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Peter Sage

Peter Sage

Peter Sage is a well-known international entrepreneur

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Fee Range: 10000-19999, 20000-39999
  • Inspirational Speaker on Entrepreneurship & Personal Growth
  • Multiple No. 1 International Bestselling Author
  • Elite Coach and High Level Mentor

Peter Sage is a well-known international entrepreneur with over twenty-five years experience in growing fast-paced enterprises. During this time he launched, operated and brought to success over two dozen companies, several of which he took from scratch to over 8 figures. A long-standing member of the global Entrepreneurs Organisation, he served as the Chairman of the London YES Group (the largest personal development organization in Europe). For several years Peter also served as a member of the advisory board for the Centre for Entrepreneurship at INSEAD – a global top-five business school and one of the world leaders in the field of entrepreneurship education where he also took part of their ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence’ program. Peter is also an advisor to the Hungarian Government on their creative think tank policies. Virtually all the businesses Peter created were in different industries. Examples include:

  • The World Wide Health Corporation (WWH) – a company dedicated to developing cutting edge nutraceutical products that became a prestige brand in the anti-ageing market. Founded 1997- sold 2005.
  • The Energie Fitness Group, which he co-founded in 2003 and is one of the world’s most successful and fastest growing chains of Health & Fitness Centres and the winner of numerous significant industry awards.
  • Space Energy – a project focused on the commercialisation of Space Based Solar Power, a world and game-changing technology with enormous humanitarian and environmental benefits. The business was not a commercial success and, after contributing the national energy policy of several major governments, Peter handed over the baton to the United Nations.

Leadership – one word, many interpretations. In this inspiring and emotionally stirring talk, Peter cuts through the fluff of management theories around leadership and what it takes to be a modern leader. Peter clearly shows it is no longer about authority or how many followers you have, but about how many leaders you create. Using stirring real-life examples and metaphors, he takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery to become the leaders they were born to be.

Ideal Audience: Management, Entrepreneurs, Educational Institutions, General


Living the Life of an Extreme Entrepreneur: A passionate and insightful talk that compels people to embrace the uncertainties of life with gusto. Simplifying complex ideas into practical strategies, Peter shares the best of his lessons and insights gained over 30 years as a dynamic and ‘extreme’ entrepreneur.

Ideal Audience: Management, Entrepreneurs, Self Employed, MLM Conferences & Conventions


Become future-proof! In today’s ever-changing world, the biggest challenge is not change itself but our resistance to it. This is why so many change management techniques may sound or look good on the surface but fall short in practice. Integrating successful and long-term change means shiing our personal psychology, not just our to-do list. ‘Becoming Future Proof’ is a powerful experience designed to reprogram for success those dealing with or facing change. Replace friction with fluidity by empowering every person from the leadership to the shop floor to manage change at every level of their life.

Ideal Audience: Employees, Management, Work Teams


Like Siamese twins, teamwork and productivity are inseparable. And just like real twins, people in teams don’t always get along. There are many teachers and trainers who address the symptoms of poor teamwork, though understanding how to address the cause requires a deeper level of understanding. As an expert in human behaviour, Peter’s background allows him to peel back layers of the onion of the human psyche in a way that solves conflict, enhances synergy, and sets teams up to win.

Ideal Audience: Employees, Work Teams, Sports Teams, Military & Special Forces


In today’s world, satisfied customers are just not enough. Brand loyalty can change in a commercial break, and the global marketplace is more competitive than ever. But how do you change that when most customer service strategies dress up the same clichés with new paint? Having won several awards for customer service, Peter is known for creating an army of raving fans who would ‘rather step in front of traffic’ than buy a competitor’s product. In this amazing talk, he’ll show you the step-by-step ways you can do the same.

Ideal Audience: All Employees (from back office to frontline), Business Owners


One of the biggest misconceptions in business training today is the concept of being able to manage time. One cannot manage time any more than one can manage the current of a river. However, by managing our relationship to time, we start to learn how to position ourselves more intelligently in the current. Only after this has happened do the traditional tools and techniques of planning and management come into play. This paradigm-shifting workshop questions and reprograms people’s beliefs around time, allowing them to get much more done with far less stress.

Ideal Audience: Employees, Management, Self Employed


Based on Peter’s incredible best selling book, ’The Inside Track’, this talk is a game changer when it comes to understanding and dealing with challenge. ‘Captivating’, ‘ jaw dropping’ and ‘life changing’ are just some of the common adjectives given on feedback forms from audiences as Peter transforms their relationship to adversity and shows them how to become their best when life gives you its worst.

Ideal Audience: All Ages & Backgrounds


Delivering peak performance when it matters most. This powerful talk is for people who need to show up on game day at their best. Whether that’s in the boardroom for a crucial presentation, or the playing field on Super Bowl Sunday. Peter delivers a range of tools, insight and inspiration that will leave delegates empowered no matter what odds they face. Banish fear, doubt and uncertainty and step up to the plate with rock solid confidence that you can, and will, deliver.

Ideal Audience: Athletes, Sports People, Entrepreneurs, Management


A powerful and emotionally moving talk that will nail an audience to its seat leaving them to feel both empowered and inspired to build a life of meaning and purpose. With the right blend of laughter and seriousness, it delivers a series of wonderful messages using real life stories that reveal the true heart, vulnerability, and spirit of what it really means to be human.

Ideal Audience: All Ages & Backgrounds


Very popular keynote that is highly entertaining, fun and finishes with a memorable, powerful and dramatic climax. ‘How to Have the Perfect Day’ is a clever and inspiring talk that uses ample humour with a serious message which empowers the audience with new thoughts, ideas, and strategies on how to turn every day into a ‘perfect’ day.

Voted best opening address at the World Fitness Convention, Sydney, Australia; Audience Size: 2000

(Minimum Time: 90 minutes)

Ideal Audience: All Ages & Backgrounds


Peter’s personal and moving account of his experience completing the toughest foot race in the world, the Sahara Ultra Marathon. 10 days of adventure, scorpions, camel spiders, and a lot of lessons you’d never think would present themselves in this inspirational tale of ultimate human endurance.

Ideal Audience: All Ages & Backgrounds

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