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Mark Lindquist

Nationally recognized motivational speaker and highly sought-after success coach

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Actor: ABC’s LOST, CBS’ Hawaii Five-O and the Universal Studios movie “Battleship,”
  • Lead singer: Mark J. Lindquist Big Band
  • War Veteran
  • Executive Director, Support a Fallen Hero
  • Speaker
  • Author 

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As seen on ABC’s LOST, CBS’ Hawaii Five-O and the Universal Studios movie “Battleship,” Mark J. Lindquist is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, highly sought-after success coach, lead singer of the Mark J. Lindquist Big Band, world-touring entertainer, US Air Force and Afghanistan war veteran, and author of the books, “Passion! 8 Steps to Reignite Yours,” “Passion! 8 Steps to Find Yours” and “Service! My Way of Life.”  

Mark has performed live for over 2 million people in 22 countries and 44 states throughout his career.  He has performed for Grammy winning artists, Academy Award nominated actors, foreign dignitaries around the world as well as staffers at the White House.  Mark has been featured on, C-Span, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald, The Houston Chronicle and the Korea Today Newspaper (Seoul, South Korea).

Mark has shared the stage with former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, Senator John McCain, Magic Johnson, Edward James Olmos, Grammy Award winning artists Rihanna, Brooks and Dunn and Brandy, Academy Award nominated actor Liam Neeson, The Band Perry, Craig Campbell, Dierks Bentley, CEO Bob Nardelli (Home Depot), Steve Case (AOL/Time Warner), Ken Thompson (Wachovia), Jeff Swartz (Timberland) and Ben and Jerry (Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream).

Throughout his entertainment career, Mark has performed for the Tuskegee Airmen, the Secretary of the Interior Gayle Norton, Secretary of Commerce Don Evans, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, Members of Congress, Sargent Shriver, Mia Hamm, Tony Stewart, Jordin Sparks, The Washington Redskins, The Atlanta Falcons, and The New York Giants (NFL), the Florida Panthers (NHL), the Washington Nationals (MLB), the NCAA, Universal Studios and The Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Europe.  

Currently, Mark travels the country delivering keynote addresses for businesses at their annual conference.  He also performs the National Anthem for collegiate and professional sports teams and is the full-time National Anthem singer for the National Champion University of North Dakota Men’s Hockey program as well as a guest performer for the College World Series, The Milwaukee Bucks, The Minnesota Twins, The Minnesota Lynx, WE Fest, The Los Angeles Dodgers, The Minnesota Vikings, Duke University Men’s Basketball and in venues such as Madison Square Garden.

Mark founded Mark J. Lindquist Enterprises, Inc. in order to bring smiles to the faces of people and ignite passion all over the world. 

Mark is a former AmeriCorps member, as well as a former Sergeant in the United States Air Force and an Afghanistan War Veteran who currently lives in Fargo, North Dakota.

Passion! 8 Steps to Reignite Yours

As working professionals, we could all use a little jolt from time to time.  This session may be the only time all year when you take a moment to reflect on the things you need to do to reignite the passion that brought you into the workforce in the first place.  World-touring entertainer and actor Mark J. Lindquist offers a keynote that is as entertaining as it is enlightening as he sends you out the door on fire.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will gain an awareness of the mental roadblocks that stand in the way of progress; this progress can be in our personal lives, the workplace, or in the pursuit of our passions.
  • Audience members will gain an understanding of the importance of a workplace culture that is dedicated to the development of an individual’s strengths.  The quickest way to reignite a person’s passion for what they do is to develop a culture that honors the strengths of the individual and allows them to make major contributions to the organization within their strength zone.
  • Members of your team will leave with an expanded vision for their future within your organization.  Many of us feel “stuck” from time to time as we progress through our working lives.  Whether it is your first week on the job or you are a CEO of the organization, individuals will leave this session with a new vision for the future that will propel them out of the rut and into an exciting journey toward a passion-filled life in all areas, at work and at home.
Sales! 8 Steps to Ignite Yours

Feeling the grind of the sales universe?  Need to refocus your efforts to make this year your best year yet?  Trying to achieve the elusive six-figure sales income and need a playbook to follow?  “Sales! 8 Steps to Ignite Yours” is the perfect message for your sales team!  Your people will walk out the door with renewed enthusiasm to do the work necessary to discover their highest potential as a salesperson.

