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Nick Tasler

Nick Tasler

Master Change, One Decision At A Time

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Nick Tasler is an internationally acclaimed thought leader and—

Sorry for the interruption. My “official” bio continues below and, fear not, it is chock full of the requisite self-aggrandizement and third person references to my many, many accolades. But before I attempt to convince you that I am the Batman of business thought leaders, let me tell you who I am in real life. I’m a dad, a husband, and a total geek about the science of human nature. My dream is to spend every working moment writing and speaking about the latest and greatest insights that help us turn unpredictable changes into meaningful and exciting adventures. So, yeah, I guess I’m living my dream. Maybe my dream and your dilemma should hook up sometime and…ya know, grab a coffee and a gluten-free bagel or something?

Now back to our regularly scheduled list of things I would never ever say to someone I just met…

Nick Tasler is an internationally acclaimed thought leader, organizational psychologist and the #1 best-selling author of four counter-intuitive books on the art and science of making decisions and leading change. He is also an expert writer for the Harvard Business Review and his work has been covered by The New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week, The Atlantic, Inc., U.S. News & World Report, The Financial Times, Fox Business, and Forbes; as well as NPR, the BBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Nick’s original insights and dynamic style have benefited the world’s most respected organizations ranging from General Electric, Microsoft, JP Morgan, Novo Nordisk, Wells Fargo, the Royal Bank of Canada, and UnitedHealth Group to the Wharton School, Yale University, and many more.

Nomadic by nature, Nick and his wife and their four kids live in…lots of places. Sometimes Minnesota. Sometimes Florida. Currently Puerto Rico.


In 10 years, your Future Self will look back on this wildly unpredictable time of upheaval and disruption as Your ‘Year of Wonders.’

Why? Because your brain is wired to unleash hidden creative superpowers during seasons of chaos and confusion just like this.

This eye-opening fact is at the heart of Nick’s soul-stirring message — which has been transforming organizational cultures and breathing new life into careers and teams all across the globe.

Whether you’re rallying your team for a sweeping transformation of your organization or striving to rise above a lingering crisis in your industry, this keynote will inspire your audience to reframe their current struggles and reimagine the future possibilities for their business, their career, and their legacy.


Your audience will discover…

1. Why external change produces internal growth.

2. What a 16th century physicists’ falling apple shows us about how the brains of 21st Century leaders are wired to greet today’s confusion and chaos with creativity and courage.

3. How to simply and successfully manage the tension between bold risk-taking and responsible stewardship of people and resources.

4. The mysterious truth that uncomfortable feelings of confusion and uncertainty are actually a fantastic sign that you are on the verge of wondrous, future-shaping discoveries.

Welcome to your Year of Wonders.


Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth and transformation. The more strategically and decisively leaders stack their blocks, the faster and more effectively their teams can seize opportunities, implement creative solutions, and find new ways to accelerate the growth of their careers and the prosperity of their organization—one decision at a time.

In this 60-minute keynote or half-day workshop, leaders discover highly practical ways to…

1 . INSTILL A GROWTH MINDSET in team members by dispelling toxic myths about organizational change and human adaptation.

2. UNLEASH COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP by bridging the gap between big strategies and bite-sized execution.

3. Use a ‘Decision Pulse’ to instantly ALIGN & INSPIRE TEAMS for growth.

4. MAKE GOOD DECISIONS FASTER with an elegantly simple Know-Think-Do framework.

5. MAXIMIZE AGILITY &CREATIVITY by learning to ‘Rent the RV’ before you buy it.

6. OPTIMIZE YOUR RESOURCES by cutting, killing, or tweaking “important” projects that block today’s most promising solutions.


Change happens when decisions happen. Change stalls when they don’t. It really is that simple. Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth and innovation. The more strategically and decisively leaders can get their teams to stack those blocks, the faster and more effectively the organization will adapt to disruptions, implement creative solutions, and optimize their resources. Over the last 20 years, organizational psychologist and #1 best-selling author, Nick Tasler, has helped leaders around the globe unlock their change leadership potential…one decision at a time. Nick’s flagship program has been experienced as a keynote or an interactive workshop by tens of thousands of leaders from London to Lagos, Boston to Bangkok, and San Francisco to Santiago, including everyone from Fortune 500 executives and top-producing sales teams to healthcare providers and entrepreneurs. In this exciting experience, leaders up and down the organizational hierarchy will discover how to….

