • Take 100% responsibility for their attitude and actions
  • Let go of excuses and get things done!

Marilyn will equip your audience with tools resulting in more productivity, better morale, and increased resilience to obstacles. Through moving stories and case studies, she will arm your group with the strategies and actionable strategies that work! She offers amazing keynote presentations based on her motivational books. In addition, Marilyn offers workshops on reducing conflict in the workplace and managing change with a positive mindset.

Marilyn has four motivational books:

  • “Whose Comfort Zone are You in?”
  • “Why Settle for the Balcony? How to get a Front-Row Seat in Life”
  • “Front-Row Service” and her latest:
  • “Is there a Hole in Your Bucket List?” just named her latest book as one of the top leadership books in 2019 for new managers. After hearing Marilyn do her opening keynote, her breakout sessions are filled to capacity. One client has nick-named her “SRO” for “Standing Room Only” as her sessions always fill up fast.

Marilyn is a consummate pro. She has been on every stage imaginable even keynoting conferences where they’ve never had a female keynote speaker in the history of their association. There’s a reason why she’s on several top speaker lists, and top keynoters in the industry and proud member of the National Speaker’s Association Hall of Fame.

She travels from Las Vegas, NV.

Front-Row Leadership; How Top Performers Never Settle for Balcony Seats

We all know that too many people settle for mediocrity in life. But, have you ever considered how settling for mediaocrity might effect your organization and your results? Everybody deserves a front-row seat in life and that’s where amazing things happen. Through moving stories and a lifetime of trial and error – and more importantly trial and success, I will arm your group with the strategies and actionable information it takes to increase employee engagement, improve morale, and inspire attendees to own the overall success of your organization.

Communicating For Results; From Conflict to Cooperation

This high content program helps people have the tools to reduce unnecessary conflict in the workplace. With specific tactics and verbiage to handle difficult people, this program has been effective in helping people with work-related issues as well as personal communication issues. Most people do not like conflict or confrontation but with these strategies, it gets easier to handle both. Finally, a fun look at how to deal with difficult people with practical application immediately following the workshop!

Which V are You? Managing Change Like a Volunteer Instead of a Victim or Vacationer

If your organization isn’t going through some type of change now, it means one of two things: You have already gone through a major change, or you are about to! When people are asked to change; they become a Victim, a Vacationer or a Volunteer. Obviously if they choose to be a Victim or Vacationer, the chances of the change being successful are severely hampered. You will learn the effects of each V, and what outcome it can have on your team. This program is an interactive workshop, helping you move towards the mindset of a volunteer: resourceful, opportunistic, positive, helpful, open-minded and vision oriented. Sounds better than being bitter, resentful, helpless and sabotaging! Prior to this workshop, plan on supplying Marilyn with your current vision – so the program can be about YOUR change. She will start with what the change means and what can be done to navigate the change more successfully

Prism Hospitality
"Thank you again for coming and speaking to the leaders of Prism! They really enjoyed it and on the last morning when we had to share our "ah ha" moments with everyone, at least half of the group quoted you and the points you made during your presentation; we all couldn't stop talking about how much we enjoyed your session! As a young meeting planner, I would have never thought to have a speaker come spend time with the group beforehand, but I'm so glad you were able to. I think it really gave you a chance to get to know us all (and hopefully feel the love we all have for each other) which then came through your speech and presentation to us. The Joshie stories were amazing, and we will be keeping those to add to our brag book. I'm also going to include you on an email about my very own Joshie experience that I had over the week. I can't wait for you to be able to read about what you inspired! Thank you again!”
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