Learning Objectives:

  • Sales team members will develop a individualized plan to take their sales to the next level this year and identify the team they need to build in order to build their six-figure sales income.
  • Salespeople will identify the paradigms that need to be shifted in order to have their next break-out quarter.
  • Audience members will identify the areas that have held them back as a salesperson and leave with the knowledge of which comfort zones must be abandoned if they want to build a successful sales career.
Service! My Way of Life

Customers and clients make the world go round.  Without our customers, we are on the unemployment line.  Without good customer service, our customers go elsewhere.  During this keynote address, audience members will learn how to be intentional about creating give back moments that your customers will never forget.  Participants will leave this session with an understanding that if a true sense of value is to be theirs, it is to come through service – service to the heroes who provide us with our livelihood.  For the company constantly on the lookout for themes to rally around that inspire a greater desire for outstanding customer service, look no further.  This is the presentation that will forever change the way your people understand and apply “customer service.”

Learning Objectives:

  • A life well lived is a life spent giving back to those who have given so much to you.  This principle establishes the customer and client as the principal source of everything you see at your company.  The employees, the building, the products and services you provide… none of it would exist without your customer.
  • Audience members will become intentional about creating the unforgettable moments that express to your customer base the depth of your appreciation.  Your people will learn to become familiar with the extra mile along which these moments are created for your customers.
  • Job satisfaction, sense of worth, and workplace happiness can all be attributed to one concept:  If a true sense of value is to be yours, it is to come through service.  Participants in this session will gain an understanding of the necessity of high levels of one of a kind customer service as they seek to lead fulfilling lives in the workforce.
Gratitude! Live It.

In the days and weeks following 9/11/2001 Mark J. Lindquist was a 20-year-old AmeriCorps volunteer and an American Red Cross emergency support worker at ground zero at the Pentagon.  Using this shared experience as the basis for his principles, Mark shares with you a perspective on this national tragedy many say is the first original thing they’ve ever heard about September 11th.  Audience members will learn about “The best person you have ever been,” which Mark says is the person you were on September 12th, of 2001.  On that day, we called our mother and we told her we loved her.  On 9/12/2001 we mended fences with people, we said we were sorry, we didn’t let the little things bother us.  On that day we were the most kind, caring, compassionate, loving, giving, patient person we have ever been.  Following this keynote, participants have made phone calls, written letters, and repaired relationships that were long overdue for a fresh start.  If you are looking for a shift in culture and perspective within your organization, Mark’s powerful playbook for the daily application of gratitude will profoundly impact your people.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Audience members will gain a greater understanding of the power of gratitude as it is expressed in our relationships at home and at work.  The application of gratitude is a universal truth that can contribute to a happier and more successful life.
  • Participants will learn simple strategies that can be used on a daily basis to incorporate gratitude into their daily lives.  We all possess the ability to be kind, caring, compassionate, loving, giving and grateful; many times, what stands in our way is we simply forget.  During this session you will learn strategies to access the same level of gratitude you felt on September 11th, 2001.
  • Thinking and speaking about gratitude and writing it down as a cultural value in your organization is nice and makes everyone feel good.  However, the true power of gratitude isn’t released until you express it or communicate your sense of gratitude to others.  Audience members will walk out of the room with specific people in mind and specific steps they will take to implement gratitude into their life today.
The 7 Mindsets To Live Your Ultimate Life

1/2 Day and Full-Day Program Description:
Want to know how the most successful and happy people got to where they are?  The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate life are the result of a multi-year, multi-million dollar research project that uncovered the key component of a person’s success and happiness:  Their Mindset.  Mark will teach you how to live what we call, “Your Ultimate Life.”  Suitable for Corporate Audiences, School Assemblies, Full and Half-Day Training for Youth and Adults.

