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Anna Liotta

Anna Liotta

What makes the generations tick and what ticks them off

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  • Founder of The Generational Institute
  • Author of Unlocking Generational CODES
  • Anna is the youngest girl of 19 children
  • Helps organizations lead, serve, and sell across generations

Anna Liotta, Founder of The Generational Institute and author of Unlocking Generational CODES, is an award-winning keynote speaker and consultant.

Growing up the youngest girl of 19 children, in a household of six generations, gave Anna a front-row, insider’s view into generational communication challenges. This unique upbringing along with a Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and over 15 years as a consultant, coach, speaker and author led Anna to develop her interdisciplinary approach into what makes the generations tick and what ticks them off.

Using crucial elements of communications, sociology, business, psychology and demography Anna provides strategies for how to:

  • Reduce generational conflict, confusion and costly missteps.
  • Decrease Millennial talent turnover and lost productivity.
  • Avoid communication pitfalls when selling across generations.
  • Overcome differences in how each generation defines customer service.
  • Transform generational obstacles into opportunities.
  • Lead, mentor, sell and serve across generations.

A Certified Speaking Professional and adjunct faculty member in the University of Washington’s Executive MBA program, Anna also serves as the chair of the institutional advancement committee on the board of trustees at Antioch University.

As the multi-generational talent pool intensifies it becomes more difficult to keep up with what keeps employees and customers engaged. Anna helps her clients and audiences to effectively acquire and retain clients and talent by understanding the motivations, perspectives and aspirations of each generation.

Anna Liotta has a deep understanding of how generational dynamics are affecting business success. She has worked with successful companies such as Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Amazon, the PGA and NBA and been consulted as an expert by ESPN, FOX News, the BBC, NPR, PBS and the New York Post.


With five generations meeting in the workforce for the first time in history, leaders are challenged daily to find new ways to attract and keep the next generation of talent.

Leaders are faced with the reality of 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 62 each day and beginning to retire from management roles. Never before has it been more important for leaders to develop a powerful plan for succession management.

Unfortunately, what worked to attract and keep talent previously is not working with the Millennial and Gen Xer generations.

All too often, executives are surprised when just as they are ready to offer a position or a promotion to a top talent; the top talent is walking out the door to the competition.

The next generation of talent has very different reasons and motivators for:

  • Why they choose to join an organization
  • What drives them to stay past 6 months, 3 years or beyond
  • Why they change career paths and companies

Anna Liotta will share how to understand and leverage the next generation’s values, motivators and needs to transform them from obstacles into opportunities.

Participants will take away new inspiration and ideas to improve their bottom-line by increasing their attraction factor to younger talent and decrease talent-churn by implementing top talent retention secrets.


We all know the Millennials are here, the real question is what to do about them. How do we maximize their energy, ideas and leverage their high expectations to create win/wins?

Anna Liotta, best-selling author of Unlocking Generational CODES will share how organizations are not only successfully attracting the best and brightest Millennials, but how their Gen Xer and Boomer bosses are engaging them to deliver top results (without losing their minds).

Generational Complaints:

“I’m not their BFF, I’m their BOSS!”
“They ‘Live to Work’. I ‘Work to Live’ This job is not my life.”
“They send five-screen text messages. That’s not a text, it’s an email.”
“They want the title, but they don’t want to put in the time.”

The Takeaways:

  • Powerful strategies for reducing generational conflict, confusion and costly missteps.
  • Profitable ways to decrease Millennial talent turnover and lost productivity.
  • Critical skills to transform generational obstacles into opportunities.
  • The essential communication blueprint leaders must have to lead, sell and serve across generations.

Attendees will learn what top companies are doing to decrease the costly impact of turnover and lost productivity due to generational collisions.

From communication skills to entitlement issues to hot button priorities, Anna pulls back the curtain on what’s working and what is tanking in the multi-generational workplace.


Are you losing sales and profits because of generational friction?

Anna Liotta crafts each keynote to deliver a customized experience that blends transformational stories, current research, and relevant case studies.

Generational Complaints:

“They waste my time with stories about ‘when I started out’.”
“They don’t appreciate the value of a face to face meeting.”
“They don’t know how to dress appropriately for a sales call.”
“They think Power Point is a cutting-edge sales tool.”

Keynote Takeaways:

  • Masterful insights into how each generation works, communicates, thinks, and buys.
  • Profitable techniques to create a fast and genuine connection with new customers.
  • Key strategies for selling to your customers’ expectations, not your own.
  • Powerful ways to avoid common communication pitfalls when selling across generations

Are you losing people, customers and sales because of generational friction?

Anna crafts each keynote to deliver a customized experience that blends transformational stories, current research, and relevant case studies. This engaging keynote will  help you understand, lead, sell,  and deliver extraordinary customer service to every generation.

Generational Complaints:

  • “They are always looking at their phones.”
  • “They are blunt to the point of rudeness.”
  • “I just want to get my question answered; not hear their life story.”
  • “Their service vocabulary consists of grunts, ‘whatever’, and ‘fine’.”

The Takeaways:

  • The core differences in how each generation defines customer service.
  • What you should and should not do when serving customers from different generations.
  • Surprising customer service practices that work for one generation, but tick off another.
  • How to increase customer loyalty from each generation.

Are you losing people, productivity and profits because of generational friction?

Anna crafts each keynote to deliver a customized experience that blends transformational stories, current research, and relevant case studies. This engaging keynote help you understand, lead, and motivate each generation in your workforce.

Generational Complaints:

“They are snowflakes who need constant feedback.”
“They never want to try anything new, they are tech adverse.”
“They expect to be promoted before they’ve earn it.”
“They won’t retire and get out of the way.”

The Takeaways:

  • New, immediately actionable techniques for leading and mentoring across generations.
  • Proven strategies for attracting top talent (and keeping them from walking out the door to the competition).
  • Insight into each generation’s values, motivators, and needs.
  • Leadership strategies you can apply today to create a Generationally Savvy™ culture.
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