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Steven Iwersen

Steven Iwersen

Turn Your Disruption Into A Competitive Advantage

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You’re leading people, not change! Inspire them to be champions in the midst of the transitions and to achieve success while working through the conflicts.

Steven Iwersen is a leader. He helps organizations develop a stronger leadership core and culture. He is a Keynote Speaker that has a tremendous ability to connect with the individual as well as the entire audience. Humorous, thought-provoking, and personal.

He presents a fast moving and entertaining program on how to work with uncooperative people. The subject of conflict management has never been more relevant and exciting! Steven is the author of Chasing Porcupines: How To Lead Prickly People.

Steven breaks through the usual with the unexpected, inspires and involves the audience. He speaks at conventions, conferences and in private training events for association and corporate clients.

He is the founder of Aurora Pointe, LLC, a speaking and leadership development firm. He moved into the speaking and coaching business after 25 years in leadership roles ranging from not-for-profit organizations and business. His background includes responsibilities in the retirement living industry, business news, and the ministry. He knows the joys of building highly motivated teams and the agony of working with grumpy people.

Steven is the 2015-16 Co-Host for the Voices of Experience (an audio/video magazine for the National Speakers Association). He was the 2012-13 Chair of the NSA Chapter Leadership Council. He received the NSA Presidents Award of Distinguished Service in 2013. He has served as the President of the NSA-Kansas City chapter. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Chambers of Commerce in La Mirada, CA; Nampa, ID and Ottawa, KS, all of which have included executive positions including President of the Board.

He is an entertainer. He is a vocalist with a Big Band, singing the standards from the Sinatra era, when his travel schedule allows.

Steven is the proud dad of three boys and now a grandfather to a five adorable little girls and one amazing grandson. He lives in the Kansas City area with his wife, Brandy, where they enjoy great Jazz music and the world’s best BBQ.

Herding Porcupines: How to Turn Disruption Into Your Competitive Advantage

Business is changing. Technology is altering traditional career paths. Generational shifts are influencing the very definition of work. The rate of change is getting faster. Every industry is being forced to rethink and retool their approach to business if they want to be relevant, see results, and increase revenue!

Failure to do so — leads to failure.

The influence of Amazon, Netflix, WeWork, AirBnB, Uber, Google, and others, have accelerated the rate of change. How individuals and organizations respond to this new business culture will determine if we thrive or die.

Here is the good news — you don’t have to be a casualty of change, you can be a leader in the middle of the chaos. The secret is knowing how to simplify your focus with responsive, intentional strategies.

Steven Iwersen presents in his unique, informative, and engaging style, the 4 essentials that the best leaders of large corporations and small businesses are using every day to stay ahead of the crowd and to help avoid getting stuck. You have access to the same strategic advantages. Discover how turning chaos into an advantage is as easy as herding porcupines.

Here is what Steven teaches in Herding Porcupines:

• Why adaptability is more important than ability

• How Top Influencers simplify process to gain progress

• Why contentment is the enemy

• How Strategic Disruption creates relevancy & builds momentum

• A new perspective on collaboration & teamwork for organizations experiencing significant change


Many people describe their life like a roller coaster – highs and lows, twists and turns, thrilling for a season – but always coming back to the same results. Steven Iwersen says: “The greatest tragedy is not that the ride comes to an end; but that we keep coming back to where we started, and then do it all over again.” That is how most people, who began with inspiring aspirations, end up stuck in a pattern of maintenance and lose their personal enthusiasm.

Successful people – those who have a sense of contentment and satisfaction in their personal and professional development – live by a set of common beliefs and behaviors. However, there is one thing that separates those who live their dreams from those who dream of living. It is the one consistent trait found in those who break out of the roller coaster pattern and discover new possibilities. Steven Iwersen calls it the Ambition Effect.

This Keynote program reveals the Four Essential Principles that every person can apply to begin achieving the results they want in their personal and professional life.


The greatest potential of an individual or organization remains unrealized because most people are not willing to risk stepping outside of their comfort zone. What if we don’t have to leave the comfort zone? This presentation explores the Four Patterns often found in the behaviors/attitudes of confident people and how they leverage those to accomplish their goals. This motivational program is a great fit for leadership events and occasions when you want to inspire people to embrace change.

The Porcupine Principles: Moving Prickly People to Preferred Outcomes

Based on the World Famous Porcupine Races, Steven leads you during this workshop/breakout through an adventure of discovery – the reasons for conflict, the tools for success and the practical methods of working out solutions so that everyone wins! How do you handle those moments when you encounter uncooperative people? More importantly, how do you direct them to a successful outcome when they are resistant to change? What do you do when you are feeling prickly? This session provides practical methods for communicating and building trust during uncomfortable times. Lead others to shared success without getting stuck. A very popular breakout session that appeals to everyone! “This was a fabulous session. I have a new perspective on conflict and a strategy on how to work through some issues. The video of the porcupine races was hilarious!” – Stacey T.

​“Thinking Inside the Box”

The #1 most irritating business cliche is “think outside of the box” and yet business leaders are pushing for their employees and teams to be more innovative. The problem: most people have shifted into a stage of conformity and forgotten the thrill of creativity! That’s why Steven created this fast moving, interactive and informative program. Your audience / employees will discover how to spark their creative thinking skills, overcome “boxed-in” thinking, and experience methods of collaboration that generate “out of the box” results! This is quickly becoming the most requested workshop/training program that Steven offers.


December, 1963 – game show history was made when the original “Let’s Make A Deal” first aired. It changed the rules and expectations of daytime game shows. Steven Iwersen’s Keynote: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions changes the rules of the traditional keynote and brings your audience immediately into the experience as they discover:

  • The Truth about Decision Making
  • The Risks & Rewards of Taking Action
  • How Motivation Can Be A Distraction
  • How Personal Influence Can Change Everything

Be prepared for your audience members to participate in making decisions, laughing at the outcomes, building team effort and discovering the power of individual actions and responsibility.

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