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Mandy Gill

Resiliency & Workplace Wellness Expert – Teamwork & Collaboration, Adventurer, Respected Media Personality

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Health and wellness advocate
  • Launched the Hooked On Habits Podcast
  • Appeared 200+ times on various television programs, including CTV News
  • Completed Harvard’s Leadership Program

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For over a decade Mandy has studied what separates successful teams from those that simply aren’t. In addition to having faced some of the most challenging environments in the outdoors, Mandy Gill has also spent time climbing the corporate ladder. As a Top 40 Radio Morning Show Co-Host, sharing conversations with Lady Gaga, and introducing artists such as Rihanna before taking the stage for her Last Girl On Earth Tour, Mandy’s career took shape in the broadcasting and entertainment world first. As listeners began to share how inspired they were by conversations Mandy shared about her passion for adventure and ‘courage over comfort’ approach, Mandy began to be featured weekly as a television show host. Through the life-changing impact Mandy created for viewers, she’s been featured in hundreds of magazines worldwide, and endorsed by athletic and fashion brands such as Saucony and Reebok.

Since branching out from the broadcast industry and starting her first business in 2012, Mandy proceeded to build and scale one of the world’s most effective behavior change apps, Healthy Habits. Mandy has one of the world’s largest data sets focused on creating sustainable habits, modifying behavior, and maximizing positive results. With over a decade of research, Mandy now helps leaders and their teams thrive through the face of uncertainty in the future of work, by strengthening their ability to collaborate, build resilient relationships, and ultimately succeed greater than they ever thought possible. Mandy recently completed Harvard’s Leadership Program – an experience that expanded her expertise in supporting corporations to effectively engage teams and adjust their ‘Leadership Imprint’ to the needs of the situation.

In addition to being a highly successful female entrepreneur and CEO, Mandy is a nationally known, highly respected media personality. Mandy’s commitment to leveling the playing field and opening doors for women across the globe twice earned her a “Women of

Distinction” award by the YWCA.

On stage shares authentic parallels between the principles she uses to succeed while climbing some of the highest peaks in Nepal and around the world, along with running 100km trail marathons. Mandy builds a compelling case for the uncontrollable environments in extreme adventure, and the ones that people face every day — at work, at home, and in their communities.

In November 2020, Mandy launched Hooked on Habits – a podcast committed to bringing to light conversations with some of the world’s most successful individuals and businesses who continue to rise to the top, resiliently. Notable guests have included Lane Merrifield, founder of Club Penguin and the newest “dragon” on CBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den; Michael Rossi, President of Adidas Canada; and Dotsie Bausch, Silver Medalist Olympian and Star of The Game Changers Documentary.

In-person and virtually, Mandy brings high energy, motivation coupled with action, enthusiasm, and positivity to engage with audiences around the world.

Resilience Appears When The Plan Disappears

How can we overcome uncertainty in the future of work?

People who thrive in uncertainty know just as much about the future as those who fail in it – nothing. The difference between these two groups is one trait, one characteristic, and one muscle they tirelessly work on to help them navigate tomorrow – resilience. Resilience empowers performance, possibilities, and overall success. For over a decade Mandy Gill has studied what separates successful individuals and teams from those that simply aren’t. She’s uncovered that high performing teams do not exist without a collective of purpose driven individuals. Instead of having a negative outlook, rigged thinking, and the inability to solve problems due to ineffective collaboration strategies, Mandy knows and teaches that those that are adaptable, start with the end in mind, are self-aware, and persistent shape into resilient individuals. Only from that foundation can they create a team that will rocket into the future. Resilience doesn’t begin at the team level; resilience begins with you. How do we develop these foundational components of resilience to empower our teams for success? Mandy will show you exactly how.

In this engaging, thought-provoking, and actionable keynote, expert and soon-to-be-author Mandy Gill shares her research from coaching over 10,000 clients. She has perfected the process for helping everyday individuals reach extraordinary goals and results — no matter the environment. Just because the world around us is becoming increasingly busy and distracting, doesn’t mean that we can’t filter through the noise and build our best teams yet.

Achieve Tomorrow's Goals While Navigating Today’s Distractions

In an endlessly distracting, overcommitted, overstretched world, we are constantly fighting distractions, pushing limits, and working tirelessly to get things done. Due to a sea of busyness, leaders and their teams are losing momentum on short and long term goals, or worse, not even starting them, because they don’t have the tools to identify where and when noise-reduction is essential for success. Which is causing burnout, poor tenure, and a lack of meaningful productivity. How do we effectively prioritize, filter noise, and get ahead with as much energy and collaboration as possible? Welcome to learning how to fuel your focus with RACE PACE™.

In this energetic, action-orientated keynote, Mandy Gill shares over a decade of her research while educating audiences on how to accelerate clarity and focus, eliminate paralyzing distractions, filter fear, and achieve a new level of collaboration, communication, and team effectiveness. Worldwide, Mandy has coached thousands of clients through a system she developed called RACE PACE™. In this keynote Mandy breaks down the proven method that unlocks leaders and their teams optimal personal and professional performance capacity. All while ensuring a positive mental and physical state that will sustain long term growth in all areas of work and life.

I knew Mandy would be a perfect fit for our group, as we can be a tough crowd. Mandy put a lot of energy into structuring a session that would fit our group's needs, and that was apparent. She had the room so engaged, and I can tell you I have sat through countless hours of CUPE events that did not go that direction at all (in fact, many times it goes the opposite direction). Her positive energy is contagious and empathy and genuine care for participants was readily apparent.
Mandy is an incredible, inspiring individual, someone who has redefined the health and wellness space not only in Canada, but in North America.. Her creative approach is different from the typical philosophies. Mandy walks the walk and talks the talk from real life experiences. She has a heart of gold, and a desire to make a positive impact in this world.
Mandy is extremely hard working and gives 150% in everything she does. I will always remember meeting Mandy for the first time because she was so energetic, committed and outgoing. She greeted me with open arms the day I met, and 3 years later nothing has changed.
President, Big Star Lights
Mandy has had a profound effect on both the operations and culture of our company. Given that we are in a seasonal industry that requires an annual sprint period in the fall, burnout rates have historically been high for employees, affecting everything from productivity to team morale. With Mandy's expert guidance, we are starting 2023 with an unprecedented level of energy and motivation amongst our staff which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our growth and bottom line.
VP of Marketing
Mandy's energy and professionalism is top notch. She owned the stage like it was her second home, and at an event of 1000+ attendees this takes a magnitude of skill and passion. Mandy feels like an extended member of the DLCG family, and I can’t thank her enough for being part of this memorable event with us.
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