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Dr. Sean Terry

Dr. Sean Terry

Trained in Sustainability and a former Director of Environmental Programs, Dr. Terry can address any environmental issue

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“The Energizer” National Geographic Award winning professor, Sean Terry brings real-life examples to your event.”

National Geographic Society Award winner for education and event planning, Dr. Terry blends an upbeat style with the type of personalized content that makes an event special. Trained in Sustainability and a former Director of Environmental Programs Dr. Terry can address any environmental issue.

Now recognized and published on career and college etiquette, he has spoken at major universities such as Texas, and LSU, to speak to their students about college and career success strategies.

Dr. Terry believes that presentations should be engaging and fun. He works with event organizers to make sure presentations match their audience. He has received awards for his achievements in teaching, advising, and environmental leadership. He has also shared the podium with such noted speakers as Fabien Cousteau, Annie Leonard, Kevin Danaher, and Jerome Ringo.

Author of the book “How to Use the Unwritten Rules of Success to build your Dream Career”, Dr. Terry shares the secrets that are not generally taught in the classroom or on the job. In the workplace, the exercises in the book help business owners train and retain the best workers.

Known as the Food Professor, Dr. Terry is an accomplished chef who works with local farmers to help support sustainable agriculture and school gardens. He is a willing participant or judge for “Iron Chef” style competitions, and is also willing to share his experiences with world food and cuisine.


Dr. Terry draws on his experience with the National Geographic Society and college teaching to help define excellence in education and how we can get the most out of it.


Dr. Terry uses humorous and inspirational stories from his childhood in a traveling music show to inspire the audience and explain how talent, risk and compromise can work together for a happy and successful life.


Dr. Terry draws on the lessons of professional advising and provides real-life examples of success to help inspire the audience to reach their potential. The audience will be asked to respond to personal evaluation questions that will use insight and humor to promote their professional development. This presentation is equally suited for businesses who are looking to attract and retain the best employees.


Dr. Terry uses examples from local business incentives to successful environmental projects to explain how sustainable initiatives can both make more money and support a healthy environment


Designed for college freshmen, this presentation explains what is really expected by college professors and how to navigate the college environment. Major colleges like LSU have utilized Dr. Terry to inspire and inform their students on this topic.

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