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Daphne Jones

A corporate adviser, mentor and new author; Daphne’s inspiring life story from poverty to executive leadership has made her a sought-after speaker and consultant.

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Board of Directors – AMN Healthcare, Barnes Group, & Masonite International
  • CEO The Board Curators (https://
  • Author – Win When They Say You Won’t (McGraw-Hill)
  • Former Systems Engineer & Systems Instructor – IBM
  • Former CVP, CIO, Hospira (Now Pfizer)
  • Former VP, CIO, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Former SVP, CIO of GE Healthcare Product Engineering & Services, Retired

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Daphne E. Jones is an accomplished and seasoned executive with extensive experience using digital technologies strategically, entrepreneurially, and globally within multi-national corporations. She has over thirty years of experience in general management and executive level roles at IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Hospira (now Pfizer) and General Electric. During her tenure at GE, she served as: SVP for Future of Work, SVP & CIO for Product Engineering, Imaging, and Ultrasound, and as Senior Executive & CIO For Global Services – all comprising a $13B segment within GE Healthcare.

Prior to GE Healthcare, her early career days were spent at IBM and Johnson & Johnson as an IT Executive followed by her role as a Corporate Officer, SVP & CIO at Hospira, Inc. a global pharmaceutical and infusion technology company. She was the first woman and African American to report to the Chairman of the Board with accountability for all aspects of Hospira’s enterprise, digital & analytics technology. A driver of change acceleration and leadership development, her career has been spent using digital technologies to transform business models, distribution channels and products.

Daphne serves on the board of directors for AMN Healthcare, Inc., Barnes Group Inc, and Masonite International Corp and is regarded as an authority on preparing and marketing for corporate board service. She is the recipient of the ICABA’s Caribbean Achiever Award and the University of West Indies’ Luminary Award. She was also named one of Illinois’ Most Powerful and Influential Women by the National Diversity Council and Premier 100 CIO by Computerworld. She is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), The Digital Directors Network (DDN), and Executive Leadership Council (ELC).

Daphne’s contemporary experience and thought-leadership bolster driving innovation globally; enabling business transformation across major industries. A corporate adviser, mentor and new author; her inspiring life story from poverty to executive leadership has made her a sought after speaker and consultant.

Daphne earned her MBA and BS from Illinois State University.

Digital Transformation – Focus FIRST on Transformation!!

A barrier-breaking business leader and seasoned Fortune 50 executive, Daphne E. Jones developed and implemented disruptive digital strategies that resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars generated for global organizations, including General Electric, Hospira (now Pfizer), IBM, and Johnson & Johnson, and positioned these companies as first-to-market innovators and industry leaders.

In this talk, Jones offers tailored tactics for how organizations can find their digital “True North” and execute it to reimagine and transform their businesses and set the pace in their industries. She highlights the ways any company can leverage digital transformation to enhance the customer experience, optimize internal productivity, and catalyze innovation and growth.

E.D.I.T.: Strategies for Reimagining and Transforming Your Brand

“Win when they say you won’t.” That’s the mantra that founder, Fortune 50 C-suite executive, board member, and digital transformation expert Daphne E. Jones has carried this with her throughout her trailblazing career.

In this eye-opening talk, she shares the unique four-step E.D.I.T. methodology that has provided the playbook for her to keep leveling up her success and can have a similar impact for organizations and individuals looking to reimagine and transform their brands. Jones inspires groups to:

  • Envision: create their unique vision for success
  • Design: focus on how, when, and with whom you will accomplish the vision
  • Iterate: get feedback from the environment, and decide to pivot or persevere
  • Transform: sit with the change and get ready for the next level

With this methodology, anyone or any group is capable of adopting the winning mindset that will motivate them to stop talking about transformation and start actually transforming themselves, and those around them.

