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Steven Iwersen

Turn Your Disruption Into A Competitive Advantage

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What if you could use today’s chaos to position yourself and your organization for growth? How do the best companies create a culture of winning results? Championship results favor those who have a strategy for the chaos that comes along in life and business.

Steven Iwersen is a leader, speaker, author, video-cast host and business owner. In his efforts to understand how leaders overcome setbacks, he discovered a recurring strategy for success in a wide variety of businesses, non-profits, professional sports teams, and even the winners of the World Championship Porcupine Races! He has developed an insight framework in the Champions in the Chaos Strategy that has been proven to create sustainable growth, strengthen team culture, and create a competitive advantage. Clients who hire Steven Iwersen for a keynote program benefit from a memorable experience that delivers a process for change and inspires courage to make it happen!

He is the author of The Porcupine Principles: How To Move Prickly People to Preferred Outcomes and Porcupine Philosophy: 365 Leadership Points to Ponder. His new book based on his research of leadership and disruption is due out in the Fall of 2021.

Steven is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – fewer than 10% of speakers worldwide have earned this designation. He was the Co-Host of the NSA “Voices of Experience” Audio & Video Magazine in 2015-16.

He and his wife live in the Kansas City area where they enjoy excellent Jazz music and the world’s best BBQ.

Steven will gladly take a flight (or a flight of stairs to his virtual studio) to partner with you in bringing a memorable experience for your audience!

Champions in the Chaos: Essential Strategies for Success in a Disrupted World

Organizations and businesses that thrive in a season of disruption do so based on a mindset, a methodology, and motive. The same is true of teams and individuals who tap into an innovative spirit and strategy that gives them the advantage as others fall behind.

Regardless of the type of disruption you encounter – innovation, competition, quarantines, or complacency – your capacity to win is determined by your ability to manage your vision and process through the chaos.

Based on research for his upcoming book: “Champions in the Chaos” Steven reveals a powerful strategy that champions in business, non-profits, churches, sports teams, and even the World Champion Porcupine Race winners all have in common.

You’ll discover in this session how to identify opportunities in the chaos, move proactively toward your goals, and remain true to what makes you unique in the marketplace.

Leading The Reluctant: How To Move Prickly People To Preferred Outcomes

Imagine what it would be like to encourage and equip everyone on your team to embrace change as a positive process. You can lead the way from conflict to cooperation!

Change creates discomfort and tension. How you intentionally relate to and communicate with others profoundly influences your ability to build rapport, inspire collaboration, enhance positive camaraderie, resolve misunderstandings, and lead people while managing change.

Based on his popular book: “The Porcupine Principles,” audiences and organizations throughout the United States have laughed and learned from this highly engaging, interactive presentation about a subject no one wants to talk about – Conflict. Specifically, the conflict that exists because of Prickly People.

During the Leading The Reluctant Keynote Experience, Leadership expert Steven Iwersen uses his unique conversational style and sense of humor to create shared laughter, personal ah-ha moments, and practical strategies to empower you with the insights you need to be a leader that people trust – while moving to the goal of preferred outcomes.

PERSONALITY JAZZ: Creating Harmony At Work

Communication issues? No Problem! Team conflicts? Sure, but not terminal. Difficult people? Probably not difficult, just different!

Simply acknowledging that we have different personalities and ways of working don’t make for better teams. Your ability to get along, communicate, respect and compliment instead of competing, is the mix needed for healthy relationships — at work and at home. The strength of your team depends on their ability to appreciate and work with those many differences.

Personality Jazz takes you into the exciting realm of personal styles and reveals the secret of working in rhythm with others. You will discover a new understanding of personalities from the world of Jazz! Personality Jazz explores the core principles and outcomes of:

  • Listening to Each Other
  • Playing Off of Each Other’s Strengths
  • Working Out The Process

Your audience will have a refreshing perspective about the significance of their personal strengths, a new appreciation for the contribution of others, the reasons for interpersonal conflict, and how to get better results through intentional communication. Steven is an exceptional facilitator and leads the group through a fast-paced personal assessment and group dialogue – culminating in quickly identified action plans that both individuals and groups can implement in their work environment.

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