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Vince Poscente

Vince Poscente

An expert in helping people speed past problems towards extraordinary outcomes

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• Founder and CEO of The Goal Acceleration Institute 
• Weekend skier to Olympian in four years
• Meetings & Conventions – Planners’ Favorite Speaker 2014 & 2015
• Weekly columnist since 2005 – The 70 Second eBrief
• #1 Wall Street Journal, USA Today and NY Times bestseller
• Masters in Organizational Management
• Leadership on four Himalayan expeditions

Motivational keynote speaker, Vince Poscente, specializes in helping people reach BIG GOALS in less time. He is an invigorating keynote speaker who teaches people the formula used to go from recreational skier to Olympian in four years. As a New York Times bestselling author, with a masters in Organizational Management this master speaker delivers practical, effective results. His invigorating perspective on reaching BIG GOALS in Short Order stops procrastination in its tracks.

By combining leadership insights from his highly successful business career with lessons from his remarkable Olympic experience, employee motivation expert, Vince, inspires audiences to align their vision with an Emotional Buzz, encourages individuals to execute their strategies and infuses teams with the confidence needed to eclipse their competition.

Business Motivational Speaker
Vince Poscente is a blast of energy, a wellspring of innovative content and flat-out funny. He is an expert in helping people speed past problems towards extraordinary outcomes, while delivering an unforgettable experience.

​Instant Impact and Lasting Influence

The skills and art of impactful and influential communication are necessary for leaders on the platform or digital media. Reading off a teleprompter is the ultimate contrived message resulting in an invisible barrier between leaders and followers. Using Power Point slides as a crutch for messaging is also an energy killer. But leaders who expertly command the stage or screen can have instant impact and lasting influence. Vince Poscente leads an interactive and transformational session on how leaders can deliver a profound message anywhere from a room full of their employees, an audience of stakeholders or in a brief video message.

Vince has coached the Chief of Protocol of the White House, Harvard Business Book authors, CEO’s of multimillion & billion-dollar companies and entrepreneurs intent on designing a killer keynote. Vince’s acumen for speaking had him inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame with the likes of Ronald Reagan, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino and Jack Canfield. Vince Poscente is in-demand for his Instant Impact and Lasting Influence keynotes at corporate events around the world. This rare opportunity to learn from a master communicator, at the top of his game of speaking and training.This powerhouse keynote will help you have instant impact and lasting influence when you are in front of a demanding client or called to deliver an important presentation.

HEROES CLIMB - Ascent from I to Us

“You are already a hero. It is time for you to quit playing small and reveal that hero within you. Come, be big, so others can delight in your presence.”

In this keynote, NYT’s bestselling author Vince Poscente, shares the secrets of heroism that lie in each person. While we celebrate famous athletic and situational heroes, Poscente unpacks the belief that we each have the opportunity to be EVERYDAY HEROES.

This keynote challenges each attendee to find the personal trajectory that allows them to make a difference through personal accountability and integrity.

A great storyteller, Vince shares five key descriptions for heroism:
– Fearless
– Selfless
– Humble
– Compassionate

Vince punctuates portions of the keynote with video, photos and descriptions of his many trips leading “ordinary” individuals on once-in-a-lifetime excursions to scale Himalayan mountains.

Electric, fast-paced and entertaining, Vince Poscente will leave your attendees eager to make a difference and challenge the status quo.

The Age of Speed

Using concepts from his best selling books, The Age of Speed and The Ant & the Elephant, Vince shares his Olympic experience and the ‘speed’ model that took him from a recreational skier to vying for Gold in speed skiing in 4 short years. Give your audiences an invigorating perspective that reveals:

  • Innovation at Work – audiences learn how to innovate in any business situation using Poscente’s ‘recreational skier to Olympian in four years’ model.
  • Competitive Advantages – you will internalize a powerful change in how to compete using the approach “Do what the competition is not willing to do.”
  • Leadership for the Self – high speed results are possible in cultures that foster an attitude of “Owning the solution.”
  • Speed of Execution – learn from The Age of Speed’s “Jet Profile” where employees and companies embrace Agility, Aerodynamics and Alignment.
  • Taking Control – with infectious energy, warmth and humor, Poscente delivers an experience that translates into an empowered audience.

