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Antonio Neves

Antonio Neves

Antonio Neves’ message focuses on leadership, engagement and career success

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Fee Range: $10,000-$19,999
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His message focuses on leadership, engagement and career success. With hundreds of engagements under his belt, Antonio has keynoted at top companies, conferences and colleges nationwide.

An author and award-winning journalist, Antonio penned 50 Ways To Excel In Your First Job (And In Life) and his business writing regularly appears in top outlets including and

During his 10+ year television career, Antonio served as a correspondent, host and reporter for top networks including NBC, PBS and BET. Antonio began his career co-hosting Nickelodeon’s hit show, U-Pick Live.

A former NCAA Division I student-athlete, Antonio is author of the student-athlete best-seller, Student Athlete 101.

An Ivy League graduate, Antonio holds a bachelors degree from Western Michigan University and a Masters degree from Columbia University.

(RE)DISCOVER: REENGAGE & DO YOUR BEST WORK How To Get Employees Energized & Recommitted

More than 50% of employees are actively disengaged at work, according to Gallup. This costs companies on average 7 billion dollars a year. Many of these employees are Gen Xers who are no where near the beginning of their career, and no where near the end. This keynote sets audiences up on the path of a mid-career awakening offering a path of growth, discovery, and accountability. All of this drives to increased workplace engagement and results. This talk is for people in the middle — in the middle of their careers, their vast responsibilities, and hopefully, their best years yet. It’s about being real, being bold, and being committed so you can make a plan to rediscover what makes you — and all of your potential — so great.

AUDIENCES: Gen X and Boomer workplace audiences; corporate leadership conferences; workplace managers; human resources professionals.

50 WAYS TO EXCEL IN YOUR FIRST JOB (AND IN LIFE) The Most Important Lessons For Young Professionals Are The Things That No One Tells You

The most powerful lessons that prepare young professionals for a successful career simply aren’t learned in the college classroom. Those nuggets of practical wisdom aren’t just secrets to success on the job – they’re also crucial to excelling in life. This is the go to keynote for young professionals (and those who manage them) as they enter the real world and strive to build exceptional careers. This talk supports recent college graduates and young professionals in getting the most out of their first “real world” job and internships by teaching them those critical lessons that are essential to making their mark on the world. These lessons include soft skills development, creative thinking and problem solving, relationship building and leadership.

AUDIENCES: New employee and intern on-boarding; young professional audiences, trade association audiences, workplace managers; and university students.

FINDING THE EDGE: HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK Accountability + Action + Allies = Success

If you want to know where you’re heading, all you have to do is review what you did yesterday. If you excelled yesterday, fantastic. If not, starting today, you can positively turn things around and get on the right track to achieving success. As the Spanish proverb says, tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week. This is true for most people. A series of missed opportunities and closed doors. In this keynote, nationally recognized speaker Antonio breaks down three critical steps you can take to create your own luck in your life and career. Backed by research, this talk helps audiences understand how to avoid mediocrity and instead set themselves for epic success. Attendees are empowered with clear action steps to take that will prepare them to stand out, deliver measurable results and be associated with greatness.

AUDIENCES: Millennial workplace audiences, corporate leadership conferences, and college and university students.


Communicating with confidence can get you many things in life. More clients, higher revenue, better customer service, promotions, or, just the plain respect of your co-workers can be yours. Here’s the secret no one wants to tell you: Charisma can be learned. In this workshop with internationally recognized leadership speaker, author and award-winning broadcast journalist Antonio Neves (NBC, PBS, BET, E!, etc.), you’ll learn how to:

-Tell your story

-Use the secret communication too to become immediately likable and memorable

-Positively influence a conversation without saying a word

-Listen like a pro

-And more!

AUDIENCES: Employee off-sites, managers, new employees, leadership teams, and more.

THE EDGE: 3 WAYS MANAGERS CAN SUPPORT MILLENNIALS Employees Don't Leave Their Companies, They Leave Their Managers

More than ever, it’s a competitive and challenging career landscape for millennial professionals. Employee engagement is low and anxiety is high. So how can managers help their millennial employees succeed? By helping them take an entrepreneurial approach to career success. In this keynote, nationally recognized speaker and award-winning journalist Antonio Neves shares three key steps managers can take to support young professionals to help them set themselves up for success in small and large organizations alike. This program empowers managers to step outside of their comfort zone and take steps that lead to winning outcomes; establish entrepreneurial leadership traits; and, develop a strong community of Allies. Attendees are empowered with clear action steps to take that will prepare them deliver measurable results for their organization and to be associated with greatness.

AUDIENCES: Millennial and Gen Y workplace audiences; corporate leadership conferences; new employee on-boarding.

EVENT & AWARDS SHOW EMCEE The Perfect Balance Of Gravitas & Humor

Antonio has hosted scores of corporate conferences, award shows and major events. Whether speaking to over 3,000 people at a national trade show, making audiences laugh at a corporate awards shows, or conducting real-time interviews, no event is too large or small for Antonio. With over 10 years experience as a television host and correspondent, Antonio works great with producers, event planners and shines when real time adjustment or schedule changes are needed. Clients include the National Credit Union Association; Stryker, L37, the ADCOLOR Awards, Big Omaha and scores more.

AUDIENCES: Trade association conferences; corporate award shows; events.

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