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Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans

Dynamic presentations inspire and educate audiences to increase their capacity for stress and to recover from it more quickly

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • As an expert on resiliency, confidence and performance, Jenny Evans moves people from feeling overloaded to ON POINT; from overstretched to ON PURPOSE and from overwhelmed to ON FIRE.
  • Jenny links the stressful challenges of everyday life to the body’s own chemistry and physiology. She brings to life the art of optimizing your own chemistry to boost your performance and productivity, all while enhancing your health and energy.
  • Jenny helps with Change Management/Inspiration, Employee Engagement, Health/Wellbeing, Human Performance, Peak Performance, Personal Growth, Resilience, Risk taking, Stress Management, Work/Life Balance, and Wellness.

Jenny Evans is a speaker, author, and on-air expert on physiology and chemistry, as it relates to resiliency, confidence and performance. She is highly experienced, having worked with thousands of C-suite executives, leaders, and employees — from corporations, associations, and universities across the globe.

Her dynamic presentations and training sessions both educate and inspire audiences by linking the stressful challenges of everyday life to the body’s own chemistry and physiology. Jenny brings to life the art of optimizing your own chemistry to boost your performance and productivity, all while enhancing your health and energy.

Jenny’s events are active, engaging, high-energy, and life-changing – leaving audiences inspired, informed and on their way to leading a more productive life in increasingly demanding business environments.

Her award-winning book – The Resiliency rEvolution — has been hailed as a “smart, clever read and super-practical guide to leading a more full and resilient life.” She is also the creator of Hit the Deck – the ultimate tool for combating stress and increasing productivity and fitness.

Jenny has spoken on the TEDx stage, is the resiliency subject matter expert for Optum and The Big Know’s digital courses, writes as a blogger for The Huffington Post and was NBC KARE 11’s Health & Fitness expert for over four years. She has been quoted on National Public Radio, in Health Magazine and Women’s Health, while being showcased on,,, and

Jenny has a bachelor of science degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in psychology from the University of Minnesota and has been an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over twenty years.

Resiliency Rx: Stress-Proof Your Brain

You’ve actually got two brains: primitive and advanced. Your primitive brain controls how you act and feel, while your advanced brain handles conscious thought, self-discipline, and sense of purpose.

Unfortunately, evolution has left your primitive brain as your default setting and your extremely busy, conflicted modern world causes it STRESS way beyond what it can handle without intentional intervention.

And stress radically changes your chemistry and physiology.

The good news? The right strategies can combat the negative consequences that we all face.

Jenny shines light on the connection between the daily grind of life and the chemistry of the brain and body. She brilliantly reveals how to truly build resilience to stress, and at the same time, how to optimize your purpose and environment.

Jenny has developed a comprehensive, yet achievable set of micro-strategies that any individual or workforce can implement. It’s a philosophy to restore the brain and body’s chemistry to become more resilient. Even better… it’s so easy a primitive caveman (brain) could do it!

For people who:

• Want to continue to take themselves – and their work – to the next level, in a way that’s easy, achievable and sustainable

• Want to feel better! More energized, grounded, on purpose, creative, happy, and healthy

• Want to expand their capacity for what their careers will increasingly demand of them year over year

• Are stressed and want effective solutions that are easy to implement

The audience will leave with:

• The answer to the ONE question that guarantees clarity, direction, commitment, prioritization and accountability both inside and outside of work

• The 7 areas of your life that Resiliency Rx can enhance

• Ways to leverage over 100 tools to successfully implement change and the secret to making these changes permanent

• A series of “Micro Strategies” for quickly and easily stress-proofing their brain

• The knowledge to self-restore the chemistry of their brain, body, and mindset in less than 60 seconds

• An optional Resiliency Assessment to garner accurate insight into how they’re currently dealing with stress with a customized report on where they can make improvements

• Three specific commitments that make up their customized action plan

The Chemistry of Confidence

Do you have days where more confidence could deliver even more success in work and life?

Good news. A simple solution is close at hand… and it’s based… in chemistry.

Body chemistry is at the heart of our behavior, which includes our level of confidence. So, in order to become more confident, you have to change your own chemistry.

