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Raquel Eatmon

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Raquel Eatmon is a dynamic communications leader who understands the importance of being bold. As CEO of Rising Media LLC, author of two books, founder of the Woman of Power Conference (WoPC), professional speaker and writer behind the 10-year Be Inspired with Raquel Gannett column, Raquel lives her mantra of boldness every day.

Starting out with a promising career in television news, Raquel’s bold approach meant she quickly climbed the ranks as an anchor/reporter in top markets including CBS in Dallas, Texas. From covering presidential visits to deadly hurricanes, she mastered storytelling from both the anchor desk and live shots. Wanting viewers to have more inspiration in their daily lives, she once again stepped out going against the grain to create it. She wrote letters to dignitaries, civil rights leaders and anyone who was traveling through her city, inviting them to sit down with her to talk. That tenacious effort resulted in interviews with an array of thought leaders, celebrities and every day working people about their ability to beat the odds. Raquel’s bold vision and hard work landed interviews with Maya Angelou, Patti LaBelle, Willie Nelson, Morgan Freeman, working mothers seeking balance, local heroes, and many more. Longing to create deeper connections with viewers, Raquel grew disillusioned with the broadcast news business and left her high-profile position in search of deeper purpose. That purpose came in the form of business ownership. She started her communications company, Rising Media LLC and built a portfolio focused on women’s empowerment, courageous leadership and social change through an 11-year running forum: Woman of Power Conference.

Raquel’s commitment to empower people and impact workplace culture and the community has created partnerships with some of America’s leading corporations including Sherwin Williams, KeyBank, Vitamix, Wells Fargo, and Samsung. Fueled by her passion, Raquel’s message has taken her to speak to audiences all over the world including the Simmons Leadership Conference with former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Her second book, Beyond Enough: How to Lead with Your Whole Self is a resource for anyone seeking to strengthen their self-worth and apply it to the workplace and the world.

A mass communications major and Dean’s List recipient, Raquel attended Norfolk State University and Akron. A true believer in personal development, she has completed numerous leadership courses and summits. Raquel is a certified volunteer for Hospice VNA and former spokesperson for the American Heart Association in Ohio. She is currently enrolled in her own promise to her community: mentoring ten young women of color for ten years.

Raquel is proud of her untraditional and often hilarious upbringing, being reared by three women: mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She uses their lessons and love to create a bold life and bring value to communities worldwide. She lives in Ohio and enjoys hiking and creating experiences for family and friend.

Compassion in Communication: Deepening Connections While Distancing

You might be at the center of your family, a rising leader in your organization or an executive leading thousands and how you impact people matters. Your people need you now more than ever before. In some ways, we’re all leaning on each other.

Join Raquel Eatmon for a reflective look at how to strengthen and deepen connections right now.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover four questions that create a unique dialogue
  • Bring value to relationships
  • Improve internal communication skills
CLOUT Bold Influence, Daring Leadership

Don’t leave influential behavior to your top tier, you have an incredible opportunity to help others produce strong results and impact your organization and your life. Sitting idle doesn’t bring change and hoping for it is not a strategy. Learn to develop your signature communication style, how to integrate intention and build credibility, strengthen risk-taking and why compassion is a power skill.

Three C’s to Be Bolder Right Now: Courage. Compassion. Connection.

Sharpen internal communication skills, Prime personal power and Explore myths that keep small play in play. Learn how to implement daily habits that helps your team lead courageously.

Beyond Enough: How to Lead With Your Whole Self

Based off of Raquel’s most recent book, Beyond Enough, this presentation encourages participants to examine current limitations and learn to engage more fully in the self acceptance realm. Participants will be coached in three areas: Be Worthy, Be Wise and Be Whole. Through Raquel’s story of personal and professional challenges your team will develop smart self management tips that fosters confidence and achievement.

Value, Voice, & Vision Coherence: Communicate a Genuine Message that Inspires and Influences
The Black Experience: A Celebration to Stories and Collective Culture

A Diversity & Inclusion presentation or panel consisting of real stories of Black professionals shared in a safe space to help open communication in the corporate space and help others see beyond the difference.

Executive Leadership Team Communications Series

A multi layer program that supports executive teams in building a presentation that is both relatable and influential. Raquel Eatmon guides you through a four areas:Intentional organization, Humanist appeal, Emotional connections and Confidence & Competence.

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