  • Make good decisions faster with an elegantly simple Know-Think-Do framework.
  • Bridge the gap between strategy & execution by making 3 crystal clear decisions.
  • Use a Decision Pulse to instantly align their teams for change.
  • Leverage an “Anti-You” to quickly and easily improve snap judgments and achieve cross-functional alignment.
  • Stay in a confident, creative, and decisive mindset all day, every day. Identify and kill “important” projects that distract their teams from your most innovative solutions.
  • To use a Value-Variance Matrix to channel innovations that make your team truly unique to both your internal and external customers.

Change is hard. Failure is likely. Resistance is common. To paraphrase Mark Twain, these lies, damned lies and pseudo-statistics have gone viral in today’s breakrooms and board meetings. Some are dangerous half-truths while others are complete fabrications with zero supporting evidence. Research shows that all these bogus bromides and pithy platitudes have been scaring the shift out of talented employees and stifling organizational change for the last half century. Instead of inspiring change they have paralyzed your people. It’s time to change the way we talk about change. In this funny and fascinating talk based on organizational psychologist Nick’s groundbreaking work for Harvard Business Publishing, your team will learn how to unlock the resilient superpowers that come standard with every human brain. Through Nick’s trademark blend of counterintuitive insights, riveting stories, and cutting- edge research, he’ll take your people on an exciting journey to discover practical communication strategies and liberating personal truths that will:

  • inspire adaptation instead of intimidation
  • turn fear into focus
  • convert doubt into determination
  • transform turbulent time periods into legacy-shaping opportunities
  • help leaders stop burning platforms and start building bridges to a brighter future

After your people have shed these self-defeating beliefs and behaviors and unlocked their resilient superpowers, your team will be stronger, faster, and nimbler than ever..


Nobody is better positioned to navigate disruptive changes than the individual contributors, team leaders and project managers who make the organization move day after day. Unfortunately, many talented managers and individuals are held back by a belief that they lack the time, the budget, and the formal authority to drive powerful changes. This exciting keynote shatters that debilitating belief. Drawing on two decades of work with real people in real companies, organizational psychologist Nick Tasler shows how anyone—regardless of title or formal authority—can inspire change in their team and their organization. You’ll discover powerful tools and practical strategies like:

  • How to “shore up the core and then give them more.”
  • How to wield the Change Agent’s secret weapon: A Value-Variance Matrix.
  • How to avoid the twin sins of Promiscuous Prioritizing and Leaky Leadership.
  • How successful change agents balance passion with pragmatism.
  • How to find and fire-up vital supporters by applying two strategic super-criteria.
  • How to use an elegantly simple 3-part decision framework to maintain a confident and creative mindset all day, every day.
Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth and transformation. The more strategically and decisively leaders stack their blocks, the faster and more effectively they can execute strategies, seize opportunities, and find new ways to accelerate the growth of their teams and the prosperity of their organization–one decision at a time.

In this engaging session, leaders discover how…

1 . FOSTER A GROWTH MINDSET by dispelling toxic myths about organizational transformation and human adaptation.

2. UNLEASH COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP by learning a simple 3 part framework for bridging the gap between big strategic ideas and bite-sized execution.

3. Use a ‘Decision Pulse’ to instantly ALIGN & INSPIRE TEAMS for growth.


5. MAXIMIZE AGILITY & CREATIVITY with simple and practical techniques like “Exploring the Apple” and “Renting the RV”.

6. OPTIMIZE YOUR RESOURCES by cutting, killing, or tweaking today’s pet projects that are blocking tomorrow’s most promising solutions.

Your Year of Wonders: How Changes Around Us Unleash Growth Inside Us

omeday, your Future Self will look back on this wildly unpredictable–and downright weird — time of change, upheaval, and disruption as Your Year of Wonders. Why? Because your brain is wired to unleash hidden creative superpowers in direct response to chaos and uncertainty.

This eye-opening truth is at the heart of Nick Tasler’s soul-stirring message.

