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Nelson Cabral

Nelson Cabral

Using his 9 Forces of Creative Leadershipä, CABRAL empowers managers and executives to unleash a creative storm in their team, culture, and organization. 

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Fee Range: $10,000-$19,999
  • Internationally acclaimed business keynote speaker delivering relevant, entertaining, and interactive talks on innovation, leadership, change, and disruption
  • Known for his high-content, high-energy presentations laced with humor and actionable creative leadership tools and strategies for maximum value
  • Armed with skills developed from decades of market-proven, top-tier, award-winning creative leadership experience in the industries of advertising, media, entertainment, television, design, and marketing
  • Spent the last 25 years leading teams, building companies, and inspiring breakthrough innovative thinking on Fortune 500 brands, including GE, Microsoft, adidas, and Anheuser-Busch
  • Awarded medals at the world’s top innovation and creativity festivals: Cannes Lions, London International Awards, New York Festivals, Mobius, and more
  • With clients like Mercedes-Benz & The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Progress Magazine named his boutique training firm a “Fastest Growing Company”: #2 on “ONES TO WATCH” list with 1227% growth
  • Playback Magazine named Nelson’s Pro•Line “Bar Hopping Aliens” the #1 TV Spot in North America

Internationally acclaimed Leadership, Change, and Innovation Visionary Nelson Cabral is the world’s only Triple Threat Creative Leadership Expert. A globally award-winning Executive Creative Director, TV & Film Director, and Broadway Leading Man, Nelson has spent the last 25 years leading teams, building companies, and inspiring breakthrough innovative thinking on Fortune 500 brands. He has improved creativity and innovation capabilities in thousands of executives, teams, and organizations around the world. 

Nelson’s been an award-winning advertising Writer and Creative Director for some of the world’s most respected brands including adidas, GE, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Bridgestone-Firestone, VISA, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, and Toshiba. His work has been recognized by The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, The London International Advertising Awards, The New York Festivals of Advertising, The Crystals, Mobius, and his Pro•Line “Bar Hopping Aliens” won first place, “best TV spot in North America”, in Playback Magazine’s TOP SPOT AWARDS. 

Now an International Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Professional Innovation Catalyst to CEOs, brands, and innovation teams, Nelson delivers business keynotes, training, and consulting programs focused on leading creative organizations and building cultures around them. With dramatic stage presence and contagious enthusiasm, he shares with audiences his management principles, leadership approaches, and innovation strategies from decades worth of world-class, market-proven, top-tier, senior strategic creative leadership experience. Nelson believes innovation requires stimulation and collaboration, and you, as the leader, have the responsibility to unleash a creative storm in your team. 

A natural performer with strong stage presence, Nelson has been called highly creative and imaginative, but ferociously strategic and business-minded. Whether helping a leader design an inspired culture of creativity and engagement, or working with a team to accelerate communication, productivity, and performance, Nelson’s results have attracted recent clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Estée Lauder, Vodafone, Latvian Gov’t, VENN Corporate Innovation, Project Management Institute, HDI/UBM, European Lotteries, World Lottery Association, and Medical Group Management Association.

 According to a study by IBM, CEOs cited creativity as the most important leadership quality. So Nelson’s “creative leadership” perspective on innovation, disruption, and navigating meaningful change is fresh, hot, and highly relevant – to today’s and tomorrow’s executives. He is on a mission to develop and inspire a new breed of leaders: a creative CEO in every enterprise. 

Creative leadership is the only way for businesses to thrive in the face of rapid change,” Nelson Cabral argues. “The Creative Storm” is how to master it. 

His newest book, THE 9 FORCES OF CREATIVE LEADERSHIP: How to Unleash a Creative Storm in Your Company, will be published Spring 2018.

How To Become A Stormin’ Norman: Igniting The 9 Forces Of Creative Leadership™ Creative Storm Leadership Keynote

Having exceptional creative talent isn’t enough. There’s only one way to ensure the highest levels of innovation: you need to lead it. And with a unique kind of leadership: Creative Leadership. The 9 Forces Of Creative Leadership™ shows you how.

According to a study by IBM, CEOs cited creativity as the most important leadership quality. As a result of the digital transformation, Creative Leadership is becoming a sought-after management style in all industries. It’s the “next big thing” in leadership and a must-have business model for accelerating innovation and driving change. Leaders must be focused on building a resilient culture where everyone is engaged. A storm of fresh, creative ideas needs to flow from every level of the organization to blow away assumptions and conventional wisdom. Nelson Cabral believes creativity requires stimulation and collaboration, and you, as the leader, have the responsibility to unleash a creative storm in your team. He will challenge conventional leadership practices and share proven management philosophies and practices to help you build and maintain a high performance culture of innovation.