The next 16.572 seconds could change your life!

Renowned business strategist and New York Times best-selling author, Vince Poscente is a master communicator. He knows how to get an audience’s attention and maintain electrifying energy while providing:

  • Hands-on tools that you can use immediately
  • Edge-of-your-seat stories, 135 mph ski videos, heart-pumping music
  • Take-action-today inspiration
  • Flat-out-fun with Poscente’s signature wit and wisdom

“Your presentation was exciting, entertaining and very educational.”
State Farm Insurance Companies

“Our purpose was to turbo-charge the enthusiasm and energy levels of our team members and to have them fully embrace the idea of strength-based leadership and living. We could not have asked for a better speaker to deliver our message than Vince.”
Hampton Brand Management, Hilton Hotels Corp

The Age of Speed 2

At the core of Poscente’s message about embracing speed is the claim that the continued acceleration of business and life is inevitable. If we cannot stop it, perhaps we should consider putting it to work for us. On a mass scale, we have developed a peculiar love-hate relationship with speed: though we want more, faster, now, we have adopted a mindset that speed is corrosive. In effect, we have decided that though we want speed, we do not like it. Poscente turns that perspective upside down and challenges audiences not to resist acceleration, but instead to turn the momentum of its inevitable rush to their advantage.

Vince shares the research he did for his New York Times best-selling about how companies and individuals are responding in different ways to the speed of business today.

  • Jets – very agile companies that harness the speed of business and turn it to their advantage
  • Bottle Rockets – companies that embrace speed, are going fast but are not smart about it
  • Zeppelins – companies that resist the speed of business
  • Balloons – companies that have chosen to live outside the age of speed – they don’t seek it and they don’t need to

Unraveling the notion that in today’s world we need to slow down, Poscente illustrates why harnessing the power of speed is the ultimate solution for those seeking less stress, less busyness, and more balance.

Who Benefits: Organizations and individuals that are going through major change at a rapid-fire pace will especially benefit from Vince’s message.

“Focusing on change alone is a mistake. Let’s redirect our focus on embracing the speed in our more-faster-now culture. You don’t cope with change…you embrace it. What is critical is the next level…not coping with speed but harnessing it. Execution is not about what to do…it is about how to do it…that’s what creates innovative execution.” Vince Poscente

Speed Can Be Your Greatest Ally!!

Rapid Recovery

Is our “pause button economy” eating us alive… or setting us free? New York Times bestselling author, inductee into the Speaker Hall of Fame and Olympian, Vince Poscente has the answer.

“We will not thrive by ‘coping’ with our present economic situation. Seeking to manage our way to bottom line results is not the way. We will individually and organizationally thrive by embracing and harnessing the speed of change around us.” Vince Poscente

Now is the time to use Vince Poscente’s against-all-odds Olympic strategy for audiences challenged, overwhelmed and even – scared. Poscente’s invigorating perspective is timely and perfect for groups seeking good news.

Special Economy Speech Topics
  • Hands-on-tools to accelerate results in a slowing economy
  • Leadership strategies for aligning employees with a common mission
  • Competitive agility by “doing what the competition is not willing to do”
  • Eliminating drag on the micro (individual) and macro (team) scales
  • Practical motivation with an against the odds story of “recreational skier to Olympics in four years”
Rapid Reinvention

A new keynote designed to help audience members reinvent, reignite and rejuvenate in the business of life. Vince Poscente switches setback into set-free. This is fast and fun way to redefine how you thrive in a competitive marketplace.

  • Innovation at Work – audiences learn how to innovate in any business situation using Poscentes’ recreational skier to Olympian in four years model
  • Competitive Advantages – you will internalize a powerful change in how to compete using the approach Do what the competition is not willing to do
  • Leadership for the Self – high-speed results are possible in cultures that foster an attitude of Owning the solution
  • Speed of Execution – learn where employees and companies embrace the essentials for reinvention
  • Taking Control – with infectious energy, warmth and humor, Poscente delivers an experience that translates into an empowered audience
BIG GOALS in Short Order

Imagine your one year goal attained in six months. Picture exceeding quota in half the time. Get past a lack of motivation and stop procrastination immediately. Whether its sales training, personal development or an all hands corporate event – Goal compression happens when three critical qualities are embraced with personal and professional tools to take you there.

