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Alan O’Neill

The Change Agent

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With over 30 years of experience from the board room to the front line, Alan O’Neill – The Change Agent – has supported iconic brands to achieve amazing results. n a dynamic world, he knows what it takes to drive change in a business – from top to bottom… and back to front. It’s about having a Customer-centric Culture, Engaged People, and a Supercharged Sales effort.

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Alan can guide your team through his structured path to profit increase, tailoring his insight to the needs of your business. Wherever you are on your journey, Alan’s no-nonsense expertise, infectious enthusiasm and sheer depth of experience can reignite your company’s passion for growth.

A seasoned expert in facilitating organisational change in culture and strategy, Alan can help your team to navigate any stormy waters and overcome resistance. His tried-and-tested formula will help you transform your business to deliver the meaningful experiences your customers crave.

Practical, empathic and very commercial, Alan’s refreshing and passionate style will inspire and challenge your organisation to embrace change and grow, using real-life business models and memorable success stories.

Alan brings 30 years of wide industry experience, from retail to manufacturing and distribution, FMCG to financial services, hospitality to professional services, motor to travel and tourism and more. His work history spans blue-chips and PLCs, SMEs, family businesses and the Public Sector across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


With Alan’s tried and trusted 8-Steps to Profit, his mission is to inspire others to maximise their potential, with commercial growth strategies that are practical and relevant.

What is it that has made famous global organisations such powerful and successful organisations in their respective fields? What are their secrets to success? They all have one thing in common and it’s not that difficult! They all…

  1. Follow a very structured path to excellence that Alan describes as The 7-Steps to Profit. 
  2. Manage change effectively with a polished framework.
  3. Have a strong and relevant organisation culture.
  4. Put customer experience at the heart of all decision-making. 

Alan’s 7-steps to Profit is adapted from the secrets of the global giants and has already helped countless businesses around the world.

Wherever you are in your journey, Alan can inspire your team with great and practical ideas, taken from The 7-Steps to Profit.


Alan can offer you a choice of keynotes tailored for your business.

  • You might like a general overview of The 7-Steps to Profit applied to your business.
  • Or you might like to focus in on some of the steps in greater detail to help you land a key message.
  • Delivered as a 45-minute keynote or as a 3-hour Masterclass / mini-workshop with your C-suite.

*This program is offered as a Keynote and a Masterclass


Change Management isn’t a battle of wills but can deliver positives for all. 

Change is a reality for all and it comes at us in many expected or unexpected ways. The Covid-19 pandemic is an extreme example where we all had to adapt. It brought many gains for some businesses, but was a huge burden for others. It’s common to ask for external help when change is on the horizon. 

Alan knows what it takes to drive change in an organisation. 

Across industry, he has led and facilitated many blue-chip companies through change and overcoming resistance.

With case studies tailored for your organisational needs, he will share the pitfalls and strategies for managing change, and help you to create key messages for your business that bring your people with you rather than turn them away.


Alan can offer you a choice of keynotes tailored for your business.

  • You might like to hear the Selfridges rollercoaster story of ‘riches to rags to riches’ and how Alan supported their transformation programme.
  • Or you might like the story of how the UN’S Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization maintains its resilience and tenacity in a world of political unrest.
  • Or you might like to be inspired by stories from Alan’s book – Culture Matters, the Four Must-have Values to Supercharge your Business. 

*This program is offered as a Keynote and a Masterclass


Build a highly engaged & productive team


If you get your culture right, you can take on the world. But while others can copy your strategy, no one can copy your culture so it’s vital that you exploit that competitive edge. Against the backdrop of a new employer / employee relationship since the pandemic, Alan will share what it will take to achieve a high-performance culture for your organisation.

Alan can ask hard questions about your culture, your values and the engagement of your own people and encourage you to take a fresh look at your own organisation culture.


Alan can offer you a choice of keynotes tailored for your business.

  • You might like to be inspired by Europe’s leading recycling company that is now influencing the global circular economy.
  • Or you might like to know how Selfridge’s Values propelled them to be the best in the world in an industry that many consider to be under the greatest threat ever.
  • Or you might like to discover more about the eleven most important values for ANY organisation.

*This program is offered as a Keynote and a Masterclass


Drive to be customer-centric.

As globalisation enables transparent comparisons and technology enables fast copying, how to differentiate from your competition is becoming ever more challenging. Product alone just won’t cut it anymore – customer experience has become the new battleground. Alan wrote the book on it, Premium is the New Black (Put the Customer at the Heart of all Decision-making).

Alan knows that customer service has to be practical and drive sales and it requires a fully engaged workforce. While that’s obvious and sounds easy, we don’t all do it. He will challenge you with examples, evidence and case studies to help you achieve consistency and to motivate your people into action to increase your sales.


Alan can offer you a choice of keynotes tailored for your business.

  • From B2C brands like Adare Manor Hotel or Selfridges… to B2B brands like Emirates Insurance and Intel… to Public Sector bodies like United Nations or DVLA, Alan will tailor relevant stories for you.
  • Or you might like to hear stories from Alan’s book Premium is the New Black which is packed with great tools and concepts to help any B2B or B2C business.
  • Or you might also like to be inspired by fun stories about Irish heritage that has made Ireland the envy of the world for its renowned hospitality and “cead mile failte”.

*This program is offered as a Keynote and a Masterclass


Retail apocalypse, fake news

From food to fashion, luxury to mass, big box to multiple site and travel retail to the high street, Alan has consulted with countless retailers for over 20 years.

Retail is changing rapidly and becoming even more complex. On-line for example, has completely disrupted the industry and is anticipated to grow to 25% of the overall share of retail wallet by 2025. But don’t forget that 75% of the mix is still in ‘bricks and mortar’! Coping with all that is an ongoing challenge – even for the best and Alan has views on that. Blame for the alleged ‘retail apocalypse’ is too easily and frivolously attributed to the growth in online.

In actual fact, there’s more to it than that. It’s more like Retail Darwinism in front of our eyes. Bricks and mortar retailing is not dying. But bad retailing IS dying. Those organisations that are not embracing the changes around them and investing appropriately, will continue to struggle.


Alan can offer you a choice of keynotes tailored for your business.

  • Alan can reveal to you the secrets of the successful retailers in a way that you can learn from and adapt for your business.
  • ​Selfridges in particular is an amazing success story, winning the award for ​best department store in the world,​ three times. Alan can share his insights and how he supported them to achieve their ambition.

*This program is offered as a Keynote and a Masterclass

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