The Creative Storm is high-impact, high-intensity experience where Nelson reveals his 9 Forces Of Creative Leadership™ as the key to unleashing and maximizing a leader’s effectiveness in driving profitability through superior levels of performance and innovations. Chances are you are sitting on a goldmine. It is vital that your management approaches unearth the hidden potential of today’s talent in order to increase creative capacity and deliver bottom-line results.

  • Drive growth and innovation by building your inspirational and collaborative leadership skills, tools and mindset
  • Consistently build and inspire winning teams to drive breakthrough creativity using proven creative leadership and change management tools
  • Ramp up and keep your team’s energy fired up so they never lose their mojo

* Note: this session includes a free innovation audit for each participant. This assessment will provide each individual with 36 insights into how they innovate and lead differently than their peers, which will help Nelson better customize his content, takeaways, and Keynote to your company.

Blowing Away Barriers That Stifle Creativity: Creating A High Performance Culture To Keep The Innovation Raging Creative Storm Corporate Culture, Organizational Development and Talent Retention Keynote

With disruptive forces assaulting organizations from every direction, creativity has been labeled the single-most important business attribute. In fact, some of the world’s most lauded leaders in business have suggested a “culture of innovation” has been the key to their success. The magic ingredient to unlocking creativity? Environment.

In this entertaining and highly practical program, Nelson Cabral shares proven practices to help you build, maintain, and nurture a creative culture. He believes the role of a leader is not to have all the ideas, but to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they’re valued – so it’s much more about creating climates. The only way to sustain long term innovation and growth in an organization is by ensuring a storm of fresh, creative ideas flow from every level of your organization – by co-creating future processes, products, and services.

Nelson shares his experience and insights as an internationally award-winning chief creative officer, advertising creative director and film director, leading teams towards innovation, and emphasizes that the key is to not fear risk – or change. This presentation is a distillation of the ideas and management principles Nelson has used to develop high performing innovation teams and pervasive cultures of innovation for over two decades. It’s an energetic talk for managers who want to ignite the “right” environment where employees are engaged, productivity and performance is elevated, and business grows.

  • Build a culture that celebrates fresh thinking and embraces new ideas and change
  • Boost quality and quantity of breakthroughs by creating more effective team relationships and interactions
  • Create a brilliant “group brain” by tapping into the creative genius inside everyone on your team
  • Create and sustain a culture where innovation is allowed to happen again and again

* Note: this session includes a free innovation audit for each participant. This assessment will provide each individual with 36 insights into how they innovate and lead differently than their peers, which will help Nelson better customize his content, takeaways, and Keynote to your company.

Creative Storm Unleashed: How To Lead Innovation & Change In An Age Of Disruption Creative Storm Managing Change & Disruption Keynote

Creative leadership is the only way for businesses to thrive in the face of rapid disruption,” Nelson Cabral argues. “The Creative Storm” is how to master it.

The pace of disruption today isn’t just fast. It’s evolving at an exponential rate. It has dawned upon most leaders that the pace of change will only increase. To keep pace, leaders are looking for a way to adapt quickly and easily to the digital transformation. Since change processes occur continually, most will also agree that an innovative and creative mindset and skillset allows for a readiness for change. No other single leadership style, trait or theory can ensure success in today’s fast-paced and volatile business universe – except Creative Leadership. A creative leader’s ability to unleash experimentation to deal with and navigate ambiguity has become as important parameter for success. In this program, Nelson Cabral explains how Creative Leadership can be used to get creative juices flowing, how to innovate to stay ahead, and how to prepare for the disruptive forces at work in your industry and beyond. He will outline how organizations can reshape leadership and the internal workplace culture paving the way for more effective human resources and people development within organizations of the future.

Together, we’ll look at the practical skills and forces behind igniting a high performing team. Nelson will let you loose with a series of replicable teaming and innovation tools that will have an immediate impact on your ability to lead in an age of disruption. This program on radical innovation and future organizational culture is for you if you’re interested in the escalation of creativity in business – or if you want to boost your skills, tools, and mindset around modern leadership, innovation acceleration, and navigating change.

