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Gene Marks

Gene Marks

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  • Through his keynotes and breakout sessions, Gene helps business owners, executives and managers understand the political, economic and technological trends that will affect their companies and—most importantly—the actions they can take to continue to grow and profit.
  • Join nationally recognized journalist, certified public accountant and business owner Gene Marks for a fast-paced, entertaining and data-filled presentation where he will share with you the thoughts, lessons and actions his audience of more than half a million business owners, managers and leaders.
  • Gene’s presentations help business owners and managers of all industries to look ahead, with specific actions for growing and profiting based on the strategies of other business owners in their industry.

A past columnist for both The New York Times and The Washington Post, Gene now writes regularly for The Hill, The Washington Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer The Guardian, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Gene has written 5 books on business management, specifically geared towards small and medium sized companies. His latest best selling books are In God We Trust, Everyone Else Pays Cash and The 2020 Small Business Book Of Lists — Volumes 1 and 2.

Nationally, Gene appears regularly on MSNBC and Fox News as well as The John Batchelor Show and SiriusXM’s Wharton Business Channel where he talks about the financial, economic and technology issues that affect business leaders today.

Through his keynotes and breakout sessions, Gene helps business owners, executives and managers understand the political, economic and technological trends that will affect their companies and—most importantly—the actions they can take to continue to grow and profit.

Gene owns and operates the Marks Group PC, a highly successful ten-person firm that provides technology and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses.

Prior to starting the Marks Group PC Gene, a Certified Public Accountant, spent nine years in the entrepreneurial services arm of the international consulting firm KPMG in Philadelphia where he was a Senior Manager.

Is It Time To Sell Your Biz? A Session On Preparing Your Business for Sale And What You Need To Know To Increase Your Company's Value

You should be thinking this way all the time. You should be building value all the time. Because one day you might want to sell your company. Or a potential buyer may appear who makes an offer. And you want to be ready. You want your business to be as valuable as possible.

Gene’s presentation will help you focus on what you need to do to build value in your company and to position it to be sold…next year, or ten years from now.

Gene explains why so many business owners will be selling their businesses over the next few years and how you can capitalize on that trend. He’ll take you through the reasons why business owners sell and what smart buyers are looking for. He’ll give you the essential tools you’ll need to know how to value your business like a professional appraiser. And you may not like what he tells you!

But most importantly you’ll walk away with critical, real-life tactics for operating your company at its highest level. Because maybe you do want to sell it someday. Or maybe you don’t. In either case, don’t you still want to be as profitable as possible?

During this 45–60 minute presentation Gene will discuss:
✓ 5 reasons you should be selling your business
✓ What your business is really worth
✓ Key questions to ask yourself about your company and its future
✓ Critical things every buyer looks for when pricing a company
✓ How to increase your company’s value
✓ Whether valuing based on assets or income is best
✓ The pros and cons of selling assets vs. your shares
✓ The tax implications of selling your business
✓ The benefits and downsides of using a broker
✓ Key things to consider about Succession Planning.

Want More Cash? Ideas and strategies for increasing your company's post pandemic cash flow (virtual presentation)

In this unprecedented economic downturn never has intelligent cash flow management been more important..Join CPA and journalist Gene Marks who will discuss some of the latest trends, technologies, best practices and strategies that smart business managers have and are implementing to manage their cash flow and build reserves to see them through to future growth.

✓ How trends and regulations in minimum wage, paid time off, and overtime will impact your ability to find and motivate employees.

✓ Key issues that need to be addressed in your employee handbook.

✓ Innovative perks and benefits the big companies offer that you can too.

✓ The benefits, costs, risks and rewards of outsourcing, including the latest technology tools to manage your outsourced contractors.

✓ The newest and innovative cloud based technologies that are helping companies of all sizes recruit, manage, compensate and make them more attractive to work for.

✓ A review of the most recent legislation regarding retirement plans.

✓ The latest developments in healthcare reform and how smart employers are controlling their healthcare costs while continuing to be competitive in the job market.

Your Tax Bill Is Too High: Strategies And Tips For Reducing Your Corporate and Individual Tax Expense

Whether you’re a financial person or not, this presentation is critical for your business. Why? Because taxes represents the biggest expense you have in your organization and personally. Minimizing your tax expense will free up capital to invest, hire and save. Knowing the tax breaks and incentives that you can use will help you defer the costs of bringing on great people and growing your business. The recent tax reform legislation is one of the largest changes to the tax code in a while. But that’s just the beginning! You don’t need to be a financial expert to understand this. You just need to know the issues and questions to ask your accountant. That’s what we’ll discuss..

Join author, columnist and CPA Gene Marks for a fast paced, entertaining but very detailed discussion of how tax reform will affect you, your company and your employees.

During this lively presentation Gene will cover the following topics:

✓ A look at how the changes in individual rates will affect you and your employees.
✓ What organizational structure is right for your business?
✓ Examples of new corporate rates
✓ A deep dive into rates for pass through entities to determine if your company qualifies
✓ A round up of changes to corporate and individual deductions and credits
✓ Special employee related credits to help with reduce the costs of compensation
✓ Tax changes that will affect your paid time off and retirement plans
✓ The impact of tax reform on healthcare and the latest strategies for controlling healthcare costs
✓ Specific changes that will affect your industry
✓ Key questions you should be asking your accountant

BEYOND THE PANDEMIC & AFTER THE ELECTIONS: Issues, challenges and strategies to grow your business over the next two years.
YOUR EXIT: Succession strategies for your business
YOUR PEOPLE, THE NEXT 2 YEARS: The 6 biggest trends, technologies and tools for finding and motivating your very best people.

How to make your CRM/Sales system a real management tool.

Virtual presentations available
Executive Director, Process Equipment Manufacturers’ Association
Gene was the highest rated presentation at PEMA’s Annual Meeting!
Manager of Meetings, The American Foundry Society
Gene was a huge hit. I commented, “What a way to close the conference!”
Gene, hands down one of my favorite things last week at the WEEMA conference was your presentation. When you get a chance can you forward your presentation to me. Thanks again for sharing your time with us.
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