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Eric Papp

Eric Papp

Eric Papp, a leadership speaker, helps people create a bigger future and overcome concerns.

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Fee Range: 5000-9999, 10000-19999
  • Eric Papp has proven strategies of how people can make progress in a complex world.
  • He has a unique talent to create powerful distinctions and ask thought provoking questions in a conversational manner.

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Eric Papp has a successful history of delivering proven strategies to increase productivity and performance in a complex world.

Before becoming the success he is today, he earned his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. He founded Agape leadership, LLC, an intellectual capital firm focusing on leadership and sales for business performance, with the sole purpose of driving leaders and their teams to success.

As a successful author and public speaker since 2010, he has worked with thousands of managers to aid teams toward success.

Eric Papp has been evaluated as one of the top management trainers in North America for his expertise in leadership effectiveness. Leadership By Choice and 3 Values of Being An Effective Person — published by John Wiley and Sons — are both top sellers and recognized for their unique impact in the business world.

Eric now lives in Tampa, FL with his wife Brieann and their daughter Elliana. In his spare time, Eric frequents his local church, engages the community, and practices the kettlebell.

Win Through Change: Developing Resilience in The Face of Resistance

Learning Outcomes:

  • Navigate change successfully by using the Change Accelerator Model
  • Increase emotional intelligence by understanding story vs. reality
  • Accelerate adoption of new changes by discovering the growth vs. fixed mindset
  • Keep calm by focusing on two questions daily
  • Cultivate habits that keep personal motivation high and stress low

The past three years have been a great reminder that perseverance is the #1 skill for people and organizations to overcome challenges and adapt to new ways of doing business.

Change can be uncomfortable and unpredictable. If not appropriately addressed, apathy and procrastination set it in. In addition, external events can shake the confidence of successful organizations and cause fear and anxiety.

Calm is contagious. Remaining steadfast toward your goals amid life’s storms, drawing strength from each other, and focusing on short victories will build the grit to handle any future challenge.

Collaboration Culture: Fostering Impactful Communication in a Hybrid World

Learning Outcomes:

  • Foster trust and collaboration between departments
  • Accelerate your team’s ability to ask for help
  • Reduce frustration, friction, and isolation
  • Increase crucial conversations by understanding healthy vs. unhealthy conflict

Most people first obtain success through individual effort. For example, getting into college or getting your first job can be primarily attributed to personal ambition and talents.

Successfully working with others is an acquired skill. And now, with the dynamics of in-person and remote working, it is more needed than ever.

However, if one keeps this individualistic belief of I can do it on my own or I don’t need help at work. They hit the ceiling and become trapped by their weaknesses in trying to do it all. And if you have multiple people doing this, the result is frustration, isolation, and competition.

Collaboration Culture is getting people to ask for help. Switching from How can I do this? to Who can help me? It’s about leaving our ego at the door and, coming from a place of contribution, service, and using more of our strengths to go further together.

Better Thinking vs. More Effort: Overcoming The Undisciplined Pursuit of More

Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve concentration on your highest priorities
  • Manage the desire to do it all and say yes
  • Generate velocity on projects
  • Take the courage to stop irrelevant work
  • Create space to think

With increasing complexity, most people are tasked with doing more than they can successfully execute. Eric Papp helps audiences clarify their thinking on what’s most important: So they can achieve greater impact and feel in control again.

The truth is it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of work and fall victim to the myth “I can do it all.” This inhibits us from recognizing that successful execution and living a meaningful life are about tradeoffs. The more complex, fast-paced, and challenging life becomes, the more we need to have space to think: Thinking time to spot irrelevant work, floundering projects, and the courage to start saying no.

Having the right thinking tools can make all the difference between continued success and constant struggle. Participants will leave feeling confident and in control in having practical solutions to help them cut through the complexity. You will take back control of your personal and professional life.

Eric is one of the top experts on effectiveness and has worked with thousands of managers in the trenches. He is the author of the Priority Planner.

Manage Promises, Not People: The Future of Leadership

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a culture of ownership and personal accountability
  • Increase your power by managing a promise and not a person
  • Strengthen communication and trust by fostering “Healthy Conflict” in meetings
  • Improve organizational performance by raising and reinforcing three standards of behavior

The root cause of many problems facing organizations today is a lack of practiced values, i.e., standards of behavior. Imagine if “That’s not my responsibility,” was replaced with “I’ll make it happen.” Think of the time, energy, and resources you could save by managing someone’s promise instead of micromanaging them.

A supervisor’s primary role is managing the workflow and performance of a department. In reality, day-to-day activities and “firefighting” distract managers from successfully achieving their primary objectives as supervisors. Many put off coaching conversations and fail to address performance issues.

Learning Outcomes: Create a culture of ownership and personal accountability Increase your power by managing a promise and not a person Strengthen communication and trust by fostering “Healthy Conflict” in meetings Improve organizational performance by raising and reinforcing three standards of behavior Eric focuses on simplifying leadership to guide you through successfully building a self-managing team and increasing productivity. He challenges them to examine and raise their standards of behavior. Have more powerful conversations with those they lead and create a culture of ownership.

Laser-Focused Selling: Selling Skills for a Distracting World

Learning Outcomes:

  • Double your daily revenue-generating activities by applying the Sales Time System
  • Increase your closing ratio by implementing The Sales Planner: A daily process of discovering your 80/20 sales activities
  • Stop wasting time chasing dead-end deals
  • Gain greater impact by strategically planning your week
  • Overcome call reluctancy by strategic prospecting

The smartphone has allowed most sales professionals to do business anywhere at any time. Yet it can also be the number one obstacle to sales success: from the time-consuming task of personal daily text messages to distraction-causing social media apps that masquerade as prospecting tools.

Today it’s much tougher to get the customer’s attention, and sales success depends more on the focus of time and activity than schmoozing over long lunches and golf outings.

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