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Vance Crowe

Communication strategist presenting new ideas in compelling and exciting ways that get audiences talking about how to change, improve and thrive in the age of acceleration.

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • CEO of Articulate Ventures LLC
  • Founder of Legacy Interviews
  • Communications Consultant
  • Former Director of Millennial Engagement for Monsanto

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Vance Crowe is a communications strategist that has worked for corporations and international organizations around the world. Crowe has spoken before more than 250,000 people, answering questions about some of the most sophisticated and controversial technologies in the modern age.

Vance has worked for organizations as varied as the World Bank, Monsanto, the U.S. Peace Corps and even as a deckhand on an ecotourism ship. His specialty is presenting new ideas in compelling and exciting ways that get audiences talking about how to change, improve and thrive in the age of acceleration.

Vance is the founder of Legacy Interviews, a service to privately record the life stories of individuals and couples so they can be passed down to future generations. Vance is the recipient of the 2021 Association of Farm Manager and Rural Appraisers “Meritorious Communicators Award” and a non-resident fellow of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at Seton Hall’s School of Diplomacy where he works on issues around the rural/urban divide in Western culture.

The Vance Crowe Podcast hosts guests from around the world with artists, psychologists, economists, farmers, ambassadors and heads of state. @VanceCrowe.

The right question: How to have brilliant conversations that build trust and allow both people to be positively influenced

We all know the power of a great conversation, where both people are opening up, sharing and learning. During these rare moments deals get done, problems get resolved and opportunities emerge. How can you become better at stimulating conversations so that trust can be built and important moments can happen.

During this insightful keynote, communications expert and founder of Legacy Interviews, Vance Crowe will share what he has learned from interviewing hundreds of people, guiding them to record their most valuable life stories so that future generations can know their family history.

Vance will share how to start conversations with potential, how to ask great questions and how to be aware when something important is said and you learn things that will develop your relationship.

In this talk you will learn:

1. How to help people confidently convert their emotions and feelings into words without making them feel awkward so that you can understand where they are coming from.

2. How to pay attention in a conversation and be capable of asking the perfect next question so that the other person feels important and heard.

3. How to surface underlying issues so that you can help people resolve conflicts and get passed challenges.

The Lost Art of Talking

How to have better conversations with clients, co-workers and loved ones so that they open up, share and more easily resolve conflicts. This is a talk for professionals that would benefit from building better relationships with clients. During the talk, Vance Crowe will share the techniques he uses to get hundreds of people to feel comfortable enough to share private stories and experiences that they haven’t spoken about at any other time in their life. The audience will leave understanding how to keep ask the right questions to conversations going, how to pay attention to what a person is really saying and how to feel at ease when getting to know a stranger.

The Edge of Chaos - Where and how society changes so that you can prepare for disruption

Change can be difficult to see coming. If you focus on it too much you won’t get anything done, but if you ignore it or laugh at it; that is when your organization can get behind. There are patterns to how change disrupts an industry. Learning how to spot these patterns empowers your organization to see what is coming and be prepared to act.

In this thought-provoking keynote with Q&A, international speaker Vance Crowe will reveal where change happens in a society so that your organization can have serious conversations about how to respond effectively before societal change impacts you negatively.

This talk will stimulate conversation about how your organization can better prepare and create a shared language so that your organization can talk about forces in society that are difficult to put your finger on. Audiences love this forward leaning talk and this will generate energy throughout your organization to be ready to adapt to a rapidly accelerating world.

My Grandfather’s Axe: The art of passing down an organization during the Age of Acceleration

Organizations face a grave challenge: how do you adapt to stay fresh and vibrant without losing the core values that has made you valuable. The leadership of the past knew what it took to get people together to accomplish larger goals. However, never before has there been so much cultural change between one generation to the next. What worked before, isn’t working now.

The longtime members of an organization are slow to give up control because they know the work and learning required to make this complex organization function and the young feel like there isn’t a seat at the table, so they aren’t showing up. How does an organization resolve this tension? Institutions that have thrived for generations are breaking down.

In this thought-provoking talk, international communication expert, Vance Crowe, will describe the challenge so that everyone realizes how serious of a problem this is, and then will teach the communication skills that will help institutions build a culture of succession planning across generations, one where there is open dialogue and a willingness to learn from traditional and new ways of thinking.

A Conflict Older than Bread: How Farmers Can Thrive Amidst Urbanization

Perhaps no group on earth feels the conflict between rural and urban populations more acutely than the modern farmer. But while this conflict is felt in the present, the rural/urban divide has existed since humans began communally baking bread thousands of years ago. What can today’s modern farmer do to preserve their freedom to operate in a democracy dominated by urban perspectives?

In this thought provoking and motivational keynote speech, international communications consultant Vance Crowe will provide insight into the factors that make urban and rural societies view the world differently and provide tangible actions farmers can do to build coalitions so that farmer’s decisions are not drown out by the masses living in cities.

The audience will leave this talk excited about the future, interested in building relationships with intriguing allies and will engage in dynamic conversations with other audience members to discuss the unique ideas and skills Vance will lay out. This is an exciting and empowering talk.

The Man on the Box: Why stories beat facts and what you can do to win story wars

Humans listen to stories with an unconscious desire to learn. We listen, wondering if we would make the same mistakes, or experience the same success. In our modern age it is easy to deceive ourselves into thinking that we make decisions based on facts, when the reality is that humans don’t react to facts, they react to stories.

In this eye-opening talk, Vance Crowe, former director of Millennial Engagement for Monsanto will tell mesmerizing stories about times when stories outcompeted the truth and what he learned about how to convert facts into stories so that you can win the inevitable story wars you are in (whether you know it or not).

The audience will leave energized, and excited to discuss what changes they need to the way they explain their knowledge in ways that will capture the hearts and minds of stakeholders. This is a fun talk that will prompt your audience to make changes in their own lives and will help your organization make important changes.

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