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Cam F. Awesome

Helping audiences build resilience, overcome failure, and unlock their hidden strengths.

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Keynote Speaker, Diversity Consultant, Event Emcee, and a multi-time National Champion Heavyweight Olympic boxer. As a motivational speaker, Cam shares lessons he’s learned traveling to 30+ countries as Captain of Team USA. Cam’s Olympic journey was featured in the NETFLIX Original Documentary, COUNTERPUNCH!”

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Growing up, Cam dealt with academic and social challenges. Bullying and anxiety led him to join a boxing gym to protect himself. Cam had tried out but was unable to make any teams he tried out for. Boxing was the only available choice since no team had to be made.

Cam quickly fell in love with the sport. He realized his potential to be great and dedicated every waking moment to be the best boxer possible. Cam’s mental toughness served as his superpower in the ring. Within 2 years in the sport in 2008, Cam won the National Championship claiming the title as the #1 Super Heavyweight boxer in the country.

Cam holds 4 Golden Gloves Championships, 6 US Championships, 3 PAL National Championships, 6 Ringside Championships, and 3 Olympic Trials. Cam holds the title as the Winningest Boxer in USA Boxing history. Cam’s accomplishments are impressive but pale in comparison to the losses he has accumulated to reach this point. His story of resilience is so inspiring it’s featured in the NETFLIX Original documentary COUNTERPUNCH.

During his motivational speeches he shares how he faced adversities in and outside of the ring with a Championship Mindset. Boxing is the greatest metaphor because everyone is fighting their own battles. This is what makes Cam’s message so relatable.

“If you can fail without being discouraged, success becomes inevitable.” Is a quote Cam lives by. Cam’s secret to remaining resilient through ups and downs is keeping a positive mindset through practicing gratitude.

“You may miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, but no one asks for your field goal percentage when you become successful. Jordan had his ‘Game 6 moment’ only because he lost 2 games previously in that series.” – Cam F Awesome

Becoming Awesome: If You Can Fail Without Being Discouraged, Success Becomes Inevitable.

In this dynamic, high-energy keynote, US boxing champion Cam Awesome shares his hard-won secrets to achieving unbeatable success in business and life.

Through vivid stories from his journey from bullied kid to world-class athlete, Cam reveals a revolutionary approach to conquering any challenge: embracing failure as rocket-fuel for inevitable success.

With humor and passion, Cam walks audiences through his early days getting pummeled in the ring and his 6-mile daily walks to the gym. He shows how anyone can develop true grit by reframing setbacks as feedback and focusing relentlessly on continuous improvement. As Cam puts it, “The best things that have ever happened to me came after my toughest failures and losses.”

But Cam’s message isn’t just about perseverance – it’s about pursuing audacious, game-changing goals. He breaks down how organizations can apply his championship training techniques, setting moonshot targets and reverse-engineering them into day-by-day discipline. And he demonstrates how a culture of psychological safety, where people feel safe to take risks, fail, and innovate, drives exceptional performance.

Throughout the keynote, Cam shares his hard-hitting lessons for unbeatable performance that can transform any team or organization:

  1. Develop Unshakeable Self-Belief: Help every team member cultivate rock-solid confidence, empowering self-talk, and take pride in their unique strengths.
  2. Reframe Failure as Integral to Growth: Create a culture that celebrates intelligent failures and sees setbacks as essential stepping stones to innovations.
  3. Pursue Wildly Ambitious Targets: Set daring stretch goals that push people beyond comfort zones, and break them into achievable daily micro-goals.
  4. Prioritize People and Psychological Safety: Foster an environment where people feel safe to take risks, ask questions, raise concerns, and propose out-of-the-box ideas.
  5. Commit to Continuous Improvement: Encourage an attitude of curiosity, experimentation, and constant learning to build new skills and capabilities.

Cam leaves audiences fired up to tackle their biggest challenges using his failure-to-success framework. Packed with practical tools, laugh-out-loud stories, and counterintuitive wisdom, Becoming Awesome is a rousing call-to-action for any organization hungry for its next breakthrough.

Cam shows how by welcoming failure as a mentor, any team can become truly awesome and achieve the inevitable success they dream of.

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