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Jeff Civillico

Entertainer, Emcee, Host, Workshop Leader, Speaker, Headliner in Las Vegas

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Fee Range: 10000-19999, 20000-39999
  • Founder & Chairman of Win-Win Entertainment, a 501c3 national nonprofit based in Las Vegas that creates opportunities for professional performers to share their time and talent with children in need.
  • Las Vegas Headlines, Host Personality, Philanthropist

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Jeff Civillico recently celebrated a 10-year run on the Las Vegas Strip as a Headliner with Caesars Entertainment at the iconic hotel properties The LINQ, The Flamingo, and The Paris. His clean, family-friendly “Comedy in Action” show remains highly acclaimed: voted “Best of Las Vegas” three years in a row by the Las Vegas Review Journal, named “Entertainer of the Year” by VegasInc, and honored by his fans with a 5-star rating on Yelp, Ticketmaster, and Google.

Jeff now takes his renowned clean comedy show to live, virtual, and hybrid corporate events and conferences globally. Having been featured in national publications including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, Jeff also serves as a Host Personality and Keynote Speaker for major corporations, associations and nonprofit organizations.

When Jeff is not on stage or on camera, he is working on the continued expansion of his national nonprofit Win-Win Entertainment. Win-Win Entertainment brings smiles to children who need them in hospitals by arranging in-person and virtual visits from performers, athletes, and celebrities.


Jeff’s confident, spontaneous nature makes him an ideal master of ceremonies. Corporate events require an emcee who is polished, professional, and able to adapt to on-site changes. Did the dinner start late? Did the speaker finish early? Did the schedule change at the last minute? No problem. With Jeff as your emcee, rest assured your event will be a smooth success from start to finish!

Additional emcee information from Jeff:

1) “The Weekend in Vegas” – The Weekend in Vegas is an entertainment-news show that showcases the best of what’s happening in Las Vegas each weekend, bringing the Vegas experience to the world.

“The Weekend in Vegas” – Season 1 Sizzle Reel:

“The Weekend in Vegas” – Season 1 Media Night:

***Olivia Newton-John interview at 41:08

Here’s a clip from the “countdown to New Year’s Eve” show that has me chatting with Imagine Dragons, Criss Angel, Alan Thicke, Chris Tucker, Carlos Santana, Eva Longoria, George Lopez, David Faustino, Tara Reid, and others:

2) “Backline” – BACKLINE is a music TV series that gives fans an intimate glimpse into the personal stories behind their favorite musicians who share their previously untold stories of writing, recording and touring as they play their favorite hits. I’ve interviewed Blues Traveler, Third Eye Blind, Neon Trees, and many other bands.

“Backline” trailer:

3) I’m also a host for Channel 13 ABC here in Las Vegas.

Check out his reel hosting The Morning Blend:

And Valley View Live!


Power of the Pivot

Jeff’s journey from juggling in his kitchen as a child to headlining in Vegas with own TV show is naturally inspiring, and his passion is naturally contagious. His story of fighting through the cutthroat politics of the entertainment industry is eye-opening, humorous, and powerful. Jeff shared how through a series of strategic “pivots” along his career path, he has continuously leveraged what he has had to flip hardships into assets. Attendees walk away with actionable insights on how and when to apply pivots of attitude, energy, and mindset to their work and personal lives.

Work that Matters - Keynote

So often we think of a career in a given industry as the ending point. We want to get a certain job for a certain reason – title, status, money, respect, etc. If we go through X amount of schooling, jump through X amount of hoops, get X amount of clients, then we will arrive at the profession / position we want and therefore be happy. What if we flipped that mindset? What if acquiring that position or desired career wasn’t the end, but just the beginning?

In “Work That Matters,” Jeff uses his own personal story of leveraging his Vegas show platform to create more meaning in his work and life than he could ever have imagined starting off on his career journey. The programs that evolved from Jeff’s Vegas show platform were not revenue-driven, but indirectly have added a great deal of business and value to his brand in a virtuous circle.

Through a series of strategic “pivots,” Jeff was able to flip hardships into assets, and secure a contract
as a relatively unknown entertainer at the time with Caesars Entertainment for his own headline show
at The Flamingo Hotel & Casino. Jeff’s story of fighting through the cutthroat politics of the
entertainment industry in Las Vegas is eye opening, humorous, and powerful.

Jeff challenges his audiences to view a successful profession in whatever their field might be as the
beginning and not the end. What could your attendees accomplish if they re-imagined their
professional career as an opportunity to do as Jeff calls it, “work that matters?”


● Jeff is the perfect blend of entertainer and speaker. His signature talk “Work That Matters” is a
perfect way to start or end a meeting, conference, or any opportunity where you want your
attendees both thoroughly entertained and inspired.

● You can’t always bring your attendees to Vegas, but you can always bring Vegas (Jeff!) to your
attendees. Don’t forget that by hiring Jeff you are not only getting an inspiration speaker, but
also a true Vegas headliner that will bring a level of credibility to your event entertainment.

● Jeff will enable a renewed sense of passion and purpose in attendees’ work and lives.
Attendees will walk away more engaged with what they do, and why they do it. Jeff is the
perfect presenter for companies who look beyond numbers to the importance of caring for the
“the whole person.”

Comedy in Action

Presenter – Jeff specializes in customizing his programs to fit your meeting’s needs and messaging. Jeff’s contagious spirit and feel-good comedy will leave your attendees thoroughly entertained, and inspired

Workshop Leader – Jeff transforms the process of learning how to juggle into a metaphor for tackling any new task. Attendees work together to achieve a common goal, and have a lot of fun in the process!

Master of Ceremonies – Jeff’s flexible, spontaneous nature makes him the ideal Master of Ceremonies

Interactive Juggling Workshop

Jeff designed and leads an interactive juggling workshop tailored specifically to the corporate market. An honors graduate of Georgetown University, Jeff transforms the process of learning how to juggle into a metaphor for tackling any new task. Jeff deconstructs the art of juggling into a systematic process that can be learned by anyone who is willing to break outside his or her comfort zone and focus every step of the way. Everyone, from interns to upper management, faces the same dynamic challenge, and works together to achieve a desired outcome. Customized juggling balls with company logo can be distributed as souvenirs upon request!

Virtual workshops available

Virtual Team Building Shows & Juggling Workshops

SUPER interactive where everyone is up on their feet juggling, interacting with me and each other, etc. They can also be opened up to family shows which works really well.

Here are a few recaps from past Virtual Team Building Workshops:

DScoop Association:

Ringler Associates:

American Payroll Association
“During your performance, our attendees were not only falling off their seats from laughter, but truly captivated by your talents and message. You did magnificent work incorporating our theme “Payroll Rocks the World.” Jeff, your originality, charisma, sincerity, polish and performance is a very difficult act to follow. You made an indelible mark on our 35th congress. I'm as honored as I am grateful. Thank you for being an important part of our success in Orlando. Best of luck in all your endeavors. You are multi-mega-talented. I can't wait to see where your talents take you. Certainly I hope to work together again."
"When we hired Jeff for our conference in Vegas, it was our first experience with using a professional emcee. Our hope was to help engage our attendees right off the bat, increase the level of professionalism with some of our messaging and, of course, encourage them to have a little fun in the process. He did not disappoint! From the very beginning, he brought our team great ideas and suggestions to enhance the conference experience and went the extra mile to learn the details of our conference ahead of time. Onsite, he was extremely flexible to our ever-changing schedule and was such a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Jeff Civillico as an emcee for any conference!”
"Jeff Civillico is an absolutely natural with a bright and charming personality!”
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