Mark J. Lindquist is a Certified 7 Mindsets Partner and delivers 1/2 day and full-day 7 Mindsets staff training

The 7 Mindsets – Learning Objectives
1. Everything is Possible – Dream big, embrace creativity, and expect great results  

  • Everything is Possible provides an understanding that we are all capable of living extraordinary lives. We learn that everything that exists was once an idea until someone believed it was possible and made it a reality.
  • Embracing this principle will allow you to envision a wonderful life, expect greatness, and effectively execute the process of making your dreams come true.

2. Passion First – Pursue your authentic talents and deepest interests

  • Passion First teaches that we are each a unique expression of human existence, and that our lives should be focused on finding our unique genius and sharing it with the world to the maximum extent possible.
  • You will learn to make your dreams authentic, and of such critical importance that you’ll find the fuel to overcome the obstacles you’re certain to face along the way.

3. We Are Connected – Explore the synergies in all relationships and learn to empower one another

  • We Are Connected teaches us to understand that everyone who comes into our lives can assist us in living our dreams.
  • By applying this mindset, you will learn to constantly explore synergies with others, embrace diversity, and relish competition that will help you maximize your potential with and through others.

4. 100% Accountable – Choose to be responsible for your own happiness and success

  • 100% Accountable teaches that you are not a victim of your past, your future is not predetermined, and your life is what you choose it to be from this moment forward.
  • With a focus on recognizing fears and excuses, this mindset allows you to break down barriers, free your mind, and focus your energy to take critical steps toward accomplishing your goals.

5. Attitude of Gratitude – Seek positives from every experience and be thankful for all you have

  • Attitude of Gratitude teaches that you can choose the positives or the negatives in your life as the foundation on which to build your future.
  • Choose the positives, and you’re on your way toward extraordinary success; choose the negatives, and you will likely start (or continue) a downward spiral.

6. Live to Give – Inspire and serve others while maximizing your potential

  • Live to Give teaches that abundance in one’s life is a cycle. To receive love, respect, and financial security, one must first learn to give those things.
  • This mindset also teaches that the greatest gift you can ever give is to find and leverage your unique genius to maximize your positive impact on the world, knowing that good things will be returned to you in kind.

7. The Time is Now – Harness the power of this moment, and take purposeful action today

  • The Time is Now teaches that all your power exists in the moment. You cannot change the past and the future hasn’t happened, so the only thing to do is take purposeful action now in order to create the ultimate life of your dreams.
Your Extra Mile - Thinking Like the Highest Achievers in America

In order to create an organization that is filled with the highest achievers in America you must first model the thinking of a high achiever. Mark J. Lindquist will teach your people the extra mile mindset that has allowed him to perform for the largest crowds in America for organizations such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA and in venues such as Madison Square Garden, Dodger Stadium and in front of tens of millions on national television.  Your audience will identify their own unique genius that lies inside of them and the mindset necessary to take that proficiency and turn it into a top level performance. Whether it is Mark’s ability to succeed as the lead singer of the Mark J. Lindquist Big Band and play to sold out houses; his experience building one of the largest and fastest growing motivational speaking businesses in America; applying his extra mile mindset to secure roles in top television shows (Lost, Hawaii Five-O) or a multi-million dollar Universal Studios movie (Battleship); or his application of success principles that landed him as an entertainer on a 22 country, 44 state world tour sponsored by Coca-Cola and Dell, Mark will leave your audiences in awe of their own ability to rise to the next level and achieve things previously un-imagined. Your people will walk out the door equipped to take the next step along their extra mile in business and in life.

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