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Anton Gunn

Dynamic Leadership Speaker, Author, and Consultant who teaches organizations how to build diverse, high-performing teams, and a World-Class Culture™

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  • Bestselling author of The Audacity of Leadership and The Presidential Principles
  • International keynote speaker, management consultant, and the CEO of 937 Strategy Group
  • Former senior advisor to President Barack Obama
  • Anton was named one of the Ten Most Influential Minority Executives in Healthcare by Fierce Healthcare

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Anton Gunn is a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama and a leading expert on Socially Conscious Leadership. He was the first African American in history elected to the South Carolina Legislature from his district early in his career.

Anton is a graduate of the University of South Carolina (USC) where he played SEC football for the Gamecocks. He also earned a master’s degree in Social Work from USC and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard.

He is the bestselling author of The Audacity of Leadership and The Presidential Principles, and has been featured in TIME MagazineThe Wall Street Journal, INC Magazine, BBC, NPR, and on Good Morning America.

Anton was named one of the Ten Most Influential Minority Executives in Healthcare by Fierce Healthcare.

An international keynote speaker, management consultant, and the CEO of 937 Strategy Group, Anton has worked with renowned organizations like Mercedes-Benz Vans, KPMG, Rock Ventures, Sodexo, WellPath, Verizon Wireless, Aetna, T-Mobile, American Organization of Nurse Leaders, Emory Healthcare, Blue Shield of California, and The Boeing Company.

Anton is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation earned by the top echelon of professional speakers and held by fewer than 10% of the members belonging to the International Federation for Professional Speakers.

He has spent his life helping leaders build diverse, high-performing teams, and world-class workplace culture.

How to Increase Your Influence and Impact

Your effectiveness as a leader is only as strong as your ability to influence.

The challenge today is most organizations do not give their leaders the tools needed to create lasting impact on their workforce.

Recent studies show incredibly high percentages of employees are disengaged at work and actively looking for new jobs. Additionally, current reports reveal that teams are unhappy, underperforming, and overlooked by their management or leadership.

Anton Gunn knows the negative impact of an ineffective leader. Nearly 30 years ago he was a disengaged team member and a marginal performer on a bad team. He was in a toxic culture full of unfairness that forced him to quit that organization. Since that time, he has risen to become a top C-level executive and a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, with over two decades of successful consumer and employee engagement experience.

Filled with impressive data, heartwarming stories, and real-world examples, Anton teaches how anyone can become a greater influencer and leader by embracing seven simple principles.

Your audience will leave knowing how to:

  • Inspire those you lead and create a positive legacy in their lives
  • Create quality communication within your organization
  • Develop passion that leads to greater performance
  • Engage your teams in the power of personal development
  • Build a culture that is caring, helpful. and trusting
How Great Leaders Come Back from Tough Times

Motivated and prepared teams with the right tools can not only survive a crisis, but they can also thrive in a crisis.

Unfortunately, the best teams can quickly fall apart in turbulent times without a crisis leadership strategy.

Global pandemics, racial and social unrest, economic calamity, and other catastrophic events are just a few potential crises that can devastate an organization. An online poll of more than 2,000 executives and organizations found that a large percentage of respondents did not know what their biggest gap in crisis preparedness would be. Further, half of the respondents were unsure whether their teams would even be prepared to respond to a crisis.

Not having the tools to respond can cost an organization everything.

Loss of revenues, market share, brand positioning, plus a loss of talent and employee trust are the first things that can impact your organization in times of crisis.

Anton Gunn has experienced the massive impact of a crisis. More than 20 years ago, the crisis of terrorism that devastated the American economy after 9/11 almost cost him and his family everything. But since that time, he has led a remarkable turnaround to become one of the most influential minority executives in healthcare and a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama.

With more than two decades of successful leadership development experience, helping some of America’s top healthcare organizations, Anton has learned that any high-performing team can thrive through tough times by embracing a few key principles modeled by some of the greatest leaders.

Key points in this presentation include:

  • Identify and understand disruptive environments
  • Develop the right mindset during a crisis
  • Build resilient teams that are prepared for adversity
  • Respond to the impact of the crisis; do not react to the circumstances
  • Become better prepared for the next challenge
How Understanding Diversity and Inclusion Can Build Your Company’s Culture and Boost Your Bottom Line

Industry-leading organizations have two things in common: they have inclusive leaders, and they are intentional about corporate diversity.

In this era of both a global pandemic and increased social unrest, too many organizations and executives have collectively taken their eyes off these two things. Instead, they have reduced diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility efforts, and allowed the silence and the conflict around these topics to spread like cancer throughout their business culture and workforce.

A pulse survey by the research firm The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) found that 27% of organizations have put all or most DEI initiatives on hold because of their response to the pandemic. And 12% say that DEI is less of a consideration when companies are making decisions about workforce changes such as reductions, promotions, special assignments, and compensation. Eliminating the intentionality on diversity and inclusion can result in low morale, low productivity, high turnover, discrimination claims, and toxic workplace culture. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), American employers lose nearly half of a billion dollars in discrimination claims annually.

Anton Gunn has seen the negative impact of a failed diversity strategy on business. In 2014, the crisis of race and injustice nearly consumed the culture of a $1 billion academic healthcare system in protests and discrimination claims. His expertise as a strategic advisor to the President and CEO and the executive team led to impactful initiatives that improved employee engagement, workplace culture, and community relations – fueling their growth strategy to nearly $3 billion in revenue and resulting in the organization making the Forbes list of America’s Top Employers for Diversity.

In this program, Anton reveals how anyone can build an industry-leading organization if they gain The Diversity Advantage.

By learning and embracing a few leadership traits modeled by some of the best organizations, you can build your company culture and boost your bottom line.

Your audience will leave knowing how to:

  • Develop the right mindset around racial justice, diversity, and equity
  • Build inclusive and resilient teams that are prepared to grow your company
  • Model the behaviors of an inclusive leader
  • Define new opportunities to drive leadership accountability on diversity and inclusion
  • Build a culture that is responsive – not reactive – to external changes
President & Chief Executive Officer, Great Lakes Bay Health Centers
Anton Gunn was perfect for us. From his high energy and innovative introduction to his powerful and memorable conclusion, he had our employees’ full attention. He can relate to a very diverse audience. Whether you are a front-line employee or an executive leader, his presentation will expand your leadership thinking, and leave you with a new perspective on your personal and professional life. For any organization out there, no matter your field, Mr. Gunn will have a wonderful and lasting impact on your audience. If you want a keynote speaker that will truly inspire, I highly recommend Anton Gunn.
Director of Education, Association for the Healthcare Environment
Anton Gunn’s session really resonated with our audience. He has incredible insights into the field of healthcare and an in-depth understanding of the role our audience plays in it. He rocked the house with his humor. Attendees described his session as “awesome, powerful, and motivating”. Anton not only inspired the crowd but also gave them tangible actions they can take to make the most of diversity within health care teams to improve their departments. Anton hit it out of the park!
Director of Human Resources, Invest Atlanta
Anton, it has been almost a week since your presentation and the team is still buzzing. Your presentation was fantastic. We've received great feedback from all levels of management, our executive team and support staff who were in attendance. We were also extremely pleased with the way you seamlessly incorporated our objectives and theme into your presentation. It was like you had been working with us for weeks! The way you incorporated Diversity and Inclusive training in with leadership was amazing, as the correlation between the two are very similar. I appreciate you and your team for your professionalism and responsiveness. I will definitely have you back to train our staff again in the future.
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