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Dr. Cindy McGovern

Cindy McGovern

Empowering Companies to Grow Their Business

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Doctorate degree in Organizational Communication
  • CEO and founder of Orange Leaf Consulting, a consulting company that helps individuals and companies to grow their business.
  • Author of Every Job is a Sales Job: How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work
  • National and International conference speaker
  • Works a lot with women executives to empower them to grow and thrive

Known as the “First Lady of Sales” Dr. Cindy is an international speaker, author, and consultant on topics including sales strategy, personal development, and leadership. For the last 14 years, she has worked with organizations to not only help them grow, but also turn every job into a sales job. Using tools from her Doctorate in Organizational Communication and years of consulting, Dr. Cindy developed sales cultures across various industries to change human behavior at a fundamental level. Her goal is to help people to get over the ick factor in selling so they can embrace their inner sales person. Because everyone sells, every day, Dr. Cindy wants to be a resource to help people to learn how to sell more effectively. With a business motto of “Grow Big or Go Home,” Dr. Cindy transforms businesses and individuals to increase growth and revenue.

Backed by an equally experienced team, Dr. Cindy is the face of Orange Leaf Consulting and is working with McGraw-Hill to release a book this fall, titled Every Job’s a Sales Job.

Every Job is a Sales Job

Long gone are the days when a company depended on a single sales person or team to be responsible for that essential function. In today’s business world, everybody sells, and EVERY job is a sales job. Learn how to get your entire team on board, teach and implement the fundamental aspects of selling, and convey to them the role each and every one of them can play in the sales effort.

Planning and Strategies for Growth and Success

Fail to plan, plan to fail! Planning is the most important function in the success of any business endeavor, especially sales. You’ll learn the five basic elements of the sales process, and practical and actionable ways to quickly integrate them into your operation. We’ll discuss goal setting, successful strategies, and establishing a culture of accountability.

Differentiation and Consultative Selling

One of the most important steps in the selling process has nothing to do with elevator speeches and pitches—it’s listening. Consultative selling is all about determining your customer’s needs, and then using your organization’s unique and valuable offerings to meet those needs. Once you’ve gained an understanding of the problem that needs to be solved, you can be the solution!

Reimagining Your Sales Process

If you can’t remember the last time you gave your company’s sales process a makeover, then it’s been too long! Our business environment is constantly changing, and successful companies have learned to change with it. Starting with the planning process and then integrating proven strategies and tactics for success, this session will set the table for renewed growth, energy, and enthusiasm.

Creating a Sales Culture in Your Organization

To grow your business, you need selling tools, ideas, and strategies that are fresh and up to date….and that starts by establishing a sales culture. Through data-driven planning, mastering your sales funnel, leveraging customer referrals, and most important of all, knowing what makes YOUR business stand out from all the rest, you can take immediate steps to jump-start your company’s growth.

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