Jenny will show you how to be your own confidence chemist. It begins by understanding the 5 Chemicals of Confidence: Serotonin, GABA, Dopamine, Endorphins, and Cortisol. The next step is knowing how and when to increase/decrease these chemicals and how to connect your optimized chemistry to your overall outlook and purpose.

That’s the chemistry of confidence.

For people who:

• Seek a better sense of control

• Are ready to start feeling on track, on purpose, and on fire

• Feel held back by self-doubt, self-criticism, worry or anxiety

• Wish to grow their professionalism: using their voice, leading their team, taking more risks, finding new ways to innovate, collaborate without feeling threatened by others

The audience will:

• Discover the 5 chemicals that affect confidence, mindset and leadership abilities

• Learn 5 strategies to create the ideal chemical recipe for feeling confident, grounded, focused and in control

• Learn 4 practices to help gain clarity, prioritize, make better decisions and take action

• Recognize the symptoms of chemistry that don’t support confidence

• Learn to stop the cycle of negativity loops, fear, and worry

• Realize the connection between chemistry and purpose

Virtual programs Available

Need some tools to build your resiliency, mindset, productivity, energy and health? Join Jenny Evans, speaker, author, resiliency expert and executive coach to understand that the stress you’re feeling is not a psychology problem, it’s a chemistry problem – and it’s easier than you think to fix!

With a forehead-smacking paradigm shift, Jenny will explain how the chemistry of stress is affecting your brain & body: emotions, decision making, focus, communication, sleep, and nutrition and how to get it all working FOR YOU instead of against you.

Jenny has developed a comprehensive – yet easily achievable – set of microstrategies that anyone can implement. In this fun, high energy webinar series, you’ll learn action steps and take-aways that you can start using immediately to go from feeling overwhelmed and overstressed to on purpose and on your game!

The series can be accompanied by:

• Online Resiliency Assessment to measure resiliency pre/post

• Group coaching sessions

• One-on-one coaching sessions

• Hit the Deck resiliency training tool

• The Resiliency rEvolution: Your Stress Solution for Life, 60-Seconds at a Time book

​Commander & Controller: When Stress Hits, Do You Really Feel In Command And In Control?

Success as an entrepreneur requires you be self-motivated, persistent, consistent, courageous, and committed to the long haul…in the face of stress. Unfortunately there’s just one person standing in your way: Sneaky Pete.

Sneaky Pete is the primitive, caveman brain we all have that’s left over from our humble beginnings as humans. He’s hardwired to:

  • LIVE IN THE MOMENT & BE ALL ABOUT PLEASURE. Sneaky Pete doesn’t care about next month’s sales report – he wants a break from work RIGHT NOW to watch tv, eat a bag of chips, and have a glass of wine (or two).
  • BE LAZY. Ugh, doing 5 outreach emails today is enough right? Following up with 2 people is plenty right? Sneaky Pete is designed to expend the least amount of energy possible.
  • WANT INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Sneaky Pete doesn’t want to create a plan or follow a system for long-term success – he’s impulsive, reactive, and just wants some quick hits right now.
  • BE FEARFUL. He doesn’t want to put himself out there or recruit…that requires talking to people and that could me rejection! Sneaky Pete doesn’t want to take risk or do anything new or different. He’s afraid of failure, afraid of success, and afraid of the unknown.
  • DOUBT. Sneaky Pete is the voice in your head telling you you’re over-shooting, you’ll never make it to the next level, never be at the top, and pokes holes in your dreams. Who are you to think you can be a big success at this?

In this session you’ll learn how to get Sneaky Pete OUT of the commander’s seat, and your advanced, entrepreneurial mind firmly in control. Jenny will reveal the chemistry and biology of stress, how it involves Sneaky Pete, and share several easy, effective strategies for better brain function, mindset, mood….and success!

  • Understand how stress and cortisol negatively affect thinking, focus, decisionmaking, communication, mood, and emotions
  • Stop the loops of fear, negativity, and self-doubt
  • Create a sense of confidence and control in uncertain times
  • Stay focused on long-term goals, strategies, and objectives
  • Shift your mood to being proactive, positive, and solution-oriented
  • Tap into a powerful source of inspiration and direction
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