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Sugar Ray Leonard Jr

Build Your Life, Business, and Community on a Strong Base

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  • Eldest son of Boxing Legend, Sugar Ray Leonard
  • Co-Founder the Rebel Venture Studio: Nobody Studios & CEO of
  • Former two sport division one collegiate athlete and former sports agent for some of the biggest names in sports

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Ray Leonard Jr, now all-grown-up is a former two-sport division one collegiate athlete and former sports agent for some of the biggest names in sports credits his father’s talk with him about opportunities. Ray Leonard Jr is a husband and father of four wonderful children and believes “young people need a strong sense of their strengths, abilities, interests, and values,” he says.

He has dedicated his life to helping others through his commitment to being better every day. As an active supporter of many causes and a youth coach and mentor, Ray brings energy, excitement and insight to any setting.

Known to always light a room when he walks in, Ray is a top motivational keynote speaker, radio host, actor and award-winning business executive.

He is the co-founder of rebel venture studio: Nobody Studios and the CEO of the new talent marketplace He is also. co-founder of Launch Team Consulting, Inc., which focuses on diversity, leadership and corporate culture training.

Ray is also an Award-Winning Motivational speaker that has delivered over 150 speeches to the military, non-profits and private and public corporations.

Ray has an uncanny ability to connect with his audience, as a powerful motivational speaker. Instilling the virtues of leadership, discipline, awareness and control, Ray is a sought-after speaker who has traveled extensively, giving talks to various businesses, organizations and the military.

A recognizable and trusted figure whose name packs a powerful punch, Ray has been an endorser for major brands such as 7 Up, Nintendo, Under Armour, Verizon, Audi, Amazon and more.

He will release his passion project, Ray Leonard Jr’s Know Better Do Better, a dynamic book of heartfelt inspiration, life lessons, and practical strategies to drive change for young people in the Summer of 2022.

The Maryland native resides in California and is a graduate of Ohio University with a BS in Sports Management and a BA in Business Administration.


Building Blocks of Leadership is an interactive training or Keynote address that engages the audience in the true meaning of building your life, business, and community on a strong base. We use visual images, games, and personal examples to show the effect of each person on the bigger whole.

Jenga style exercise that engages the importance of every member and looks at how small fractures in an organization can lead to a total collapse if not properly addressed.

This is a co-facilitated presentation with my business partner Dr. Joy Wright, a disabled Navy Veteran, and one of the 1st woman to integrate naval aircraft carriers.


Ray Leonard Jr, motivational speaker, consultant, and son of legendary boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard and Dr. Joy Wright, consultant, former Naval Officer, and one of the first females on Naval Aircraft Carriers will provide an informative and inspirational program directed at improving communication and understanding diversity. The program will help people interact and find ways to relate to each other. It helps with effective leadership skills and finding confidence in your own skin. It will provide a discussion with the audience, a training model, and personal stories from Ray Leonard Jr. and Dr. Joy Wright.


F.A.M.E is a program directed at improving communication and understanding for people of different cultures to interact and find ways to relate to each other. Effective leadership skills and confidence in your own skin. A no-holds-barred discussion, about why we still have the problems with racism, sexism, and a culture of fear!

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