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Jackie Freiberg

Jackie Freiberg

For over 20 years, Jackie has been on a mission to expose the unconventional, business-best practices of globally admired leaders

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Business Strategist
  • International Best-Selling Author

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Jackie is dedicated to helping leaders create BEST places where the BEST people can do their BEST work to make the world BETTER.

And rumor has it, Jackie is recognized as one of the “Top 30 Best Minds on Leadership” and is one of the most sought-after female business speakers in the nation.

Jackie is NOT into canned speeches. You will never get an off the shelf or ready, made speech. When you book Jackie, your speech will be “tailor made,” she will work closely with you to thread your objectives into her message and co-create a keynote that has ROI and lasting impact.

In addition to speaking, Jackie is an international bestselling author, business owner, and a leadership and culture consultant to various executive team. She teaches graduate classes part-time at the University of San Diego, School of Leadership & Education Sciences and she also writes and speaks on the SheEconomy, a $20 Trillion female strength to know.

Her books include: the international bestseller, NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, its sequel GUTS!, BOOM! (7-timeless choices for inspiring leadership and accountability). NANOVATION (a how to on innovation) and DO SOMETHING NOW and Be a PERSON OF IMPACT, two quick reads that will change your organization and your life. And most recently, CAUSE A Business Strategy for Standing Out In A Sea of Sameness. Companies that define themselves as cause-oriented stand out! They have better employee engagement, customer loyalty, stronger profitability and growth, all of which the Freibergs document in CAUSE!

Jackie‘s clients span a wide range of industries and include:

  • Smurfit Kappa
  • TEDx
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • National Restaurant Assoc
  • Medtronic
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Charles Schwab
  • Eli Lilly
  • Tampa General Hospital
  • Kohl’s
  • Hallmark
  • Stanford Children’s Hospital
  • CUNA
  • USAA
  • PNC Financial
  • Vail Resorts
  • Sony
  • Ken Blanchard Companies
  • McDonalds
  • National Life Group
  • Sundance Resorts
  • Kiewitt
  • Victoria Secret
  • Associated Builders & Contractors
  • MorphoTrust
  • Cisco
  • Smurfit Kappa


  • Corporate Consultant, National Life Group, Corelation, Inc. and National Restaurant Association: Provides keynotes, workshops, consulting and coaching on Engagement, Leadership and Culture.
  • Public Speaking Coach to the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Office. Trained more than 1500 Marine Recruiters a year on the Fundamentals of Delivering a Winning Presentation. Semper Fi!
  • Member of the Southwest Airlines’ Culture Committee. One of only two non-employee members invited to serve on the highly influential leadership committee
  • Executive Consultant, Center for Creative Leadership, provided feedback to executives participating in a five-day Leadership Development Program
  • Manager of Corporate and Professional Programs, University of San Diego’s Executive Conference Center
  • Co-Founder University of San Diego’s Family Business Institute
  • Founded University of San Diego’s Certificate in International Business Program
  • Director University of San Diego’s Institute for Quality & Productivity
  • Professor; teaches leadership, public speaking, and communications courses as an adjunct professor
  • HR Specialist, College Recruiter and Employee Communications Manager, NCRCorporation
  • Doctorate degree, Leadership, University of San Diego
  • Master’s degree, Communication, San Diego State University
  • Bachelor’s degree, Communication, University of New Hampshire
Be a Leader of Impact! 10 Leadership Strategies to Practice for Life

Be a Leader of Impact! 10 Leadership Strategies to Practice for Life

Leadership: Drives Engagement and Culture

Audience Takeways: Timeless leadership strategies for turning an average culture, average performance and average results into exceptional. Leaders will be challenged to see themselves as stewards of engagement, culture and people’s potential. How?

  • MODEL if you want to improve the organization, first improve yourself, then thru your example draw the best out of others.
  • SERVE show up to who and what matters.
  • ENABLE everyone… Pave the way for ownership and input, ask, listen, mentor and redirect when needed.
Innovation: It's Everyone’s Job

Audience Takeways: Proven strategies for creating a culture where teams of intrapreneurs dare to try. Jackie demystifies innovation and shows people at all levels how to own and accelerate innovation.

  • NOTICE look beyond the blur of work-as-usual to discover the opportunities before you.
  • LEAD others to question the unquestionable, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and challenge limitations.
  • DISRUPT the status quo, collaborate to find new and innovative solutions, change the things that don’t seem right.
Change: Do Something Now

Audience Takeways: Change is a constant, and leading and owning change is a requirement for ongoing success. This presentation offers strategies for driving, owning, and being the change you want to see in your organization or industry. Jackie challenges everyone to stop moaning and start doing.

  • See it! Notice what is holding you back, routine, white noise, frivolous distractions.
  • Enable it! Ideate solutions and what if ideas to life.
  • Do it! Be the change, reach across functional boundaries, collaborate and engage others to drive positive change.
Lead ToGetHer: Global Trends on Women, Work, Wealth and Wall Street

Audience Takeways: If you hire HER, work with HER, market to HER, and want to own HER purchasing power, this keynote offers surprising and insightful strategies on what it takes to earn HER time, talent, attention, loyalty and wealth. Ignore HER and your business is doomed. SHE is a $20 trillion economy, it’s time to get to know HER.

  • Who is SHE?
  • Where will SHE work?
  • Where does SHE buy?
  • Why does SHE buy?
Grow ROI: Through Purpose and Profit

Audience Takeways: Forward thinking insights and strategies for what it takes to attract and keep great talent and earn loyal customers. In this Keynote, Jackie shares trends and data that prove the future belongs to businesses that are profitable AND improving society (businesses that are mission and cause driven).

  • Don’t Pitch, Enrich a formula for attracting and gaining loyal employees and customers advocates for life.
  • People will work for a CAUSE a corporate WHY might be your silver bullet.
  • Customers will buy for a CAUSE social impact and giving back… priceless!
The ROI of Engagement, Culture and CAUSE (presented with Kevin Freiberg)
  • Don’t Pitch, Enrich
  • People will work for a CAUSE
  • Customers will buy for a CAUSE

TAKE AWAYS: Two perspectives on what it takes to grow ROI by earning the TRUST of employees, customers and the community.

Additional cost for this program since Jackie and Kevin present together

Bochy Ball! The Chemistry of Winning and Losing in Baseball, Business, and Life.

Business leaders can draw from the insights and apply the wisdom that turned the failing San Francisco Giant’s franchise into a $2B force, with 3 World Championship titles in 5 years.

You do NOT have to be a baseball fan or sports addict to learn from Bochy Ball. You do have to be a person who wants to borrow from what great leadership looks like in the best and worst of times! How does that translate to today’s business leaders?

The Giant’s success is based upon clubhouse culture, team chemistry, and a championship mindset, all things every business can gain from. Top CEO’s understand that an intentional approach to company culture and a willingness to nurture a “champion’s mindset” in each of their employees is vital to their organization’s success. Whether you want to…

    •       Reinforce a Major Initiative

    •       Stretch People’s Thinking

    •       Build More Team Chemistry

    •       Establish a Business Case for Change

    •       Coach People to Perform at their Very Best, or

    •       Inspire a Higher Level of Leadership

You will get a highly customized keynote, that wraps countless lessons from Bochy Ball around your team’s performance goals and your meeting objectives.

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