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David Allison

Learn the Operating System that Drives Human Behavior

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  • Behavioral Science Expert
  • Founder of Valuegraphics
  • Leader of the Disrupt Demographics Movement

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After decades in marketing, David Allison recognized that the world was changing. Seniors were rock climbing. Generation Z was listening to classic rock. Men were using Botox, and women were driving tanks. Wealthy people were shopping at Walmart while others were pinching pennies to buy Prada.

People were behaving in unpredictable ways, and he decided to find out why.

David soon learned that these mysterious behaviors were not so mysterious at all. It’s our values that drive what we do — not our age, gender, or income. Demographic labels only tell us what people are on the outside, not who they are on the inside. And it’s what’s inside that counts.

So he launched the Valuegraphics Project to create the first accurate inventory of core human values. And after 750,000 surveys in 152 languages, we now have a complete directory of human decision making. It’s the operating system that drives human behavior in 180 countries around the world.

Today, his team helps innovative organizations such as PayPal, Lululemon, and the United Nations Foundation connect to people by honoring their values. College textbooks have been revised to include valuegraphics, while David’s speaking engagements, books, and ideas attract innovative thinkers from all around the world.

According to Douglas Coupland, the author of Generation X, “David Allison sees the patterns in the noise and can tell us what the real signal is.” And from deep inside the data, David brings a clear and powerful truth to transform the way we work, and the world we live in. “Our values unite us,” he says. “They can light the way for purpose-driven brands and lead us to a values-driven world.”

How to get more people to do what you want them to do
Bogus Boomers, Mythical Millennials and the Illusion of Gen Z: How to Ditch Demographics and Discover Your Real Audience

David begins this fast-paced and engaging TED-style presentation with a question: at a time when nobody acts their age anymore, why are age-based stereotypes still so prevalent? Boomers aren’t all bad with technology. Millennials are no more afraid of commitment than anyone else. And Gen Z are not all the same as each other. Age based profiling is no more than business astrology. In fact, we live in a post demographic world where surface-level labels like age, gender, income, race, and education only describe what people are, not who they are on the inside, where it counts.

David unpacks the data that proves how demographics are a deficient legacy system that leads to more harm than good. He explains how companies waste trillions of dollars a year using demographics the same way our ancestors did. And the room falls silent when David connects the dots between the way we use demographics at work, and the stereotypes behind ageism, racism, sexism, homophobia and more.

Then David takes the audience in another direction entirely. He shares the heartwarming story of hope that emerged after 750,000 surveys across 180 countries revealed how much we all have in common. Regardless of demographic labels, we share the same core human values all around the world. Valuegraphics can replace demographics as a more accurate and unifying way to understand the people we want to reach.

He concludes with a series of simple takeaway tools:

-A method everyone can use to find the shared values of the people they want to reach

-A brainstorming model that leads to values-driven ideas

-Easy-to-share short stories to help explain the power of shared human values

Everyone sees how simple it is to create products, services and brands that people care about, change the way we look at the world, and disrupt demographics for good.

The Science of Mass-Influence: Breakthrough Data to Motivate (Whoever You Want to Reach)

David builds every custom keynote with one-of-a-kind data about the people you want to engage. You can choose customers, prospects, investors, members, potential employees…whoever your attendees want to motivate most. He delivers the findings in a dynamic TED-style presentation packed with insights that answer the burning question: “How can we influence the people we want to reach?” These insights are the secret weapon used by global brands like lululemon, PayPal, and the United Nations Foundation…and now your audience too.

Based on principles of behavioral science and nearly 750,000 surveys from around the world, David’s firm built the first global inventory of core human values: The Valuegraphics Project. It’s a complex directory of how people make decisions about everything they do. This database pinpoints the precise values that people share, and David teaches your audience to activate them more powerfully than ever before.

Your attendees will learn:

-How to use their custom data to create values-centric strategies that resonate deeply

-How to use the Values Thinking Process to solve problems in a values-focused way-

-How to create buy-in for becoming a values-driven organization

-What’s in the downloadable toolkit: a takeaway version of their custom research findings

This is an enormous advance in the science of influence – specifically tailored to your situation – that gives everyone in the room a completely unfair competitive advantage over those who stayed away.

How to attract and keep the best talent
How to create grassroots support for your goals
How to influence your current customers/How to win new customers
How to decide on a loyalty program
What messages will create the most online engagement
Disrupting Demographics: Welcome to the Post-Demographic World
What Will They Do Next? Predicting the Future with Behavioral Science
Pandemic Recovery: What Can You Do to Thrive in the New Economy?
The Same But Different: A Global View of Our Shared Human Values
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