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Janet Lawless

Founder of Center for Threat Intelligence. Janet delivers engaging presentations that include real-life stories that inspire, educate and often surprise the audience.

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  • Founder and CEO of the Center for Threat Intelligence
  • Founder of PCs 2 Vets
  • Thought Leader in Threat Intelligence and Insider Threat
  • A Member of the United States Secret Service Cyber Fraud Task Force, InfraGard (a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector), and the Washington State Fusion Center
  • Emeritus Chair for ASIS International Puget Sound Chapter (an international security organization)
  • Emeritus Chair Pacific Coast Analyst Roundtable
  • Global Leadership Roles at Microsoft and Cisco
  • Volunteer and Emeritus Board member for American Red Cross

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Janet is CEO and Founder of Center for Threat Intelligence. Janet established a team of intelligence experts to build a cutting-edge threat intelligence practice.

Janet Lawless delivers engaging presentations that include real-life stories that inspire, educate and often surprise the audience. Janet brings enthusiasm, quick wit and fun to her presentation using unexpected examples to hold the audience’s attention and keep them thinking when they leave.

In former global leadership roles at Microsoft and Cisco, she created and managed global programs focused on risk management, compliance and security. In addition, she was the VP of Sales at a cybersecurity start-up and brings a wealth of knowledge in cybersecurity.

She is a member of InfraGard (partnership between the FBI and the private sector), the United States Secret Service Cyber Fraud Task Force and the Washington State Fusion Center. She is a keynote speaker and speaks at many conferences and customer events such as U.S. Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), ASIS International Global Security Exchange (GSX), InfraGard Keynote speaker and Secure World Conferences.

Janet was the Chair for ASIS International Puget Sound Chapter and has served on a number of board positions including Committee Chair for Women in Security ASIS International Puget Sound, the Emeritus Board Chair for the Pacific Coast Analyst Roundtable, Emeritus Board Member for the American Red Cross and Big Brother/Big Sister organizations.

She currently volunteers for the American Red Cross and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Janet also founded “PCs 2 Vets” and has provided over 1,000 laptops to veterans.

Insider Threat: Clever Adversary Tactics to Infiltrate Your Organization You Need to Know Now!

The 2023 insider threat landscape will continue to evolve and change. Organizations can expect to see increases in volume and severity. To achieve their goals, threat actors will use complex activities and recruitment strategies to achieve their goals. Discover activities and recruitment strategies you need to know now! This is a positive, energetic presentation that brings the group together for a common understanding and awareness of how to prevent insider threat.

Additional Description:

In this session, I will review sophisticated strategies that adversaries use to infiltrate organizations. No matter the size of the organization, if you have something a threat actor wants, you are a target. Developing insiders can be easier that you think. Whether malicious, careless or compromised, anyone can become an insider and the threat is real.

Threat Intelligence

Most organizations understand their strengths, weaknesses, critical assets and gaps in their defenses. The problem is, so do their adversaries.

Adversaries use sophisticated intelligence strategies to attack large and small organizations including insiders, cyber-attacks, physical breaches and social engineering tactics.

In this engaging presentation Janet uses real-life examples of adversarial plots that both entertain and surprise the audience. This presentation is thought-provoking and will leave the audience both moved and inspired. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Insider Threat

A storm is gaining strength, you don’t know when it will hit, you know it will. Your adversaries have been planning, studying and waiting. They seek out their best targets to persuade, bribe, extort, or send in one of their own. As we all know, insiders aren’t always your adversaries, they can be loyal employees that are just careless, or disgruntled employees doing malicious acts. No matter what type of insider threat you are addressing, it is time to change the game with a proactive, holistic, positive approach.

In this presentation Janet provides critical knowledge to understand and identify adversarial tradecraft used to create insiders. Janet will discuss how to identify signs and motivations that may convert loyal employees to dangerous insiders. There is hope. While you can’t convince people not to be insider threats, you can inspire your people to be loyal. Learn how!

Women in Technology and Security

In this fun and motivating presentation, Janet presents the challenges and successes of being a woman in business in the technology and security industries. After years of working in industries that are predominately men, Janet shares stories that are entertaining, inspiring and surprising that will leave the audience laughing, thinking and moved.

The presentation is for all audiences. Expect to have fun!

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CEO/President Preventive Security Assessment Services, LLC
I would like to express how thankful I am to have met your acquaintance. Your session was amazing, you demonstrated pure expertise at its finest. You’re an asset to our industry.
Vice President – Security Markon Solutions, an Anser Advisory Company
I attended Janet’s presentation on Threat Intelligence and was very impressed. Janet is a true presenter; she is very knowledgeable in the subject matter and speaks to the topic rather than just reading the slides. Her presentation was a perfect combination of history, data, humor, and realistic strategies to mitigate threats. Add to that a personable and engaging speaker, and you have the perfect trifecta for an engaged audience: learning, laughter, and attentiveness. Her energetic delivery held the attention of every one of the approximately 150 attendees that came to see her session, keeping them to the very end of the 50-minute presentation.
Whitepaper Security Industry
I'm a Senior Threat Analyst with the FBI. I just reviewed your thoughts in an Ontic piece on what's ahead for intel in the private sector in 2023… was intrigued.
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