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Lisa Walden

Helping Businesses Create an Authentic, Empowering Workplace

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Leadership & Communications Expert
  • Co-founder of Good Company Consultant
  • Author of Managing Millennials for Dummies and The Future of Work is Human

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Lisa is a keynote speaker, author, and “future of work” trendspotter dedicated to helping people create authentic, empowering workplaces that don’t inspire the dreaded Sunday scaries. She is trusted by clients the world over to connect with diverse audiences and inspire people-first organizational change.

As co-founder of Good Company Consulting, Lisa’s work takes a holistic approach to workplace strategy, keeping human beings at front and center. Her speeches are part validation, part inspiration, and part tough-love. Never one to accept the concept of “because this is the way things have always been done,” she’s dedicated her career to asking “but why?” Her presentations offer mindset shifts, fresh insights, and actionable strategies around everything from generational dynamics to psychological safety, building strong teams, communicating effectively, and leadership skills for the future of work.

But Lisa’s m.o. isn’t all serious business. She lives by the sage advice “if you aren’t entertaining, you aren’t educating.” Her presentations are filled with relatable content that inspires smiles (and more than a few laughs) right along the mindset shifts. She loves distilling complex topics into easily digestible concepts, and offering audiences best practices and tactical tools they can put into action the very next day. Her past audiences include Hewlett-Packard, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, SAP, and The Federal Reserve Bank.

Lisa has been studying people at work for over a decade. She is co-author of Managing Millennials for Dummies, and her next book, The Future of Work is Human: Transforming Company Culture for a Post-Pandemic World, takes a close look at how the pandemic has forever changed the way we work. Her insights have been featured in publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Fortune.

The Future of Work is Human: Building People-First Culture
THE ALCHEMY OF TRUST: Building teams that really work

Establishing trust at work is no simple matter. People have devoted entire lives trying to pinpoint that special, almost magical alchemy behind cohesive, collaborative, and trusting teams. While every organization is different, and no two teams will be the same, there are some core concepts that can help leaders craft their own cultures of trust. In this presentation, we identify common (and sometimes surprising) barriers and break down the key ingredients required to build strong, truly trusting teams. From consistent messaging to embracing candor, to admitting vulnerabilities and extending grace, The Alchemy of Trust highlights the “why” and demystifies the “how,” all while providing actionable insights that can be implemented the very next day.

Takeaways Include:
• How to establish psychological safety so employees feel confident taking calculated, innovative risks
• Critical, sometimes counterintuitive mindsets that will create buy-in and help bridge gaps across teams
• Case studies from organizations that have figured out how to successfully build trust, be it in-person or in a virtual or hybrid setting

WHY CONNECTIONS AT WORK MATTER: Strategies to build relationships authentically

Technology has changed the way we work, in ways both good and bad. With much of our communication shifting from face-to-face to screen-to-screen, building authentic work relationships is harder now than ever before. With study after study citing strong professional relationships as a key factor for engagement, motivation, and work satisfaction, now is the time to acquire the skills to build and maintain connections at work. In this presentation, we identify what’s getting in the way of connecting authentically at work, explore strategies to shape stronger teams, and present best practices from organizations that have discovered the secret sauce to building communities of supportive and interconnected peers.

Takeaways Include:
• How to remove barriers that prevent meaningful relationships at work
• Using a people-first approach to create a sense of belonging and appreciation
• Overcoming the need to be “perfect,” and instead, learning how to show up as your authentic self

LEADERSHIP REDEFINED: A Critical Shift for the Modern Workforce

The tides have changed, and so have perceptions about what makes for a good job, a good organization, and a good leadership methodology. So why is it that so many leaders continue to operate with a workplace ethos that just isn’t resonating in our modern working world? Those that aren’t adapting to the new rules of the game are facing an environment rife with frustrated employees, high attrition rates, and broken lines of communication… not to mention a pipeline of talent that will quickly dry up without some much-needed change.

Through this presentation, Lisa makes the case for why the new leadership mindset shift is critical and explores how the best in the biz are embracing transformation and choosing…

  • Trust and transparency over strict rules and regulation
  • Radical candor over formal, diplomatic messaging
  • Listening to understand over listening to respond
  • People and empathy over dollars and cents

Who is this for? Executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs.