  • How to ensure successful change processes when disruption comes calling – avoiding the typical potholes.
  • Future organizational culture supports radical innovation – learn how. The importance of the leader as the driver for organization’s talent development.
Triple Threat Creative Leadership™: Transforming Accomplished Leaders Into Industry-Shaping Creative Leaders Of The Future Creative Industries Keynote

To lead a creative team or creative industry company today is a massive challenge. It seems like the creative industries keep evolving, where the pace of change is fast and furious, and disruption can come at you from anywhere. The next wave of great Creative Leaders won’t come from environments in which leaders control and micromanage their teams. To ensure success in today’s fast-paced and volatile creative business universe, Creative Executives must rethink their management style and take the concept of “creative leadership” to a new level. With ever-shifting business environments and working conditions, talent development, churn, and retention, and customizing and prioritizing communication in an ever-diverse multidisciplinary workplace, the “same ole” create leadership just won’t do. Today, creative industry companies are caught in an ever-escalating battle for competitive edge, and many organizations are looking for that “secret sauce” – Triple Threat Creative Leadershipä is it. For creative executives in media, design, advertising, entertainment, marketing, technology, publishing and other creative industries, Nelson embarks on an in-depth exploration of the trends and transformations that are having a growing impact on leadership in the creative industries. We’ll examine the kinds of companies that foster the type of talent that can come up with landmark ideas, the environments where ideas like these are dreamed up and worked on, and how the Triple Threat Creative Leaders create the playgrounds. Are you ready for your next step in Creative Leadership? Triple Threat Creative Leadership™ is it.

  • Turn around lagging creative leadership with upgraded creative leadership skills to navigate today’s fast-paced and ever-shifting business universe
  • Relief from slow idea generators, hard collaborators, and ineffective team relationships
  • Replace traditional employer/employee relationships with cutting-edge approaches to employee engagement and talent development
The Creative Storm For Women Leaders: How To Accelerate The Rise Of The Female CEO Women & Leadership Keynote

Gender imbalance in the C-suite may not be encouraging (or surprising), but its forecast for the future is slightly brighter. How can women play a larger role in accelerating the rise of the female business executive? What is the secret to accelerating the movement and gaining traction? Changing the world isn’t for girls – or is it? Citing trends in women going on to higher education, the share of women in the workforce and shifting social norms, researchers claim as much as a third of the incoming CEO class will be made up of women by 2040. Nelson suggests women are ready for the CEO role sooner and has cracked the code to women’s leadership success. Having been the Executive Creative Director, Brand Strategist, and Documentary Filmmaker behind the world’s leading women’s university, Nelson has also gained strong insights and strategies to identifying potential early and the importance of the affirmation of women’s potential to become CEO. Nelson is on a mission to change the lives of girls and women everywhere. His goal: to get more women to rise to the CEO seat and build a pipeline of female CEOs. Nelson’s program will help women get to the top faster and leverage the highest-potential in female leaders to ensure more women succeed in the future.

  • Learn strategies of how successful female CEOs got to the top, and avoided the “glass cliff”
  • Discover things you can do right now to help identify potential early – your potential, and others around you
  • Ramp up specific traits that are in short supply and essential to women’s successful leadership in the future
CABRAL’s Innovation Accelerator Workshops Custom Workshops & Innovation Accelerator

Post-keynote Strategic Executive Work Session with board, c-levels, or full leadership team, from an award-winning expert on creating a culture of innovation and making change happen.

Sessions can be customized from 90 minutes to half-day, full-day, and 2-3 day formats.

Nelson’s objective as an Innovation Facilitator is to help senior teams see things differently in order to solve problems. During his Innovation Accelerator Workshops, Nelson utilizes market-proven processes and approaches to help you optimize your results – all drawn from his world-class workshop and strategic workshop facilitation experiences with over 500 different clients around the world. From adidas to GE, Mercedes-Benz to Estée Lauder, and Disney to Microsoft, Nelson’s organization, CABRAL Creative Leadership International Inc., has helped some of the world’s top innovators take their innovation to a new level.

Nelson believes innovation and business breakthroughs are a by-product of a highly effective team. So he’s developed immersive and customized Strategic Work Sessions for executive teams:

Oyster Strategic Work Session: Used for large-scale problems that keep leaders up at night, and for prototyping future opportunities.

Creative Storm Executive Work Session: Used to dramatically increase breakthrough creativity and accelerate innovation by tapping into the creative genius inside each team member.

House of Rock Executive White Board Session: Originally a brand planning strategy session for music industry leaders – now used for creative problem solving, solving innovation problems, Executive team development, and executive team-building.

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