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Clint Pulver

Clint Pulver

The Leading Authority on Employee Retention

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Clint Pulver is a motivational keynote speaker, author, musician, Emmy Award Winner and workforce expert.

He’s also fun, dynamic, entertaining – and the no-stress speaker clients love to work with.

A Professional Drummer for over 20 years, he’s played with top headlining fellow musicians in venues like the Vivint Arena, the Stadium of Fire, and the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. He founded the UVU Drumline known as the Green Man Group, which he directed for six years and went on to direct the Drumline for the NBA’s Utah Jazz until 2015.

In September 2020, The Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards, a division of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, awarded Clint his very own golden statue for storyboarding, casting and directing the video Clint Pulver: You’re Not a Problem. He’s also appeared on America’s Got Talent and in feature films with Jack Black (School of Rock) and John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite). Business Q Magazine featured Clint as one of their “Top 40 Under 40” as a premiere Corporate Keynote Speaker.

Known as the Leading Authority on Retention, Clint helps organizations retain, engage, and inspire their team members from the front desk to the board rooms and everyone in between. He expertly helps audiences navigate generational complexities, communication challenges, leadership missteps, and culture cues.

As the president and founder of The Center for Retention, Clint has transformed how corporations like Keller Williams, AT&T, and Hewlett Packard create lasting loyalty through his work and research as “The Undercover Millennial”. For over a decade, he has been a self-motivated Entrepreneur who is well versed in business start-up, leadership, sales management, management training, and helping teams grow multi-million-dollar accounts. He uses that experience to create teachable relationship and business strategies based on trust, service, support, connection, and consistent follow-through.

Clint strongly believes that a single moment in time can change a person’s life. He has traveled the world speaking to a wide spectrum of diverse audiences, challenging them to dream, excel, connect, and believe–both in themselves and in the power of others. For over a decade, Clint has dedicated his heart to helping organizations understand the younger generation and helping the younger generation better understand themselves by living a life of significance, rather than just a life of success. His mantra? “It’s not about being the best in the world…it’s about being the best FOR the world.”

How is Clint Different?

EDUCATIONAL Clint’s content is lasting, universal, and inspiring. Your participants will come away from the event with a better understanding of their “why”, clarity of purpose, and empowering, actionable how-to’s to help them perform at their next level as well as lead more extraordinary lives.

TIMELY Our world – and workforces – are in a constant state of change. As leaders, and as people, the way we manage, communicate, collaborate, and connect has to have the flexibility to change as well. Clint helps audiences create the mindsets and skill sets they need to meet the demands of an ever-shifting world with more agility and ease with a whole lot less stress!

ENERGIZING As an entertaining motivational speaker, Clint offers the best of two worlds: A high-energy motivator with a powerful message on employee retention and creating moments that matter. Your audience will feel the WOW power from jaw-dropping drum performances, perfectly timed comedy, and expertly delivered messages filled with timely strategies and insights.

ENGAGING An incredible combination of humor, stories, strategy, and relevant messaging, Clint reaches and connects with every member of your audience. Whether they are in leadership, management, sales, service, support, or education, he’ll have them captivated, inspired, and eager to take positive action!

Mentorship vs Management

Today — employees are looking for leadership that supports, encourages, and gives them the tools they need to grow, adapt, give back – and create real impact. In this unforgettable customized presentation designed to inspire corporate leadership and managers, Clint expertly demonstrates the ground-breaking WHY of mentorship over old school management techniques and HOW every employee is just one caring person away from a phenomenal success story.

As a Corporate Keynote Speaker and employee retention expert, Clint offers the insider leadership secrets for elevating team and individual engagement, cultivating creative and collaborative environments, and inspiring both themselves and those that they lead. He also shares the life-changing story of Mr. Jensen, who, with one small and simple gift, brought purpose, empowerment, and perspective to a young life – and how each of us has the chance to do the same.

In this powerfully moving session, audience members will be able to:

  • Adapt to a rapidly changing workforce
  • Communicate effectively with a multi-generation team
  • Create a culture that cultivates, celebrates, and encourages diversity
  • Understand the four keys to mentorship within the role of leadership
  • Develop a greater understanding of their purpose as a leader and mentor
  • Adopt implementation strategies of how to create cultural change

Ready to transform your next leadership training or conference? Hire award-winning speaker Clint Pulver to share Mentorship vs Management and reaffirm, validate, and inspire your leadership and management team to learn how these simple shifts can create inspired and lasting impact on their lives, their teams, and your organization.