Everyone deserves an amazing place to work… so why do so many people dread getting out of bed in the morning? We’ve embraced future-focused, cutting-edge tools to revolutionize how we work, but have let ideas about company culture evolve at a snail’s pace. With organizational strategies better-suited to the last century, it’s no wonder that so many employees are struck by a case of the Sunday scaries. Lisa’s presentation aims to shed light on strategies that actually matter for not only today’s workforce, but the workforce of the future. She’ll challenge the way you think about culture, communication, work ethic, and trust so that no matter your level, whether you’re a new hire or a mid-level manager, a senior executive or a front-line employee, you can learn how to create a workplace that works (and doesn’t suck).

Takeaways include:

  • Mindset-shifting insights on the future of work and how to stay competitive in a continuously shifting landscape
  • A fresh perspective on work culture that challenges the way things “should be done”
  • Best-practices from organizations with proven awesome workplaces, and how you can adapt their strategies for your workplace

Who is this for? Leaders, managers, new hires and everyone in between.

How Gen Z is Shaping the Future of Work

In a very real way, Generation Z is seeing the world differently than any generation that’s come before. And while they’re often lumped in with Millennials, Gen Z—born 1996 to 2010—has emerged as a distinct cohort that’s shifting the workplace in profound ways. These are true digital natives who were raised by skeptical and independent Generation Xers. Never having known a time without the internet, Gen Z is unsurprisingly resetting expectations for communication, engagement, and motivation at work. From ghosting to Facetuning to Bitmoji resumes, this presentation takes you into the Gen Z mindset, the ways they may shift the future of work, and how you can adapt to meet the changing tides.

• Gain strategies to recruit and retain the youngest generation at work
• Learn why the human element will be even more critical for engaging these digital natives
• Deep understanding of the why behind the what of Gen Z behavior and motivation
• Tools to navigate the most current and critical workplace trends

Connecting Across Generations

We are living in the golden age of technology. With options to connect that include texting, calling, emailing, IMing, DMing, it should be a breeze to get your message heard. But add five generations into the mix and the fact that we’re all strapped for time, and you have the perfect recipe for miscommunication and messages getting lost in translation. What one generation perceives as rude and unprofessional can be seen as kind and relatable to another. These misunderstandings can seriously impact team dynamics, peer relationships, and—ultimately—the bottom line. Learning how many emojis or exclamation points are OK to use is only a small part of the solution; it’s equally critical to learn how to build authentic connections, listen to one another, and respond respectfully. This presentation will explore not only how we connect differently, but why.

• Decrypting every generation’s potential miscommunications, and how to prevent them before they occur
• Best practices for balancing technology use with day-to-day interactions
• Identifying the potential areas for disconnect across generations
• Spotlight on how Gen Z influences communication at work

Gen Z and Millennials: The Subtweet No One’s Talking About

It’s a story often told: a new generation enters the workplace and every other generation grapples with how to understand and connect with the unknown factor on their teams. For the past fifteen years, this tale has focused on the over-researched Millennials, and while some might prefer to unsubscribe from the generational conversation (especially Millennials themselves), Generation Z’s presence is cause for a reboot. Because much to everyone’s surprise, they are proving to behave, communicate, and engage in stark contrast to their predecessors. Who’s feeling that pain the most? Millennials. From how each generation was raised, to how they collaborate, what they expect for work-life balance, and how they prefer manager-managee relationships… the potential for conflict is high. This presentation makes sense of the change so everyone can work together seamlessly as their most authentic selves.

• The truth about how similar Gen Z and Millennials are (or aren’t)
• Tools for Millennial managers to engage Gen Z
• Communication tactics for Gen Z to manage their Millennial managers
• Analysis of the latest generational trends impacting the workplace

Employee Engagement & Development, Syntellis
Lisa was everything we asked for and more. Not only did she engage and energize the crowd; she spoke to every meaningful objective and brought new material that was relevant to the event. Fantastic!
Vice President, Home Care Association of New York State
Lisa was definitely one of the highlights of our conference and closed out the event on the perfect note.
Senior Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Our team is very receptive to new perspectives, but it can be hard for someone on the outside to pierce our bubble and speak our language. Lisa was able to do this and light a fire for future change in our organization.
Vice President, The Hospital and Healthcare Association of Pennsylvania
Lisa is a fantastic speaker and I'm so impressed with the amount of prep work she puts into her content.
Executive Vice President, Universal Polymer
The two hours flew by, in contrast to other speakers and presentations where I am constantly drifting off or looking at my watch. Lisa's talk was a beacon of light into a room full of mostly successful business people that are dead set in their ways. Her message will reach the ears of those who listened, and I can guarantee that there were listeners.
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