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Jamie Clarke

Reach Your Unique Everest

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Jamie Clarke works with elite teams who win: Olympic teams, NHL teams, sales teams, leadership teams, and start-up teams. What connects them all is pressure. With his own hard-won philosophy of decision-making in extremes— and a storytelling technique that can take you from laughter to tears in minutes — Jamie recharges audiences with fresh perspectives on success and failure, and risk vs. reward.

Creative, humorous, passionate, and on-point, Jamie walks you through his successful planning process for expeditions and business. Essential tips on risk assessment. Check. How to listen for cracks in the ice — and your team. Check. Weathering storms, literal and metaphorical. Check and check.

Through heart-stopping challenges, Jamie has reached the peak of his profession as climber and expedition leader. After failing twice, Jamie regrouped to reach Mt. Everest’s death-zone summit, twice. He’s trekked 1,000 miles across the most inhospitable desert on the planet and is one of the few alpinists to reach the “Seven Summits” – the highest peak on each continent. As a successful entrepreneur, Jamie learned many business lessons the hard way as the CEO of an e-commerce retail start-up.

His high-energy programs takes you to dangerous places, both real and imagined. He’ll guide you to the edge and bring you back safely. You’ll learn that the highs and the lows are both great teachers.

While not on the road speaking or trekking in the Canadian Rockies, Jamie is an Adjunct professor at the University of Calgary where he teaches and mentors in the Centre for Advanced Leadership.

The Adventure Of Business

Jamie Clarke believes that the passion that drives an adventurer is akin to that of a business leader…and he should know. The renowned adventurer and founder & CEO of the award-winning Canadian retailer Live Out There Inc. has successfully transferred the ideas, skills, lessons and passion from summiting the world’s highest peaks to make his booming e-commerce business one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. With his trademark spirit and high-energy, Clarke excites audiences as he draws parallels to the dynamic environments found in the office and in nature to provide business leaders with the framework to achieve success in any competitive setting. Clarke shows how to adapt to forces outside of one’s control and uphold one’s mission despite distractions and dangers, all while encouraging a healthy dose of risk balanced with an ample measure of humility. Simply put: Clarke delivers insights and strategies for taking one’s organization to the peak and conquering the adventure of business.

Above All Else: The Power of Passion

With humor and palpable passion, Jamie Clarke challenges audiences to think differently about success, failure, passion, hard work and fear, as he shares insight from his journeys scaling the world’s highest mountains, trekking through the most dangerous places and starting his own successful retail business. Perfect for audiences seeking expertise on risk-taking, project management, and team building, Clarke’s customized presentations deliver powerful perspective on learning from failure, the art of grunt work, conquering fear through focus, and above all—living life with passion.

Trend Micro Incorporated
Jamie it was simply wonderful, engaging, energizing, sincere, genuine and completely on message. So, many, many thanks. I truly could listen to you all day Jamie and I find you make me stop what I am doing and focus on your story (which for anyone that knows me I am the best multi tasker!)
WestPoint Financial Group
Jamie Clarke absolutely blew everyone away. He was incredible. He took everything we said during our pre-call and wove it through his presentation and story. It was unbelievable how many tie-ins he made that reinforced our overall message every step of the way. He was worth twice his price.
Jamie was outstanding. As you know it’s been 20 years since I’ve seen him speak and he was every bit as engaging and masterful at relating his experiences and lessons learned to our current situation as a company and team. The setup he had for conducting the video conference and his use of the tools often made it feel like we were in the room with him. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Jamie knocked it out of the park. Of course, I’m a fan but I also got similar feedback from our CEO and many others in attendance. It wouldn’t surprise me if we brought him back to speak again in the future.
Thank you so much again for your inspiring talk at our Sales Kick Off! As I expected, we have gotten such great feedback from the audience. We really appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and incorporating our points of view in your talk to help it resonate. I can’t say I would ever be climbing Mt. Everest, but I can say that your lessons are very tangible and applicable, regardless of the challenge ahead. Thank you again for sharing your experience and especially for doing the Q&A with Bry. I think the combo of the two talks really made an impact!
John Deere
It was a great show! We have had nothing but outstanding comments about Jamie’s presentation!! And the fact that he became so involved with the event went above and beyond in my book. Thank you for the recommendation and getting him involved in our event.
Jamie was great! I think with such a large group, it is hard to find someone who speaks to everyone's style and needs. Jamie delivered the message we were hoping for, and he was great to work with!
Jamie Clarke is one of the most naturally gifted/talented speakers I have seen. Our entire group loved hearing from him. He was funny, passionate, heartfelt, overall incredible and really helped make our time in Canada memorable. Thank you very much for the recommendation.
TREND Micro - Virtual Event
Jamie it was simply wonderful, engaging, energizing, sincere, genuine and completely on message. So, many, many thanks. I truly could listen to you all day Jamie and I find you make me stop what I am doing and focus on your story (which for anyone that knows me, I am the best multi tasker!)
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