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Tasha Eurich

Tasha Eurich

Lead with Insight

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Fee Range: 20000-39999
  • Principal of The Eurich Group, a boutique executive development firm
  • PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, researcher, and New York Times best-selling author
  • Author of Insight (nominated as a 2017 best business book by CEO-READ) and Bankable Leadership
  • Contributor to Harvard Business Review & featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, and Fast Company
  • Selected as a Marshall Goldsmith “100 Coaches” honoree from more than 14,000 candidates
  • Named a Leader to Watch by the American Management Association
  • Named a Top 100 Thought Leader by Trust Across America
  • Repeat Speaker for TEDxMileHigh

Dr. Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist, researcher, and New York Times best-selling author. She uses science to help successful leaders achieve dramatic and measurable change. Having built a reputation as a fresh, modern voice in the business world, Tasha pairs her grounding in human behavior with a pragmatic approach to professional development.

Globally recognized as the leading self-awareness coach and organizational culture expert, Tasha is the principal of The Eurich Group, a boutique executive development firm that helps companies—from start-ups to the Fortune 100—succeed by improving the effectiveness of their leaders and teams.

Tasha has worked directly with tens of thousands of leaders and spoken live to hundreds of thousands more, on every continent but Antarctica. Her clients include Google, Salesforce, the NBA, Whataburger, Walmart, and the White House Leadership Development Program.

Tasha’s first book, Bankable Leadership, debuted at #8 on The New York Times bestseller list. Her latest book, Insight, explores the connection between self-awareness and success. Hailed as a “bold, exhilarating take on self-improvement” by Success Magazine and a “fascinating read” by The Guardian, Insight was selected by Brené Brown as one of her Leadership / Business books, and famed Wharton professor Adam Grant calls it one of the three books he recommends most often.

Tasha contributes to Harvard Business Review, and her work has been featured in outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fast Company, and Fortune. Her TEDx talks have been viewed more than seven million times.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, Tasha partners with her clients to deliver:

• A highly interactive experience that cements learning and maximizes behavior change.

• A tightly customized event that addresses the specific pain points of their organization and/or industry.

• Several actionable tools that participants can apply immediately.

• Insight from cutting-edge science translated into bite-sized, easy to digest nuggets.

• Additional take-home toolkits and resources to transform learning into sustainable change.

LEADING WITH INSIGHT: How Self-Awareness Helps Teams Work and Win Together

Today’s leaders are striving for “better, faster, stronger” in the face of dizzying disruption (Grow despite rising costs! Retain amid TikTok trends! Engage in the hybrid/virtual learning curve!) To stay ahead, leaders can’t just work on their business; they must also work on themselves. And at the core of that journey lies one learnable skill: self-awareness.

Leaders who know how they’re seen—and what they stand for—drive agility, connection, and innovation in themselves and their teams. Drawing on her research on the inner workings of thousands of people, hundreds of scientific studies, and 20 years as a truth teller to some of the world’s most powerful people, Tasha helps motivated managers elevate their self-awareness, and in so doing, level up their leadership…. and their lives.

Sample Objectives:

A. How self-aware leaders meet metrics, engage employees & build better, profitable orgs.

B. Why self-awareness gets rarer as you rise on the org. chart.

C. Techniques to enhance empathy & understand team members’ perspectives.

D. Tools to get candid feedback and learn how you’re seen, on your terms.

E. The secrets of “awareness for everyone,” for teams who tell each other the truth.

INFLUENCE WITH INSIGHT: How Self-Awareness Ignites Sales

What does it take to turn potential customers into enthusiastic evangelists? In sales, it’s common to focus on things like prospecting and closing. But studies show the real secret is more nuanced: recognizing and responding to customers’ emotional needs. And, according to science, the surest way to connect with customers is to focus on the (surprisingly learnable) skill of self-awareness.

In competitive environments, top salespeople don’t “just” grow their book of business—they also grow themselves. Because getting and staying ahead requires confronting blindspots, questioning assumptions, and understanding our impact on others. Drawing on her groundbreaking scientific research and 20 years experience as an elite executive coach, Tasha helps audiences grow their self-awareness and become powerful, quota-crushing forces.

Sample Objectives:

A. The competitive advantage of self-awareness for performance, influence, sales outcomes, & more (+ why we’re not as self-aware as we think).

B. The surprising truth about how others see us, & why it matters more than we know.

C. A step most salespeople skip when uncovering customer needs.

D. Techniques to stay level-headed in difficult sales situations.

E. Tools to take charge of your success by seeking actionable feedback.

POWERING UP: How Self-Awareness Helps Women Advance and Thrive

Self-awareness is the foundation for extraordinary performance, meaningful relationships, and a fulfilling career. But getting there can feel out of reach, and such obstacles seem especially pronounced for women (example: while women are seen as more effective, they typically underestimate how others rate their performance). This has real consequences for advancement: less smart risk taking, advocating for our interests, and selling our ideas.

Thankfully, women have several unique self-awareness advantages. By affirming what we stand for—and knowing our unique value—women can confidently navigate the corporate world while staying true to ourselves. Tasha is passionate about helping women harness self-awareness to boost their contributions and careers. Through inspiring case studies, eye opening research, battle-tested tools, and the chance to have their experiences heard, audiences will leave with new self-assurance and feel empowered to bet on themselves.

Sample Objectives:

A. Why self-awareness is a source of power for women & men.

B. The surprising science of gender differences in self-awareness.

C. A technique to help others recognize your unique power by first discovering it yourself.

D. Tools to replace self-sabotaging thoughts with empowering insights.

E. Why you may not be getting candid feedback, and a simple approach to make sure you do.

SELF-AWARENESS: The Essential Skill for Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive Organizations

Research shows that diverse, equitable, inclusive workplaces help everyone win. DEI efforts matter for people and performance, which is why organizations the world over are redoubling their efforts. But despite big intentions and bigger investments, data still show slowing or lagging DEI outcomes.

So how can committed companies really move the needle? One solution is finding new framing. Specifically, looking at DEI through the lens of self-awareness can challenge people to go deeper, catalyze candid but compassionate self-reflection, and champion everyone to walk the path together. Tasha helps audiences discover why developing self-awareness is essential for meaningful DEI progress. Audiences will leave with practical, proven tools to build thriving teams and organizations where everyone feels treated with dignity and respect.

Sample Objectives:

A. Discover the foundational role of self-awareness in diverse teams & organizations.

B. Internal & external self-awareness secrets to move the needle (+ why a “braver but wiser” mindset is the foundation for diversity nirvana).

C. Why we under-estimate our bias susceptibility & tools to break biases & enhance empathy.

D. How feedback drives diversity & inclusion (+ how to get diverse & inclusive feedback).

E. Scientifically supported steps to increase psychological safety in teams.

Bankable Leadership

Tasha speaks on the content from her New York Times best-selling book Bankable Leadership. Since its release in 2013, it has become a popular resource for managers who don’t want to choose between motivating their employees and producing bottom-line business results. While the field of leadership development certainly isn’t short on ideas, it doesn’t always foster behavior change. Tasha’s take on leadership provides a wide-ranging array of practical micro-tools that can be used to improve effectiveness right away. Clients often choose to customize learning events to the specific skills they want to improve in their organization.

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