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Sylvie di Giusto

A high-performing company is a series of right decisions made by extraordinary people. Give your workforce the power of choice!

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People whom we meet make quick decisions about us. Should they hire us? Vote for us? Buy something from us? Seven seconds. This is that brief moment in time when others first see you, or your employees, whether it’s at a meeting, on the job, or at an interview. They may have some prior knowledge of you, but this is the first time they actually lay eyes on you.

The good thing is that this process is entirely under your control. You can choose to present yourself as a leader, or not. Because your image is something you can control. You can make it what you want. You can control the message you send to the people who see you and interact with you. It’s a combination of your dress, your attitude, how you communicate and how you present yourself on the internet. These are all things that you can shape and mold to work in your and your company’s favor, and help you to rise to the level of leadership to which you aspire.

Twenty years of corporate experience, educating and inspiring thousands of clients across Europe and around the world, made me familiar with the typical challenges that professionals face in their workplace. Over the years I’ve learned it’s better to craft the way others are going to perceive you, rather than to sit back and hope it’s going to be in a great way.

I’m a professional speaker, corporate trainer and image consultant for professionals who place great importance on themselves and their powerful appearance. I’m also the author of “The Image of Leadership.”

The Power of Choice

In today’s fast-paced world, professionals frequently find themselves operating on autopilot, particularly when it comes to choices that can have a profound impact on relationships with customers and peers. Truly successful organizations are those that empower their employees to make deliberate and considerate choices in all aspects of their daily operations. With hundreds of decisions needing to be made every day, how do companies help their employees make the right decisions?

In her flagship keynote, Sylvie introduces the concept of “The POWER OF CHOICE”— an immersive learning and engaging experience, enhanced by cutting-edge 3D technology. Your attendees will go on a mind-bending journey, helping them to understand how the power of choice can be harnessed to create truly transformative experiences for your clients and employees.

Sylvie’s keynote is based on her five cornerstones of intelligence:

  • Appearance – Visual
  • Behavioral
  • Communication – Non-Verbal and Verbal
  • Digital Footprint – Intentional and Unintentional
  • Social Environment
  • ROI & Key Outcomes:
  • Intentionality: the power of intentional choices in shaping personal and organizational growth.
  • Self-Awareness: how your choices in the five cornerstones enhances your success.
  • Emotional Intelligence: how to harness the five cornerstones of intelligence.
  • Impact: how making intentional choices benefits you as a professional and contributes to organizational excellence.
  • Empowerment: how to make intentional choices, overcome self-doubt, and take control of your professional journey.
Make Me Feel Important!

As a customer, nothing feels more crucial than being heard, understood, and cared for. It’s one of those things we all say we want as customers: to feel valued and important. The key to making your customers feel this way is to make every interaction count. From the moment they first hear about your product or service to the point of purchase and beyond, your customer-facing employees need to differentiate your brand by constantly going the extra mile.

During this interactive and thought-provoking presentation, participants learn exactly what customers want and expect, at every touch point along the customer journey. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of how they can help their organization differentiate themselves from competitors, improve customer loyalty, and enhance their reputation in the marketplace.

ROI & Key Outcomes:

  • Understand their personal relevance throughout the customer journey, leading to a deeper understanding of their impact on the organization’s success.
  • Evaluate their own appearance, behavior, and communication with customers, leading to personal growth and development.
  • How to create emotional connections with customers that differentiate the organization from competitors, resulting in increased market share and brand recognition.
  • How to manage their own emotions and responses in customer interactions, leading to improved self-management skills and greater emotional intelligence.
You Have 7 Seconds, Make Them Count!

People we meet make quick decisions about us. In business, first impressions are essential to building relationships with others. They’ll set the tone for the entire experience, and the relationship with the brand will depend on them. The good thing is that this impression is something people can control. By leveraging the power of emotional intelligence, we can make intentional choices about how we present ourselves in these crucial moments.

Interactive, fun, and thought-provoking – Sylvie shows participants a deeper understanding of how others perceive them and the way their organization is perceived in the marketplace. They will learn how to proactively leverage their visual, behavioral, non-verbal, verbal, digital, and social intelligence to authentically convince others, build stronger relationships, and achieve tremendous success in their professional lives.

ROI & Key Outcomes:

  • Insight into what your first impression communicates about your personality, values, and beliefs – how to align your personal brand with your professional goals and corporate brand.
  • How first impressions can shape customers’ perceptions of your organization – how to create a consistent and positive image in all customer-facing interactions.
  • Identify and overcome unconscious biases in your personal and professional relationships – how to build stronger connections with customers, vendors, managers, or colleagues.
  • A deep understanding of the psychology of first impressions and their impact on personal and professional relationships, including how to leverage emotional intelligence to make positive and lasting impressions.
The Image of Leadership

Effective leadership in today’s dynamic and complex world requires intentional choices made by mindful leaders who understand that their personal reputation is critical to gaining and maintaining trust, building impactful relationships, and achieving sustainable long-term organizational success.

Your leaders will gain a deeper understanding of how their leadership presence shapes the culture and reputation of their organization, how it affects their personal and professional brand, and how it is perceived by stakeholders. They’ll experience up close and personal how others’ unconscious biases affect their judgments of their leadership and the organization, and how these biases can either lead to great opportunities or wrong assumptions. They’ll actively engage in a journey of self-discovery, identifying areas for improvement and learning how to proactively leverage their visual, behavioral, non- verbal, verbal, digital, and social intelligence to authentically represent themselves and their organization, build stronger relationships, and achieve tremendous success in their leadership roles.

ROI & Key Outcomes:

The psychology behind perceptions – how a professional imprint can create an aura of executive presence and build a positive reputation for both participants and their organization.

  • Develop a strategic plan to align their leadership style with their professional goals and organizational objectives to build a strong professional and organizational brand.
  • How to make purposeful choices that positively affect their personal and organizational brands to create a culture of trust, credibility, and collaboration.
  • The importance of leading with integrity and by example to establish trust and respect among stakeholders.
  • Concrete ways to improve their visual, behavioral, non-verbal, verbal, digital, and social intelligence.
Director Conferences & Events | RCMA
Having selected speakers for over 30 years, the challenge is to be relevant to your audience, be personable, easy to work with, flexible and genuine! Sylvie di Giusto is all of those! She’s among my top picks.
CEO | Forte Events
In 27 years of planning conferences and hearing thousands of speakers, it’s truly rare to be enlightened and moved by one. I heard Sylvie di Giusto speak recently and she blew me away.
SVP, Head of Sales and Account Management | Adecco
The uniform consensus among my team is that Sylvie is the best speaker they have had – ever. I couldn’t agree more.
Brown & Connery, LLP | President of Tri-State HRMA
To date, Sylvie was the highest-rated speaker and attendees still talk about her and how they can further connect with her.
Senior Event Producer | The Special Event Company
I am still at a loss of words for how incredible, warm, real, and engaging Sylvie is. She is truly one of, if not the best, speaker I have had the opportunity to hear and engage with.
President | Art of Business
It was interactive and informative, our people loved her. Additionally, Sylvie spent her own time listening to our other speakers in order to integrate her message to the whole event.
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