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Molly Ketchum

Part keynote speaker, part workshop trainer, Molly is all about creating connections

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Keynote Speaker & Workshop Trainer

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I’m part keynote speaker, part workshop trainer — and all about creating connections. I combine twenty years in hospitality, five years as a network marketing leader, six years as a piano instructor, and fifteen years as a mother into a simple strategy for connecting with others that influences how they behave.

I travel from Cleveland, Ohio to deliver in-person presentations, or visit you from my home studio during virtual presentations. Either way, we have fun while discovering new methods for communicating for success!

I have a passion for self-awareness. I incorporate questions throughout my training and speaking engagements that ask you to consider who you are, what drives you, or how you best contribute to the organization. Self-knowledge is paramount to your success when you work with others. After all, you are half of the equation.

I am particularly passionate about developing self-awareness in children. Can you imagine having self-assurance as a child… or as a teenager? Or perhaps you are thinking, “How about as an adult!?” That was me: the 30-something who was finally beginning to figure out who she was.

It was around that time that I had a son. And as I learned the strategies of developing confidence through self-awareness as an adult, I taught my adolescent son along the way.Now, as a teenager, my son is capable of thinking through his behaviors, communicating his thoughts, and understanding his emotions. I don’t have to worry about him being affected by peer pressure or bullying, and we talk through some of the most challenging high school issues.

We are capable of developing self-knowledge at any age. As you gain understanding, you become more confident. You are powerful. You are passionate. You are charismatic. It improves your personal relationships and your success in business. I’d be honored to show you how.

The Art of Interaction (Keynote)

Increase your influence during a one-on-one interaction by capitalizing on the connection. In this program, participants discover the mindsets and strategies to demonstrate credibility and likeability.

Molly takes the audience on a journey through a conversation. From the first moment of meeting to the last words spoken, participants learn new methods for identifying with others, demonstrating approachability, and establishing trust.

Keep Them Awake! Energize And Enhance Your Presentations (Workshop)

During group presentations, virtual or in-person, a speaker must deliver content that is engaging and valuable, while connecting with the audience. In this session, Molly informs and demonstrates how to exhibit these characteristics during presentations.

If your participants want to be the trusted advisor to their customers, they must show that they understand, they are reliable, and they have the customer’s best interests at heart. Discover specific techniques to connect with your audience while delivering a group presentation.

The Secret Ingredient In The Formula for Connection (Workshop)

Self-awareness is not only the foundation of emotional intelligence, but also the secret ingredient for building relationships, creating confidence, and engaging with life.

You are half of the equation when you are connecting with another person. The better you understand who you are, the easier it is to discover the connection. The more confidence you have, the more focus you’ll place on others. The broader your perspective, the more open your mindset.

People with high levels of self-awareness have been shown to be high-performers, better negotiators, and more effective leaders. Enhance your team communications and effectiveness by discovering and practicing methods for developing self-awareness.

Developing Your Personal Brand and Personal Vision (Workshop)
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