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Rachel Sheerin

Motivates and educates high performers so they can level up their success, increase their impact, and live a life they love.

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Fee Range: 10000-19999, 20000-39999
  • Burnout Expert
  • Award-winning Keynote Speaker and Emcee

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Rachel Sheerin is an award-winning keynote speaker and emcee. Named Speaker of the Year for 2019 by NACE, you may have seen Rachel featured in Inc Magazine for her keynotes or on the TEDx stage.

Rachel’s been on both sides of business – sales and operations. She’s built multi-million dollar sales teams for organizations that want to grow profits and boost happiness and trained operations teams that want to influence their sales teams to work better together.

With Fortune 500 clients such as The Ritz Carlton, WAL-MART, National Associations in Healthcare and Banking, Hilton, Berkshire Hathaway, Rachel’s known for delivering high-impact education and motivation to audiences from Spain to Seattle.

A partner of The James Beard Foundation and Director of Global Award for the Association for Women in Events, Rachel Sheerin motivates and educates high-performers so they can level up their success, increase their impact, and live a life they love.

With her book launching later this year, Rachel’s continued research and motivational content around burnout, happiness and success can be heard on her weekly podcast, F THIS S with Rachel Sheerin.

Burning At Both Ends: How to Love Your Work + Life (Again)

Burnout is the epidemic that is racing through the working world – but what can we do about it?

We all have big goals. But the reality is we’re tired and could use a total reset. Your event can reunite them for happiness and success. We do our best work when we are at our best – but burnout is chasing us 24/7. We want to believe we make an impact in our work. We dream of having control but it feels like an illusion. Especially in today’s buck wild world. This keynote can help provide a reset that sets you up for happiness and success.

Mixing humor, candor, and experience, Rachel illuminates why burnout happens, what we can do to repair it in ourselves, and how to ensure we’re pursuing successes that matter most to us.

Better Together: Recharge, Reunite and Refocus

The keys to enjoying life’s journey, uncovering happiness and increasing your positive influence on everyone you meet are shared in this fun, interactive keynote from Rachel Sheerin! Based on real-life experiences, case studies and interviews, backed with psychology and biological studies, this keynote will have you thinking, laughing and opening your mind to new strategies for happiness and success in your life!

Owning Your Awesome: Grow Your Sales, Career, and Happiness with Authenticity

In the fast-paced, competitive world we live in, the greatest success comes to those who stand out for all the right reasons! Highlighting the social science and sales stats behind memorability, this keynote boosts authenticity in work, confidence, and success for audience members’ work and lives.

Superpowers for Selling: Creating Deeper Relationships That Pay Off

Using behavioral science and humor, this keynote empowers sales pros and anti-salespeople alike to come together so that their best ideas, proposals, and messages get heard by clients, customers, and each other. Audiences experience big ah-ha moments, gain new perspectives, and learn how to authentically connect for success in work and life.

Survive + Thrive: How to Manage Stress, Change, and Clients in the 24/7 Economy

We’re moving at light-speed in work and life, so how do winning teams deal with the chaos?

This keynote is built for high-performers who need to embrace constant change, prioritize team collaboration, and crush their goals. Discover ways to succeed in the busyness of business and keep it fun!

Emcee: Create the experience your attendees will love and remember

Engage, Educate, and Entertain Your Audience.

As your event MC, Rachel provides clear directives for attendees to create a fun, interactive experience!

Your event will run smoothly with Rachel at the mic providing succinct captions and synopsis of presentations in between sessions – linking the content with your theme. Your audience will stay engaged as Rachel facilitates conversations and plays with professional improv comedy to keep attendees entertained and inject lightness and energy into your event.

Her energy, excitement, and passion for inspiring and encouraging people is simply impressive. She is rare and you just want to hold on to her. She makes everyone around her feel special too, she has a gift and isn't afraid to jump out there and express her feelings. She is a phenomenal woman that uplifts everyone around her. She was the ultimate professional for our conference and inspired all who watched her. She makes her attendees want to excel in their jobs and in life. If you want to make a huge impact with your team, book Rachel!
Director of Programs, MPI Gulf States
Rachel rocked the house...and at 9am in the morning! She kept every single person engaged, learning and laughing. Stand up comic or inspirational speaker - she is very easily both. If you have any doubt in booking her, don't. She has the utmost professionalism from the booking process to the end of her program. Highly recommend!
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