1.Aligned – When clarity combines with emotion the net effect is an accelerated team. Individuals who have an emotional buzz for a BIG GOAL – it takes less time to get there.

2.Agile – The competitive mindset to necessary to reach an objective fast hinges on doing what the competition is not willing to do.

3.Aerodynamic – Minimize drag and you maximize efficiency and speed. Address Micro Drag (interruptions and multitasking) and Macro Drag (high fear and low confidence) and you will optimize individual and team performance.

This 60 to 90 minute keynote is designed to entertain, educate and motivate. With Vince Poscente’s “recreational skier to Olympic Games in just four years” story, he takes audiences on a roller coaster ride to BIG GOALS in Short order.

VELOCITY of Human Capital

Harnessing the speed of change by furthering innovation and meeting competitive advantages in less time point to one thing – the effectiveness of human capital.

The old mantra “quality, speed, cost … pick two” no longer applies. Organizations must find the way to leverage their human capital in ways that cover more ground in less time (while maintaining impeccable quality).

Vince Poscente covers five steps to ensure people can perform at the highest levels.

1.Clarity – Eliminate poor decision making habits.

2.Commitment – Use momentum and The Little Green Man to redefine personal and organizational commitment.

3.Consistency – Determine competitive advantages through an innovative approach.

4.Confidence – Overcome the instinct to only cope or manage a situation. Flip the gap between fear and confidence harness any scenario.

5.Control – Set up routines for consistent peak performance.

There’s a reason why Vince Poscente is in Speaker Hall of Fame in Canada and the US with the likes of Ronald Reagan, Art Linkletter, Zig Ziglar and Og Mandino.

Experience what we mean.

​Full Speed Ahead Sales

Now realities of overwhelm and life balance. New York Times bestselling author of The Age of Speed, Olympian and award winning salesperson, Vince Poscente, delivers a wildly entertaining, thought provoking and substantive insight on how to thrive with our unique sales groups. Vince went from recreational skier to the Olympic games in just four years. Skiing at 135 mph on skis, he shares a remarkable formula about:


  • Clarity of Purpose
  • The Process of Commitment
  • Consistent Effort in a Competitive Environment
  • Building Confidence
  • Routines for Controlling Peak Performance


Giving executives and their sales people a collective experience allows a conference fulcrum for better sales execution and higher profits. Full Speed Ahead has profoundly affected countless sales teams explore internal motivation and future potential.

​Full Speed Ahead Leadership

The Olympic movement is pervasive in our society on many levels. Primarily, we can all relate to the pursuit of excellence. We can also appreciate the three core principles of the pursuit of excellence, international understanding and fair play alongside the motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger).

But the unwritten motto for high performing leaders is “Smartius.” Inevitable obstacles spring from basic human nature. In the personal and corporate landscape, real life issues and the realities of competition pervade. The solutions to roadblocks for leaders of corporations are explored in this entertaining and thought-provoking message.

​Building Teams with the Urgent "Why?"

LeBron James used Vince Poscente’s strategies in his transitions from Cleveland to Miami and back to his hometown. The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff used the principles with their team in their recent turnaround season. FedEx and EvolvHealth use Vince Poscente’s tools in their leadership team training keeping them out front in a competitive landscape. Vince Poscente helps teams target their emotion-drivers towards simplicity, synergy and life balance.

The underpinning of Vince Poscente’s “Urgent Why” approach is from his international bestseller, The Ant and the Elephant. It is a based on the combination of finding your WHY and the emotional quotient that fuels internal motivation. Vince Poscente combines the concepts of finding each team member’s emotional buzz, a simple path towards clarity, commitment, consistency, confidence and control in concert with the team’s overall objectives. This is a transformational keynote for teams determined to progress full speed ahead.

