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Kwame Christian

Find Confidence In Conflict

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Fee Range: 20000-39999
  • CEO of the American Negotiation Institute (ANI)
  • 2x Bestselling Author
  • #1 Negotiation Podcast
  • Lawyer

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Kwame Christian is a best-selling author, business lawyer and CEO of the American Negotiation Institute (ANI).

Following the viral success of his TedxDayton talk, Kwame released his best-seller Finding Confidence in Conflict: How to Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best Life in 2018. He’s also a regular Contributor for Forbes and the host of the number one negotiation podcast in the world, Negotiate Anything – which currently has over 5 million downloads worldwide. Under Kwame’s leadership, ANI has coached and trained several Fortune 500 companies on applying the fundamentals of negotiation to corporate success.

Kwame was the recipient of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs Young Alumni Achievement Award in 2020 and the Moritz College of Law Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award 2021. He is the only person in the history of The Ohio State University to win alumni awards in consecutive years from the law school and the masters of public affairs program. That said, Kwame’s proudest achievement is his family. He’s married to Dr. Whitney Christian, and they have two lovely sons, Kai and Dominic.


Do your team members struggle with difficult conversations? Do you wish they could manage conflicts better? The problem they’re encountering is not their strategy but their ability to understand the emotions and psychology behind a conflict. Having conflicts can damage relationships with friends and co-workers. However, learning to handle difficult conversations can improve your relationships and business outcomes.

In this interactive session by attorney and global expert on negotiation, Kwame Christian, your team members will learn how to handle negotiations and difficult conversations using the Compassionate Curiosity Framework. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice strategies to gain control over their emotions, improve their confidence, build trust with colleagues and clients, and create an atmosphere that encourages healthy, honest communication.


Difficult conversations can be a major source of anxiety and stress—in life and business. Despite our best intentions, we can have breakdowns in communication that increase tension instead of diffusing it. So how can you negotiate difficult conversations to improve your outcomes and better your relationships? One of the best ways is to use negotiation strategies.

In this practical and engaging talk by attorney and global expert on negotiation, Kwame Christian, your team members will learn psychology-based negotiation strategies to manage conversations. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice strategies to successfully structure a difficult conversation, effectively manage difficult emotions, and avoid common mistakes.


As a leader, how do you handle conflict? Conflicts can tear a team apart or make them stronger depending on how they are handled. If you want to lead your team to greater success, you need to understand conflict resolution, collaborative negotiation, and how to navigate difficult conversations.

In this powerful program by attorney and global expert on negotiation, Kwame Christian, your leaders will learn the psychology behind group dynamics so they can confidently guide their team to success. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice strategies to build trust, establish buy-in, coach effectively, and cultivate an atmosphere of excellence and high performance.


Are you getting the best possible deal? Or have you ever completed a sale and thought you could have done better? If you feel you’re leaving money on the table or are getting the wrong end of the deal, there is more you can do. A successful sale is all about influence and persuasion. If you can understand the psychology behind negotiation, you can complete bigger, better, and faster deals.

In this collaborative talk by attorney and global expert on negotiation, Kwame Christian, your team members will learn the proven strategies to improve their sales. Using the fundamentals of psychology, attendees will have the opportunity to practice negotiation techniques like anchoring, asking the right questions, observing body language, and building rapport.

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