From Poverty to Prosperity

An Immigrant’s Journey to the C-Suite. Business transformer and accelerator Daphne E. Jones’ path to becoming a disruptive C-suite leader was anything but typical. The odds were stacked against her, what with her being an immigrant and woman of color working to make her mark in the STEM field, where no one else looked like her.

She reflects upon her own career journey of shattering glass ceilings in the business world and keeping the door open for those that came after her to share powerful lessons for how anyone can take ownership of their career, rewire their mindset, and overcome the challenges in front of them to achieve their vision of success and find fulfillment in their work and life.

Tackling Cyber Enterprise Risks Cyber: From Cyber-Insecurity to Cyber-Security: How Your Company Can Become More Cyber Secure & Ready

As an expert in spurring digital transformation to help organizations reach their next iteration, Daphne E. Jones possesses authoritative insights into the cybersphere and the threats and opportunities that exist within it.

In an immersive session that is sure to change the way audiences view the digital landscape, she empowers groups to embrace the possibilities digital transformation presents to their organizations while briefing them on what’s at stake as new challenges arise in the cybersphere. The insights Jones shares shine the light on the key role boards, management teams, and digital leaders play in helping their companies be more secure and ready — helping them move from cyber insecure to confidently more cyber secure.

This is not your Daddy’s Board Room Anymore – America’s Board Rooms are Transforming

Slowly but surely, the makeup of corporate boardrooms is changing. They’re becoming more representative of the customer base, and inclusive of the diverse groups that keep the workforce moving, but there are still challenges and barriers to entry for nontraditional board candidates. In addition, the contemporary challenges that face corporations are reflected in how boards have to reimagine their competencies and actions to optimize shareholder/stakeholder value.

In this talk, Fortune 50 business leader and sought-after board member Daphne E. Jones illustrates the ways in which the board room has evolved in recent years while putting forth solutions for how we can continue to progress toward board rooms that are wholly reflective of the workforce and can be equipped to handle new and dynamic risks. As part of this interactive session, she demystifies the path to board positions for candidates from all backgrounds — especially women and people of color — and shares valuable tips in preparation for leaders working toward earning their seat at the table in the board room.

AI is Artificial, AND It’s Real – Use Intelligence To Drive Your Business

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution , which is continuing to blur the lines between the physical, the digital and the biological. This Revolution, unlike those before it is being powered by the cloud, social, mobile, genetic engineering, blockchain, IOT (Internet of Things) AI (artificial intelligence), and of course, massive amounts of data, growing daily.

Join Daphne as she discusses what you should know, what you should think, and what you should do in your business to explore and exploit the capabilities of AI as part of your overall digital business strategy. Engage with her as she reviews how BUSINESS STRATEGY, CULTURE, COMPETENCY, & TECHNOLOGY are critical components to drive success with AI. Her 4 part methodology – E.D.I.T. (Envision, Design, Iterate, Transform) as taken from the software development world, helps you easily understand how to systematically envision a strategy, design it, execute it, and transform to scale to enable a win in your marketplace.

The Board and AI – How to Govern Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), including ChatGPT, has ushered its way into management conversations, employee homes and on the desktop. AI can provide an organization with a competitive advantage or make its operations more efficient. But the technology also poses legal risks, and board members need to ask the right questions to ensure those risks don’t outweigh the benefits. How can a board enable ambidextrous leadership where, on the one hand, the management team is free to explore new capabilities using AI, while on the other hand, ensures that AI doesn’t pose a legal, regulatory or security threat to the business. Jones will share insights on how to strike the balance that is right for your organization.

Using Crisis to Catapult Your Business in the Marketplace

As a leader, your response in times of crisis will trickle down your organization and set the tone for whether you and your people will come out on the other side as the disruptors or the disrupted. A retired Fortune 50 executive who has navigated her teams through countless business hardships, Daphne E. Jones draws from her real-life experiences leading her companies to thrive in the face of disruption to provide actionable steps for how organizations can reset during times of crisis and adapt to seismic shifts in the market as they strive to compete at the highest levels in their industries.

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