​Find Your Buzz

This motivational keynote speech has been delivered around the world for Direct Sales audiences wanting a high energy, humor and an inspiring message around accelerated goal setting. This “recreational skier to Olympics in four years story” has been Vince’s most requested speech over the last twenty years. It revolves around the three key elements of “big goals fast”:


  • Alignment starts with each of us having an “emotional buzz” surrounding the goals in front of us.
  • Agility is facilitated when we “do what the competition is not willing to do.”
  • Aerodynamics is all about efficiency and eliminating things that cause drag (such as fear and interruptions).


Master of Ceremonies

A fun twist for your event! Have Vince Poscente as your MC. Capstone it with opening/closing inspiration along with fun transitions from one speaker to the next.

US Bank
A note of thanks and recommendation regarding your presenation to the CPS Business Conference. Our attendees greately enjoyed your speechand the wonderful energy you brought to our event. Here are some comments: • "Extremely animated speaker, his message was important" • "I was motivated by his presentation" • "Vince was the best keynote speaker I've ever heard" In short, we are implementing many of your ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your preparation and professionalism.
State Farm
You did a wonderful job!We were very pleased with how well you personlized your presentation to include information pertinent to our audience. You provided an invaluable means to impact those who attended. On a personal note, I appreciate the time you took to visit with me and my committee, as well as your one-on-one with our area Vice President. We appreciate your hard work in making our event a success.
Merrill Lynch
The feedback we received from our PDP Leaders concerning your presentation was tremendous. They were both inspired and entertained, and will remember your message for a long time to come. As I mentioned, I look forward to having you speak at more Merrill Lynch meetings in the future. Thanks for doing a tremendous job.
Wells Fargo
What an amazing presentation you gave to the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage group. I was utterly impressed with your energetic and fulfilling words of wisdom! Thank you for taking the time to share your 5Cs with us. I will use your information to be the best I can be. Thank you in advance for helping me with my career.
Thank you for your contribution to the success of our National Management Conference. We strive to provide our attendees with information they can take back to their banks and put to use. Your presentation certainly achieved that objective for us. Check out these attendee comments: • Wow! I've been doing the happy dance ever since Vince's presentation. • Vince was not only the best motivational speaker I've ever heard, but his program can be implemented to create an "emotional buzz" in our bank. Vince, your presentation was an excellent way to kick off our sessions. The energy you created lasted throughout our conference.
MassMutual Financial Group
What a pleasure it was to have you visit Lafayette to speak for our Louisiana State Convention of Life Underwriters. Your motivational message was the perfect wrap-up for a fabulous convention. There was a tremendous amount of positive feedback regarding your presentation. Comments like: • The best we have ever experienced. • Practical tools to help me succeed. • Leadership ideas I can use at my office. • I will follow Vince's advice to win more business. Thanks again for being here and playing such and important part in making this the best LALU convention ever.
Financial Services Clients
• 1st Global • Abbey International • Ademco Security • AgStar Financial Services • AmerUS • Bank of Montreal • Bank One • Bank One Financial Services • Captial Financial • Cendant Mortgage • Compass Bank • Drive Financial • Equifax • Farm Credit Administration • Financial Network • Investments Corporation • Financial Services Corporation • First American Payment Systems • First Financial Planners, Inc. • First Union • FT Interactive Data Corp. • GAMA/Lamp • GE Capital • GE Commercial Finance • GMAC Financial Services • GMAC Real Estate • Glitner • Guild Mortgage • IC Funding Financial Corporation • Investors Financial Group • John Hancock Mutual Funds • Key Equipment Finance • Lincoln Financial • MasterCard • Manulife Financial • Merrill Lynch • Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) • MFS Investment Management • Multi Financial Securities • National City • National Rural Utilities • • Premier Lease & Loan Services • QA3 • Raymond James Ltd. • Republic Mortgage • Sammons Securities Co. • SII Investments • Summit Securities • Superior Bank • Tennessee Financial • Texas Credit Union League • The Oppenheimer Group • Thrivent Financial for Lutherans • Tucker Advisory Group • US Bank • Wachovia Securities • Washington Mutual • Wells Fargo • Wolters Kluwer
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