United We Stand

In today’s volatile economy, organizations are finding it more difficult to adapt to expanding costs, shrinking margins, increased competition, and regulation. Teamwork, accountability, and purpose have greatly diminished, leaving employees fearful and paralyzed to step outside of their comfort zones. The result? Decreased revenues, morale, and performance. Motivational Speaker and Retention Expert Clint Pulver offers your organization the ultimate keynote experience that unifies, inspires, and rallies your sales staff, leadership teams, and front-line employees to create a renewed and lasting movement within your organization.

Utilizing his experience as a professional drummer for more than two decades, Clint helps orchestrate your team to success through the power of music by creating a high-energy, interactive, hands-on drumming experience that allows your audience to achieve unity and a renewed sense of loyalty and trust.

In this profoundly moving session, audience members will be able to:

  • Understand the four keys to creating a lasting movement in their job
  • Develop strategies that create a culture of trust and unity
  • Understand the power of collaboration between coworkers and management
  • Create an attitude of contribution and a more positive workplace culture
  • Overcome obstacles to break through performance limitations
  • Walk away with a renewed sense of safety, trust, and commitment

Ready to help your next audience learn how to view difficult situations or change for the opportunities that they are to be solved through collaboration, communication, and personal commitment? Invite Clint Pulver to spotlight the strategies and mindsets that will help them embrace and explore the pursuit of something bigger than themselves – and in turn – lead their teams to embrace and maximize their potential.

To the Beat of a Drum - Breakout Session

In this unique and interactive breakout session, Clint will demonstrate through the beat of the drum the simple and effective “HOW-TO’s” for creating the mentorship connection in your business. Participants get completely hands-on with drumsticks and buckets in an exhilarating experience that validates the simple and actionable take-aways vital for all leaders who want to inspire, retain, and engage the employees within their organization.

In this high-energy, hands-on experience, audience members will be able to:

  • Fully understand the power of collaboration between coworkers and management
  • Create a culture of positive contribution
  • See the importance of advocating for your team vs just developing your team
  • Adopt tools and practical teaching aids that make an impact
  • Create a method of accountability for themselves and those they lead
  • Adopt implementation strategies of how to create greater loyalty

Ready to literally rock the house at your next event? Invite Keynote Speaker, Musician, and Employee Retention Expert Clint Pulver to deliver this crowd-pleasing, change-inspiring presentation as a breakout session or follow-up program to any keynote event.

Unify Your Team (virtual)

Can your client’s team use some positivity right now? Something to boost morale? Or even to just spark a smile? Clint’s virtual sessions offer an immersive, engaging and entertaining experience – something that makes you feel as if you’re sitting in the 1st row at a live event.

Creating Opportunities Amid Chaos

This year has brought the kind of change and challenge that has left many of us feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and unsteady. Going from “How can I?” to “I’ve got this!” is daring. How do you make the shift from uncertainty to confidence? The first step is to create a business that always puts clients first, takes time to practice self-care and creates space for change. It’s a powerful ‘must-do’ rather than ‘should do’ and the secret to success.

In this session, Emmy-Award Winner Clint Pulver helps you dive into the mental health tools needed to feel more resilient, less fearful, and ready to leverage change for all it is worth. In this comprehensive and innovative message, you will learn how to:

  • Make mental well-being a priority and why that matters more now than ever
  • Turn challenges into opportunities for client connection
  • Shift from “selling” to mentoring clients, which is a win-win for you, your bureau, your clients, and their audiences
  • Feel more confident, strong, and supported during these challenging times
  • Send your productivity soaring, with less stress and more success
  • Clint Pulver has the strategies that can help you turn chaos into a creative opportunity.
Help Your Sales Soar (virtual)

This keynote is about developing a sales team that:

  • Feels more confident and delivers powerful customer experiences
  • Navigates uncertain times with an innovative shift in mindset and proven processes for creating customer connectivity, trust, and loyalty
Virtual presentations

Virtual experiance options:


A high impact, live presentation featuring Clint’s signature drum solo. Your session can focus on creating trust and unity OR on engaging and retaining your employees.


A content-rich, yet high-energy session. Clint will focus on the power of collaboration between coworkers and management – creating a culture of positive contribution – adopting implementation strategies for creating greater loyalty.


Bring Clint onto your team with personal small group or one-on-one coaching to create stronger managers and teams.

Clint’s Studio

A state-of-the-art space with full production capabilities – his studio includes:

  • Fully soundproof recording studio
  • His complete drum set with a LED light show
  • 5 cameras (4 are Lumix G 7s with high-quality 4k DSL, including one aerial camera angle)
  • 7 sets of studio lights
  • A customized computer tower (PC) built strictly for streaming which provides massive bandwidth, power and security
  • Highest quality of Sennheiser audio for clear and concise sound
  • And every session can include an in-person moderator in-studio with Clint

What do you need to provide? The virtual format of your choice and your people!

Please contact us to see testimonials.
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