From the storefronts to the C-suites — whether you sell software or soft drinks — the Year of Wonders message will elevate the mood of your meeting and transform the mindset of your audience. Hand-wringing uncertainties will morph into eye-opening discoveries. Crippling fears will become frontiers to explore and dreams to fulfill.‍

Whether you want to rally your team for a transformation or capitalize on this tectonic shift in your industry, there is no better way to kickoff your meeting.

Your audience will discover…

  • A refreshing new way to reframe their current challenges & reimagine future possibilities.
  • What a 17th century physicists’ falling apple shows us about how 21st Century leaders just like you can greet today’s confusion and chaos with creativity and courage.
  • How to rise above our fear of change and balance the tension between Bold Risk-Taking and Responsible Stewardship of our people and resources.
  • The mysterious truth that uncomfortable feelings of confusion and uncertainty are actually a fantastic sign that you are on the verge of wondrous, future-shaping discoveries.

Are you ready to begin your Year of Wonders?

Mastering Change, One Decision at a Time

Growing in response to change is the rule of human existence, not the exception. It is the one thing each and every one of us has been doing, literally, since the day we squirmed out of our mother’s womb. But sometimes we need help tapping into our innate creativity, resilience, and growth potential.

Decisions are the jumper cables for the growth engine inside each of us. In this fun and interactive talk, Nick reveals the five key decisions of his A.D.A.P.T. framework that will super-charge your resilience, your creativity and your capacity for growth.

ACCEPT: Every story of successful adaptation begins with a decision to accept the reality of what you can’t control and embrace the possibility of what you can.

DISTANCE: Distance your team with a future dream. An inspiring high-level direction is still the ultimate antidote to the poison of crippling anxiety.

ALIGN: Adaptation is a team sport. Keep your people connected by aligning every one with a #1.

PROGRESS: Progress is to human adaptation, what rocket fuel is to space exploration. When teams think big, but start small, anything is possible.

TEST: When the environment flips from well-known to WTH, long term plans are built by short term experiments.

Audience members will walk away from this dynamic session not just more knowledgeable, but also more excited about the hidden opportunities for growth right under their noses. Invigorated by a fresh outlook; connected by a common language; and armed with practical tools and clear decisions, your people will be ready to cut through the chaos with a laser-like focus on organizational objectives, team priorities, and personal growth opportunities.

Drive the Culture of Change
Unleash the Future In You: 7 Simple Strategies for Maximizing Your Impact & Influence

This highly interactive virtual Keynote + Breakout combo was designed to unlock the potential of current and future leaders at every level of the organization.

The keynote reveals how the future of you and everyone you know will be made with two key ingredients: Fate and Freedom. Fate is about all the opportunities and threats that will cross your path or plunk you upside the head. Freedom is about the decisions you’ll make in order to leverage every twist of fate that weaves itself into your life and your work–the good and the bad; the ugly and the beautiful. Through a combination of engaging stories and interactive questions, your people will begin to discover what they are truly capable of.

In the breakouts, smaller groups of audience members will learn to immediately apply seven simple strategies for discovering and maximizing the sources of their greatest potential.

  1. FLIP YOUR SCRIPT from ‘Change is Hard’ to ‘Growth is Happening.’
  2. SEE THE FALLING APPLE to unlock your creativity in the chaos.
  3. SPOTLIGHT YOUR SUPERPOWER by sidelining your sandwiches.
  4. CHECK YOUR PULSE to find focus and stop scattering your talent.
  5. CONSULT AN ANTI-YOU to see your future with a fresh perspective.
  6. RENT THE RV to reduce the risk of chasing audacious dreams.
  7. UNLEASH THE HERO WITHIN with one courageous decision.
Virtual presentations available
CEO, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Outstanding. Months later our team continues to see the impact on our business.
L&D Manager, Royal Bank of Canada
Whether it’s 45 minutes or three hours, Nick has a way of speaking that engages and excites even our most hard-nosed managers right from the start, and then sustains that level of energy until the very end.
VP of People,
Nick, we heard so many wonderful things about your amazing contribution to shaping our leadership courage and decision-making. You’ve created a new language and given the team tools and frameworks that resonated so well and have continued to be a topic of lively discussion long after the retreat. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention your patience with us as we worked through the planning stages. We will definitely want you back!
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