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Juan Bendana

Helping Leaders Build Unwavering Confidence

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Fee Range: 5000-9999, 10000-19999
  • One of the most Engaging and High-Energy Keynote Speakers in North America.
  • A decade of experience on stage presenting to category leading companies such as Disney,
    Sotheby’s International and Sony Pictures.
  • Confidence Coach to top CEO’s, Olympians, Actors and Peak Performers across every industry.
  • Helping Companies Navigate Change through building Engaged Leaders with Unwavering Confidence.
  • Considered by many as a walking shot of Espresso.

*Fee ranges are presented as a guideline only. Speaker fees are subject to change without notice. For an exact quote, please contact your Speaker Exchange Agency representative.

Confidence Coach to top CEO’s, Olympians, Actors and Peak Performers across every industry, Juan Bendana is an internationally recognized keynote speaker that helps leaders navigate uncertainty and exponential change by developing the unwavering confidence to thrive in any environment. One of the most engaging and high energy keynote speakers in North America, Juan brings a decade of experience on stage presenting to category leading companies such as Disney, Sotheby’s International and Sony Pictures. His Science-backed Framework, the Confidence Cycle, has helped over 250,000 leaders thrive both personally & professionally.

Juan helps leaders boost engagement, cultivate high performance and build unwavering confidence to thrive in a fast-paced world. Juan shares ground-breaking insights and actionable tools to engage high- performing teams and inspire a culture of confidence and connection.

He uses the art of storytelling, interactive activities & humor to create an unforgettable experience. Whether it is a board room of 25 executives or a stadium of 25,000 people, Juan creates a world-class experience that will have your audience leaving energized and inspired. Off stage, Juan enjoys waking up at 5am, having his name pronounced incorrectly and considered by many as a walking shot of espresso.

The Confidence Cycle: How to unlock the most confident version of yourself

With the future changing faster than ever before and uncertainty everywhere we look, we must realize that the skills that got us here today are not the same skills that will help us get to where we’re going next. Today, we need to build a new skill set that will allow us to realize and experience the best version of ourselves so that we can thrive through tomorrow and every day after. This skill set must be rooted in confidence; the foundation of growth, learning, and development. Whether we like it or not, uncertainty isn’t going away. Instead of wishing for more certain times, let’s create more certain people. The question is how.

By developing the unwavering confidence to thrive in any environment, we can show up with unwavering confidence. Amidst the uncertainty, we can show up fully engaged and ready to conquer whatever is in our way. Even though things feel like they are falling apart and sliding through our fingers we need to realize that we have the power to make them fall into place.

In this engaging and actionable presentation, leadership and confidence expert Juan Bendana shares his science-backed and actionable framework that helps leaders thrive through uncertain times and rapid change. Attendees will walk away with a new level of confidence and conviction to grow both personally & professionally so that they can effectively navigate change, and embrace new ways of working.

Juan will make your audience laugh, think, and feel empowered to foster a culture of confidence, trust, and collaboration in the workplace. With an invigorating blend of inspiration and research backed strategies, this keynote delves into the three critical decisions that form the bedrock of confidence, enabling individuals to break free from their comfort zones and embrace change with open arms.


  • Practical strategies for boosting confidence, courage and engagement
  • Methods for navigating uncertainty and thriving through change
  • Re-align with your team and contribute to creating a strong culture
  • Actionable steps to inspire a culture of confidence felt across the organization
  • Science-backed insights for improving engagement

Perfect fit for: Leadership, Motivation/ Inspiration, High Energy/ Engagement, Young Professionals

A Culture of Confidence: Helping Leaders Inspire High Performing Teams

It’s no secret that the world today is moving faster than it ever has and only a fraction of the speed that it will in the future. As a result, confidence is at an all time low. We don’t know how to deal with the overwhelming diversity of opinions, rapid change, and uncertainty around every corner, which is causing a Confidence Crisis like we’ve never seen before. Traditional leadership methods where we point and demand are no longer effective, leaving people feeling disengaged and uninspired. Today requires leaders who can inspire confidence and pave a path towards a more positive future. Uncertainty is fast. Confidence is faster.

