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Betsy Allen-Manning

Betsy Allen Manning

High energy, High engagement & High-level content

Topic Categories:

Fee Range: 5000-9999, 10000-19999
  • Best selling author / Author of 3 books
  • 15 + years experience for multi-billion dollar corporations
  • Developed employee training programs for the Golden Globe events & Steve Wynn’s $70 million dollar venue-Encore Beach Club
  • Company’s that have experienced Betsy’s keynotes and trainings include: Toshiba, BMW, TSA & The US. Dept. of Defense
  • John Maxwell certified leadership speaker, trainer & executive coach with the John Maxwell Team
  • Dr. Rohm certified human behavior specialist
  • World wide professional singer for over 12 years

*Fee ranges are presented as a guideline only. Speaker fees are subject to change without notice. For an exact quote, please contact your Speaker Exchange Agency representative.

Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC & TEDx, Betsy Allen-Manning is an internationally recognized keynote speaker & success strategist for high-performing leaders & teams. Betsy’s specialty is showing leaders how to maximize productivity, improve culture, develop next- gen leaders, & create measurable results FAST. Betsy is a best-selling author, and her powerful story of going from failure…to worldwide singer…to global impactor, inspires others with the resilience to push through to reach their next level. Through her dedicated research, her expertise in human behavior, & experience working as a manager for 5-star hotels, she is honored to have trained over 7,500 leaders & teams for small businesses, franchises & associations, to multi-billion-dollar corporations, such as Toshiba, Aflac, Fidelity, Keller Williams, & the US Department of Defense.

It's Time For a Leadership & Culture Shift: Develop Talent, Create a Sense Of Purpose & Build a Culture People Love

We are operating in a different workplace than ever before, where people don’t want to work, leaders are burnt out, and employees are leaving in droves. Today’s leaders need up-to-date strategies to keep employees happy, make people feel valued, create work-life balance, and inspire employee longevity. Based on Betsy’s TEDx talk, this presentation provides a blueprint for becoming a more effective leader in today’s marketplace. You will get insights into how forward-thinking companies build an attractive culture with strong values, how to attract and retain talent, create a sense of purpose beyond the paycheck, and sustain growth by preparing staff for future leadership roles. Through her experience leading at 5-star hotels, & her dedicated research, Betsy helps you secure a ‘future-ready’ workforce, and build a team with strong character & values.

Master the 5 Keys Of Leadership Success For Today’s Marketplace:

Character: Identify the traits of trusted & respected leaders, and what type of

leader retains talent longer.

Skills: Discover the 6 vital skills every leader needs in today’s marketplace.

Culture: Get techniques for building an attractive culture where people are

engaged, motivated, and plan to stay longer.

Talent: Utilize up-to-date strategies to attract and retain talent during this Great


Legacy: Discover the #1 strategy to make your greatest impact as a leader,

help people stop working for the paycheck, and start leading like you were

born to make a difference.

Reset & Recharge: Experience a Fresher & More Positive Approach To Eliminate Stress, Negativity & Burnout

WARNING: Your audience will leave RECHARGED! In this presentation, you will receive strategies to reduce stress and negativity, develop better habits, create more work/life balance, reduce burnout & overwhelm, and become a more resilient person in business and your personal life. This is NOT a podium-type speech. Betsy Allen-Manning is a high-energy, keynote speaker, who engages your audience through games, brainteasers, discussions, dancing, and on-the-spot implementation. Your audience will have fun while also getting some amazing takeaways.

Actionable Takeaways

  • Discover Betsy’s ‘CARE’ technique to reduce stress & destroy negative thinking.


  • Develop a ‘productive mindset’, and learn how to reduce burnout by prioritizing your day, identify time stealers & eliminate the overwhelm that multiple projects can bring.


  • Discover Betsy’s ‘Power of Choice’ method for making better decisions.


  • Learn how to build your ‘Work/Life Balance Strategy’.
People Savvy: Improve Communication, Build Better Relationships & Deal With Difficult People Effectively

Studies show that 85% of your success in life is due to your people skills, yet it’s one of the most difficult skills to develop. In this highly interactive & hilarious presentation, Betsy takes you through an engaging experience of how different personalities prefer to communicate, connect, be influenced, make decisions & resolve conflict. As a human behavior expert, Betsy breaks down personality styles in a humorous and easy way to understand so you can work better with others and get the results you want.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Get strategies for increasing your emotional intelligence & dealing with difficult people..
  • Quickly identify someone’s personality, preferences, and peeves, and leverage that knowledge to build stronger relationships, enhance service & reduce conflict with others.
  • Discover strategies to common communication issues so you can adapt to get better results with people.
  • Learn how each personality style is specifically motivated, and how they prefer to be influenced and make decisions.
DNA Of High Achievers: Develop the Mindset, Productivity, Habits & Game Plan Of Top Performers

Does this sound familiar? You want this to be your year to reach new heights, close more sales, or achieve your personal best, but you feel stuck where you’re at; lacking the strategies, disciplines, motivation & confidence to move forward successfully. Are you tired of watching others pass you by, receiving the recognition that you want, & living the life that you were born to live? If so, I’ve got good news for you. All it takes is one small shift in your mindset to up-level your productivity, improve your self-discipline, and crush your goals this year. Through Betsy’s interviews with the top 5% of performers, along with her expertise in human behavior, she’s breaks down their DNA, and gives you 6 core strategies for developing a game plan that works, building a resilient mindset, & preparing for your best year ever.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Discover the 3 types of mentalities people have when setting goals, and how this alone determines your success or failure.
  • Utilize the 3 most important time management strategies to remain focused & have insane productivity.
  • Apply Betsy’s ‘REAP MethodTM’ to develop a clear path, and how to strategically reach your next level.
  • Develop the #1 skill that determines 85% of your success in life.

“If you won’t give 100% when you don’t think it matters, you most likely won’t give it when it does.”

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