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Eric Papp

Eric Papp

Eric Papp, a leadership speaker, helps people create a bigger future and overcome concerns.

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  • Eric Papp has proven strategies of how people can make progress in a complex world.
  • He has a unique talent to create powerful distinctions and ask thought provoking questions in a conversational manner.

Eric Papp has a successful history of delivering proven strategies to increase productivity and performance in a complex world.

Before becoming the success he is today, he earned his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. He founded Agape leadership, LLC, an intellectual capital firm focusing on leadership and sales for business performance, with the sole purpose of driving leaders and their teams to success.

As a successful author and public speaker since 2010, he has worked with thousands of managers to aid teams toward success.

Eric Papp has been evaluated as one of the top management trainers in North America for his expertise in leadership effectiveness. Leadership By Choice and 3 Values of Being An Effective Person — published by John Wiley and Sons — are both top sellers and recognized for their unique impact in the business world.

Eric now lives in Tampa, FL with his wife Brieann and their daughter Elliana. In his spare time, Eric frequents his local church, engages the community, and practices the kettlebell.

Laser-Focused Selling Increase Sales Effectiveness

Is your team distracted? Overwhelmed? Losing focus on revenue-generating activities and critical business milestones?

From emails to other employees to our own home life, there’s a lot around us that can consume our minds. It’s common. But it’s a problem when your business starts to feel it.

Eric Papp — a leading effectiveness expert — takes your team headfirst into the epidemic of distraction in the workforce. By exploring root causes and pain points, this incredibly motivational method challenges listeners to discipline their concentration and push for immediate action.

Laser-focused selling starts with mastering The Big 3 — Plan, Prioritize, Protect — to maximize time and minimize distraction. Eric uses real-life examples to excite professionals to increase sales by leaps and bounds. This high-energy keynote focuses on breaking down conventional approaches and showing how simplicity is a sales person’s best weapon against distraction.

After listening to Eric, your team will walk away motivated and full of energy, ready to implement these proven strategies to increase productivity and confidence.

How It’s Done:

· Identify distraction points

· Explain revenue-generating vs. non-revenue-generating activities

· Learn The Big 3: Plan, Prioritize, Protect

· Weekly Strategy Sheet

· Discover time blocking

Rock Solid Leadership Values-Based Leadership

It’s no secret; award-winning teams always have a world-class leader.

Leaders are driving forces that take charge during hard choices and guide people toward success. However, demands constantly shift, and the endless need for decision-making can send even the most seasoned leaders into a panic.

Eric Papp — author of a best-selling book and an authority on leadership — leads this dynamic keynote to instill confidence and direction into his listeners.

Managers can learn the proven values from Eric’s 3 Values Of Being An Effective Person: Establishing The Foundation For Personal And Organizational Leadership. Speaking directly to the person or people your teams rely on, Rock Solid Leadership opens with the challenge to define even the most discreet behavioral standards in the workplace.

Success comes from the foundation you build upon. Eric’s work is focused on tapping into management’s core beliefs – the ones that can lead managers to feel like babysitters and micro-managers instead of leaders. Moving away from the habit of replacing “That’s not my responsibility” with “I’ll make it happen,” Eric seeks to help your leaders find confidence and direction.

When leadership behaviors are modeled from the top, employees start to take ownership. With Eric’s guidance, every leader will leave feeling optimistic about taking accountability for their team’s operations.

Let’s Get to Work:

· Defining the 3 Foundational Values of Effectiveness

· Creating a self-managing team

· Healthy conflict vs. unhealthy conflict

· How to have effective coaching conversations

Maximizing Time Better Thinking vs. More Effort

A never-ending cycle. Always chasing for more time. Watching the clock. Feeling “burnt out” from the pressures of unrealistic deadlines.

The continual need to meet deadlines and achieve greatness is a battle that we all struggle with endlessly, every day.

Rated in the top 1% among time management trainers, Eric Papp delivers a unique keynote that provides innovative and practical strategies to escape the pressure of time. Starting with the notion to divide daily priorities, this session helps listeners understand that setting up filters and engaging in hard thinking will free them from time constraints.

Daily confidence is strongly correlated with progress. Eric teaches that when hundreds of things are trying to be moved an inch, people leave feeling defeated. Instead, he encourages participants to focus on a few things at a time, which results in more overall progress. Utilizing compelling real-life stories, Eric excites listeners with his proven methods and strategies to achieving more by doing less.

Give Eric a listen in The Power of Maximizing Time And Escaping Its Pressure, and you’ll feel more confident in the goals you set. Time pressure will no longer take up precious mental space. It’s time to take back control of your personal and professional life by planning and prioritizing the easy way.

Key Aspects of Effective Time Management Strategy:

· The 80/20 method used across every discipline and industry

· Weekly Strategy Sheet

· Overcoming the Fallacy of Doing

· How to win 3x a day to help sustain confidence, motivation, and momentum

Embracing The Future Leading the Uncertainty of Change

Change in the workplace can be one of the most unsettling, overwhelming matters to cope with. Throw in the inevitable new advances in tech or office software standards, and everything starts to get a bit turbulent. As the world adapts to the new digital age, it places more demand on industries and its workers.

Eric Papp — a leader in effective workforces — delivers an inspiring keynote developed to encourage companies and their employees to face technology head-on. The session embraces uncertainty, addresses the negative emotions commonly experienced in a changing work environment, and shows listeners how to adaptively manage these emotions and reach higher levels of clarity.

Eric stresses the importance of using open lines of communication to alleviate concerns and fear of change. His methods are proven to help employees breathe a sigh of relief when facing new technological implementations – offering the key to optimal comfort in a changing work environment and ensuring employee success.

Providing your workforce with the tools they need to feel confident, Eric’s sessions leave audiences with an “I got this” attitude, as well as a model to help them embrace and accelerate through change.

Learn Techniques Applicable in a Real, Changing World:

· Change Accelerator Model

· Keys to maintaining confidence during change

· How a growth vs. fixed mind-set can help make everything better

· Turning adversity into resilience

Collaboration, Not Competition Building A High-Performance Team

Everyone works to succeed together, not alone.

When a team fails to collaborate and communicate, nothing gets done right. 10 people working competitively is just 10 people. But fostering a collaborative culture amongst the same 10 people leads to more productivity and better results; it leads to a team of 10.

In this rallying and thought-provoking keynote, Eric Papp – a specialist who trains and mentors hundreds of the smartest managers in America — brings his audience on an inspirational journey through teamwork and collaboration.

The session addresses the true nature of the team, why teams are even needed, how to trust coworkers, and overcoming the urge to compete. Eric unpacks the complicated dynamics behind these behaviors and educates listeners to build trust and take on healthy conflict without fear.

Drawing on his experience working with many professional greats, Eric gives your employees the tools to remove the “I’ll just do it myself” mind-set. Instead, he puts in place the idea that everyone brings something strong and unique to each team.

Turn Conflict into Collaboration:

· Identifying signs of conflict and competitiveness

· Learn the 4 ways of distilling trust into your team

· Invoking trust and catharsis through healthy office conflicts

· Building teamwork through self-awareness and emotional intelligence

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