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Anne Bonney

Fun, energetic international motivational keynote speaker and trainer, she is also an authority on Change Management

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Fee Range: 5000-9999, 10000-19999
  • International Motivational Keynote Speaker and Trainer
  • Podcast Host of Igniting Courage Podcast
  • Experienced Leadership Workshop Facilitator

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Anne Bonney is a fun, energetic international motivational keynote speaker and trainer. She is also an authority on Change Management, author of 2 books on embracing the discomforts of change, podcast host of Dancing in the Discomfort Zone Podcast, and an experienced in-person, virtual and hybrid workshop facilitator. After 20 years in highly successful corporate ad non-profit leadership positions, Anne, now uses her experience, education, and expertise to ignite YOUR Courage, Confidence and Resilience in the face of the discomfort of change, courageous communication and emotional intelligence.

You’d better turn on the AC because this “ball of fire” will light you up with fun and relevant stories, time-tested knowledge and immediately applicable strategies to make a difference for you, your team, and your organization.

This spunky little redhead shares business lessons from her crazy life experiences, which arms her with relatable and hilariously memorable stories from growing up overseas, running international marathons, animal training, morale building tours to the military in Iraq, volunteering at an elephant sanctuary and singing opera at a performing arts school and yes- there’s more. You won’t want to miss Anne’s session as Anne is a mindset shifting motivator who fires people up to catalyze powerful change in their lives, their teams and their organizations.


Change is hard. Factor it all in: new ideas, organizational change, industry evolution, technology modernization and even personal changes. With all that, business (and life) can get overwhelming, especially when you’re managing people. The problem is, change ain’t going away. The only constant in business IS change, especially in today’s fast-paced business environment. Having the tools to lead people through change and adapt to the challenges that transitions bring will improve your effectiveness as a leader and as an organization.

In this engaging (and fun!) virtual or live presentation, Anne Bonney, Change Management authority and author, will spark your courage with the ground-breaking concepts from her red-hot book by the same name, GET OVER IT! You’ll have to turn up the AC for this high energy, “bring the heat” keynote. Your participants will leave armed with strategies to extinguish the burning inferno that transition has caused on your teams.

  • Immediately impact your culture to one of acceptance and engagement, increasing productivity
  • Alleviate the burden of stress that change has caused on your teams and in organization
  • Leaders who know how to turn change into a unifying factor of pride and accomplishment where productivity and motivation will skyrocket

Having tough conversations isn’t fun for anyone, and when they go wrong, relationships are damaged, and the problem that’s being addressed doesn’t get solved. This makes many leaders avoid these conversations, reducing their team’s effectiveness and their own success. Fortunately, you can quickly learn to rise in these challenging interactions so the problem will be solved, while trust and respect increase. This workshop will help you get there!

During this rapid-fire skill building (and fun!) virtual or live presentation, Change Management Authority and Communication aficionado Anne Bonney will ignite your courage for these conversations so you can have productive difficult dialogue when you need to. Empowered with the spark to start the dialogue on the right foot, you’ll also learn a structure to keep the exchange moving in a constructive direction, and she will teach you an approach for rescuing the conversation before it turns into a towering inferno! Once you put these techniques into play, motivation will crackle, collaboration will sizzle and a culture of positive accountability will blaze hot within your organization.

  • Immediately impact your culture to one of accountability and engagement, increasing productivity and ultimately results
  • Reduce problem behaviors and conflict while improving individual attitudes and team motivation
  • Leadership that entices people to listen and follow through

Executive Level Keynote or Workshop

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a huge buzzword these days, and it’s a good thing, because studies have shown that it is the number one predictor of success on the job. The beauty is, it is a skill that can be improved throughout a leader’s career.

In this high-energy, interactive virtual or live presentation, Change Management Authority and Leadership expert Anne Bonney lights up the concepts of EQ in a simple way. She fuels your fire with immediately applicable tactics to ignite your EQ so, as a leader, you can better develop your team and your organization. In this content-rich and engaging presentation, you will be challenged with techniques to regulate your reactions in the midst of difficult situations so your teams will want to give you their all! What follows? Goals achieved and results secured.

  • Uplevel your employee engagement for increased productivity and net results in times of transition
  • Empower your workforce to be even more competent and capable in today’s fast-paced, change-scorched business environment
  • Upgrade empathy and patience for improving the quality of constructive, results-oriented conversations

Leadership, Teamwork & Team-Building Topics

You need to be savvy to lead teams in today’s workplace. You’ve got different generations with varying levels of experience, cultural assumptions and the never-ending change happening in your industry, organization and team. Your best bet for success is to be the kind of leader YOUR people want to follow.

In this engaging (and fun!) virtual or live presentation, Change Management Authority Anne Bonney will ignite your leadership with skills that will heat up your team’s inspiration and performance. Teaching connection, communication and delegation to get even better output from your team; Anne will bring you rapid-fire content to reduce turnover, increase engagement and productivity directly impacting your culture so positivity and collaboration catch fire, and create an inferno of goal achievement and satisfied customers. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Immediately impact your culture with greater engagement, collaboration and motivation, resulting in increased productivity
  • Reduce “water cooler” talk that negatively influences attitudes within the workplace
  • Improve individual performance and reduce unwanted behaviors

Fun, Engaging, and Interactive Keynote

Life requires decisions, and each decision is fraught with unknowns. Unknowns mean risk, and risk’s co-pilot is fear! What a fun combination! Young leaders also often lack the experience that can help mitigate that fear, which can paralyze them from being as effective as they could be. Even adults allow the fear of unknowns to stop them from moving forward. That stops now!

After this engaging and energizing keynote, the young leaders will be fired up to get out there and intelligently embrace unknowns. Through fun stories and time-tested knowledge from her best-selling book Get Over It! 47 Tips for Embracing the Discomfort of Change, courage igniter Anne Bonney will turn up the heat with tactics for dealing with that fear. She scorches fear myths and sparks the desire to dive into unknowns and lead the way with strength, positivity and confidence.

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