Leadership expert Juan Bendana has spent a decade helping category leading companies thrive through uncertainty, inspiring unwavering confidence in themselves and their teams. Through actionable tools and evidence-based strategies, Juan helps leaders bring the best version of themselves to work and to their teams every day so that they can unlock the full potential of the people around them because they want to give their best, not because they feel like they have to.

If we want a more motivated and connected organization, it’s going to come from improving culture only if we first inspire confidence. What most leaders miss is that we can’t inspire confidence in your people if we don’t build it ourselves first. Only until we take care of ourselves first and develop our own confidence, will we be able to bring others along with us. Too often, leaders are subconsciously creating self-doubt amongst their people, affecting their confidence and ultimately their performance. When we inspire confidence, we elevate performance. In other words, the higher the confidence, the better the leader.

Juan Bendana will take your audience through a harrowing journey of how a leader can build their own confidence first, develop the confidence of their team and ensure that despite the world changing faster than it ever has before, your team will be able to confidently navigate the inevitable challenges of life and business, be better than they have ever been, and take care of themselves along the way.


  • Science-backed strategies for leading through uncertain times
  • Actionable tools to inspire confidence across your organization
  • The traits of great leaders and what led them to become that way
  • Tools to instantly boost engagement and enthusiasm
  • How to inspire and sustain a culture of confidence and collaboration

Perfect fit for: Managers/ Leaders, High performing teams, Change management

Making Confidence your Competitive Advantage: Breaking through performance barriers

The business landscape is changing faster than it ever has before. The once effective sales tactics that got us here are now a thing of the past. There is an X-factor that enables those who break records to break away from those who just get by. That X-factor is confidence. Confidence unlocks the next level of our performance, amplifies growth, and allows us to produce exponential results. When we improve the belief we have in ourselves, the approach we take to our work transforms and as a by-product, so do our results. And it has to; the world around us is changing faster than it ever has before.

Confidence and sales expert Juan Bendana has coached top CEO’s, Olympians, actors and peak performers across every industry on how to build unwavering, unshakable confidence. He shares his easy-to-use, actionable framework so that those in his audience will walk away with a system to navigate uncertainty and still achieve their best.

In this engaging keynote, Juan uses edge-of-your-seat stories, humor, and engaging activities that leave your people with a roadmap to reach levels they never thought possible before. With his signature blend of humor and research-backed content, Juan will inspire and invigorate your people to improve their performance, while enjoying their lives along the way.


  • Confidently adapt to change in a competitive and fast-paced world
  • Understanding tactical anticipation psychology and using it to produce exponential results
  • How to leverage excitement & engagement to inspire action
  • How taking a people-first approach to sales will amplify your growth
  • Science-backed strategies to break through performance barriers and maximize results

Perfect fit for: Sales kick-off, Sales meeting, High performing teams

Sotheby’s International
“Juan's speaking style was full of fresh energy and enthusiasm that reinvigorated our burnt- out organization. His message helped us refocus and provided tangible takeaways that were valuable for everyone.”
Utah Credit Union Association
“He communicated very well, he touched base with a few of our attendees in advance to kind of get an idea of the issues they are facing in their workplace. So he was really great doing his advance work.”
UAN Conference
“We had the pleasure of having Juan Bendana as our keynote for our annual conference. Juan brought out all the stops to engage our audience, his stories and experiences were relatable to our field and his message was powerful to our people. I would highly recommend Juan as a keynote for any educational event."
Leadership Day at Disney
“Our event was spectacular as a result of Juan being our speaker. Our team saw the drive and excitement from the audience the moment they left the presentation. He delivered so well that we’ve booked Juan on a national level for events over the next 2 years!”
CR Architecture + Design
“I am so glad we invited Juan to speak at our annual company event. Our team was engaged, laughed A LOT and left inspired to take action. Juan’s message is simple, direct and on point."
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